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The official website of NFL | Jackson: Brown did not decide how to use the No. 2 pick | football Cleveland Brown will be how to use their No. 2 concern, although the media have their own speculation, but coach Hugh Jackson (Hue Jackson) said that at the beginning of March is still too early to discuss this issue. Jackson said in an interview on Thursday, "we haven't made a decision yet. There's still a long way to go for the final answer. We need to find the best choice for the team. Most fans and experts believe that Brown will use their first round pick to select a quarterback, Jared gove (Jared Goff) the most sought after. Because the team has lost confidence in the Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel), the quarterback is indeed the most necessary position for Brown now. Jackson revealed in an interview that he would take part in several quarterback training days and watch their performance all the way. Besides, Brown also needs to keep an eye on the dynamics of Tennessee's Titan. The latter may choose to sign the first prize in trading, which will have a great impact on Brown's decision.The official website of NFL | former teammate: Brady will reward who steals | football training game recently the Miami dolphins quarterback Ryan Hill (Ryan Tanne cheap nfl jerseys free shipping hill) in Tanzania training was steals dissatisfied, so on the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and interesting people mining. took over the Dortmund (Donte Stallworth) - Sri Lanka Bosworth in 2007 to 2012 in the patriot game, he told reporters, Brady will reward those in training and steals his players, usually money reward. Then said: the Tan Sri Lanka Bosworth taunt Hill Brady and his rowing contrast contrast warships in general.| China handball delegation was set up headed by Liu Peng |1099 scale beyond the previous | hand Association map is the scene of the conference (an online photo of the central body) [group - China Olympic delegation Liu Xiang Yao Ming Yang Wei unveiled Cleveland July 25 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Li Yiming Shu Jingjing) 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Chinese sports delegation this morning when 9 was set up in Beijing, the delegation consists of 1099 members, including 639 athletes, each scale beyond the history of the delegation, Liu Peng headed the delegation. The deputy head of the delegation and Duan Shijie, deputy director of the State General Administration of physical education, introduced the composition of the Chinese delegation. China sports delegation participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, approved by the Chinese Olympic Committee, and was formally established today. The Chinese sports delegation is composed of 1099 members. The head of the delegation is Liu Peng, the head of the State Sports General Administration. The deputy head of the delegation is Yu Zaiqing, Duan Shijie, Xiao Tian, Cui Dalin and Cai Zhenhua, the deputy head of the national sports administration. China sports delegation will participate in all 28 major and 38 sub events of the Beijing Olympic Games. The delegation of a total of 639 athletes from 31 provinces and cities nationwide, the people's Liberation Army, locomotive laoniantixie avant-garde body union. Among them, 42 ethnic minority athletes, from the Hui nationality and other 10 ethnic minorities, are involved in 18 major events, such as rowing. group of athletes with an average age of 24.4 years. 37 of them participated in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and 165 had participated in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. Divers Guo Jingjing, shooter Tan Zongliang, basketball player Li Nan and other athletes have participated in the three Olympic Games of Atlanta, Sydney and Athens. 469 people participated in the Olympic Games for the first time. officials of the delegation of 460 people, including 59 people. There were 401 sports team officials, including 54 leaders, 263 coaches, 46 doctors and 38 management. 38 foreign coaches from the delegation, from 16 countries such as Germany, involving 17 major events, such as baseball. Chinese sports delegation will carry forward the Olympic spirit and the Chinese sports spirit and great spirit of earthquake relief, full of confidence, do solid work, not afraid of strong, tenacious struggle, deliver the goods, and strive to achieve the performance and have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, the spirit of the double harvest in Beijing Olympic games.The official website of NFL | Josh - Gordon: ready to "kill" | Rugby Cleveland Brown's star catcher Josh Gordon (Josh Gordon) ended the 10 game's suspension period, and will return to the battle of Atlanta Falcons this week. Last season as the ball is Gordon Mawang, regression is the focus that the whole alliance concerned. This season Brown was laid off, and is now working for NFL media Nate Brecen (Nate Burleson) declared Gordon had privately told him that he will let the union reign of terror. Brecen said on Tuesday's program: "Gordon told me he would beat everyone in the field," he said he would do his best to show his value so as to help Brown qualify for the playoffs. He also said he had lost 10 to 15 pounds of weight, and when he came back to the field, he would be shocked by the whole alliance. Although this year Brown's attack is not the same as last year, this year more attention to run and regional road passing, side pass has decreased, but there is no doubt that Brown will give Gordon the ball as much as possible to help him into a new system. after Brown manager Mike Pettine (Mike Pettine) has announced that Gordon and the team's run in and there are many problems in the short term, it is difficult to adapt to the new system, will not put him as the Savior of the world. But coach Mike - Smith Falcon (Mike Smith) that is Pettine in smoke bomb, he thinks Brown will be extremely Gordon's ability. like Brecen said, Brown in this year's new offensive coordinator Kell Hill (Kyle Shannahan) - who has paid great attention to the ground offensive, and the former Ivanov Turner (Norv Turner) on remote attack thoughts have great difference. But from past experience, in the mountain attack system, leading receivers has been an important weapon of the offensive team, so we have reason to believe that Gordon can adapt well to the new offensive system, with excellent performance.

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