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Philadelphia eagle with rookie running back David Fran (David Fluellen) transactions to the Colts rookie kicker Cody Puckey (Cody Parkey). before the deal, the Hawks originally announced they wanted to give up Fran. The unsigned rookie came from Toledo University. He took the 6 catch in the first pre-season, and promoted 25 yards. He University League for 3336 yards, 28 touchdowns. packey from Auburn University, University of time he has shot 19 times hit 14 times, 63 additional points hit 62 times, 69 times and hit the bottom of the record (touchback). Now the hawk's chief kicker is Arrakis Henery (Alex Henery). news: coach Kelly to hire former Panthers running back to join Eagle related news: the Hawks face the difficulty of choosing who to leave who is still difficult to decideMiami dolphins are still trying to fix before the s cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tart of the season, quarterback Ryan Hill (Ryan Tannehill) Taney's new contract. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) on Monday in the program reported last week with a lucrative contract left center Mike (Mike Pouncey) after Pang Xi, the dolphin turned their attention to Tanja Hill. Since the NFL test camp since the two sides has not had formal negotiations, but the plan is still to fix the dolphin contract in the first week before the start of the game. is good for dolphins in terms of time and choice. If the parties are unable to reach a new contract, dolphins can still perform Taney Hill's fifth year contract, which will keep him in the 2016 season at the club. This will make Tanja Hill occupies about 16 million $cap space in 2016. is responsible for the operation of the team vice president Mike - Baum Tennant (Mike Tannenbaum) at the NFL annual meeting last month made clear that dolphins in the season to create complete team history single season passing record number of Tanja Hill to be their trump card. "If the team has a can rely on him to win the ace quarterback, you want to pay him a reasonable salary," said Baum tennant. "The good news is that we have such a quarterback." dolphins and Indianapolis pony are in a similar position. The latter recently chose to perform their fifth year draft of their Andrew quarterback, Andrew Luck. The pony owner Jim Ilse (Jim Irsay) said last month that the pony would not consider the issue of the LAK's contract until the end of the 2015 season. dolphin is now actively think at that point in time before the Taney Hill future will remain with the team.the saints in New Orleans are changing. , according to informed sources, the assistant coach / fired saints linebacker coach Joe Witt (Joe Vitt), Johnson defense attack coach Bill (Bill Johnson), special teams coordinator Greg - Mcmahon (Greg McMahon), special teams assistant coach Stan khvan (Stan Kwan) and the defense assistant coach / linebackers coach James - Willis (James Willis).. , of course, at present, there are at least some other teams for Sean Payton (Sean Payton), who have the chance to have at least Losangeles rams, "NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport" said. "But in fact, he seems to be making changes to the coaching team. Making decisions for the 2017 saints means more than that he means he will remain at least one year in the saints." VAT taught the saints for 11 seasons. He taught the last 11 games of the season in 2005 before he came to the saints.interrupted his at the New York giants 210 consecutive starts later this week, Eli Manning (Eli Manning) back to the starting position. ??????????????-??????John Mara??????????????????????|3????????????????????????????????????? Marla agreed with the idea and did not reject the blame for himself. team during a game last week lost to the Oakland Raiders, Smith started 34 games in 21, 212 yards, scored 1 touchdowns. At the same time, the two time he dropped the ball over the ball, and was sacked three times. Smith's performance was not much different from Manning this season after a broken attack front, without enough support and support from the outside. in the re start with Manning, the team won't attempt to evaluate the young quarterback. The giant might try to get Smith or Webb to play in Manning's struggle or after the game is in the garbage.

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