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The hope that the Republicans hit the U.S. President Donald Trump (Donald Trump) recently wanted to invite some sports stars to participate in the GOP conference. Trump said he hoped Pittsburgh Steelers star quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) and Tom Brady (Tom Brady) speech at the meeting, he said recently in the New York Times Square: "if all goes well, we want to do something different, I consider some of the great sports athletes to participate." We all know that Brady Trump's loyal supporters, but now it seems too big, Trump will be referred to as "the big winner of the athletes". , the other sports represe cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ntatives mentioned by Trump are college basketball legend coach Bobhy Knight (UFC Knight), UFC CEO's Dana White and NASCAR general manager Blaine Frances (Brian France). Trump said he wanted to give the big winners special, not the traditional speeches in front of the crowd.The official website of NFL | said Thomas will not participate in the training camp | Mustang football recently visited Denver by de Marius, Demaryius Thomas and quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) of Denver wild horse. Thomas in the early March won the franchise tag, in the whole process of campus visits, Thomas said he will not participate in the program team's training camp. does not mean that he is lazy. In fact, he needs to train in Atlanta. He said, "I need to make my body better. There are many aches and pains on my body, but I can still run the route. , this is not surprising. Many unsigned privileged players will not participate in the team's off-season activities. Thomas may finish signing near July 15th. It's just because it's bad for him to sign a signature, so he will need such a long time to adjust.According to the official website of NFL reporter, was sacked for the new England patriots cornerback with Alfonso Dinard earlier in the week (Alfonzo Dennard) has reached an agreement with the Arizona cardinals. The Cardinals cornerback did not pick in the draft, the contract is also considered as a supplement to the team's defense line. as the 2012 season's 7 round pick, dennard past 3 seasons for the Patriots first 20 times. Although his performance was far beyond the expectations of the team, the problems of injury and discipline eventually allowed the Patriots to decide to give up. In the draft, the media had Jiangdi Nader as the two round is the strength of the potential star, but similar problems eventually led him to fall to the seventh round.The official website of NFL | Ryan Fitzpatrick hand injury | football New York jet's quarterback Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) left his left hand on Sunday against the Oakland Raider. Since then keno Smith (Geno Smith) is on the bench. Fitzpatrick's injury was to avoid an arrest. His left hand caught the defensive player's clothes. Maybe this is the injury. After that he went down and went back to the field to finish 2 offensive tactics. The departure of Fitzpatrick caused the jet to lose 20 to 34 to the Raider. After the game, the coach said Fitzpatrick could be a ligament problem in the hand, and it would need to be further confirmed by next Monday's MRI.

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