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tiger July 13th news it is difficult to believe that Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) is about to usher in his thirteenth NFL season. After his excellent performance last season, he was still at the top of the League after 40 passes and only 7 passes were copied. will know that Rodgers, who is 34 years old in December, knows he is no longer a young player. But, although he may enter a new career, Rodgers has an obvious advantage over other older quarterback. "I think I'm in a late career," Rodgers said on Tuesday in an interview with NFL's official website. "But I think I've just entered this stage. This will be the first tenth season, and I've been sitting on the bench for 3 years. So I'm not usually playing 13 years player, I had the opportunity to sit for 3 years because of the bench instead of being driven to learn the game." once a quarterback has reached the age of 30, it is hard not to think that he is faci cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ng retirement and that he needs a spare plan in this position. This is Rodgers in the early career plan, he is Bret faffe (Brett Favre) as a substitute. The key reason he believes he has been able to stay high for 10 years is to stay in the packers. as long as Rodgers can continue to maintain its peak, the packers can always be a powerful competitor to the champions. But to win the Super Bowl in 2011 against Pittsburgh Steelers after they have been unable to continue to advance in the playoffs. , despite the six consecutive win over the regular game last season, the wrapper was considered the hottest team in the league, they failed to enter the super bowl for sixth consecutive years. At that time the packers only 2 won the first round bye, have home court advantage 1 playoff appearances in all competitions.The current safetys patriot coach Stephen - Bailey Cheik (Stephen Belichick) is the current coach Bill - Bailey Cheik Patriot (Bill Belichick) son. At a news conference on Thursday, Bailey Cheik praised his children and said he had made a great contribution to the success of the team. At the press conference, Bailey Cheik was just like a lot of questions, but as soon as he talked about his son, he boasted. "Stephen Gan De is great," old Bailey Cheik said. "It's not easy to be in his present position for a few years, but his achievements are great. As an assistant coach, he can give me a new perspective. He has a closer age with the players, so it can reflect the idea of the players. At the same time, he also has the long-term ability we need to remind me of something I can't deal with. He's really helpful. " Stephen's brother Blaine (Brian Belichick) is also working for the Patriots.although the Cardinals hope offensive performance of the front can have a little bit of progress than the Monday night game against the cowboys, but left guard Mike - Upati (Mike Iupati) in the absence of let it become more difficult. coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) said Friday that spur Upati's elbow to need surgery, so he will enter the injured reserve list, and originally replaced Upati play Alex - Boone (Alex Boone) of lung injury this week will not play, let the red bird choose more difficult. is Jiefeng left one disaster after another, DJ- Henry Vries (D.J. Humphries) could not play because of a knee injury. Arians are said to see the situation to decide whether he will play against the 49 person defense group. The team can choose to show the four round of this year's Dorian - Johnson (Dorian Johnson) promoted up from the training squad, and John - Weiser (John Wetzel), will Horton (Will Holden) and Daniel monje (Daniel Munyer) together with Palmer Carson (Carson Palmer) escort.The official website of NFL | ray Weiss will choose | rugby at the Patriots and jets in Darrel - ray Weiss (Darrelle Revis) will become the most expensive future cornerback on the free market, previously rejected his $20 million contract for the new England patriots, but this does not mean that he could not return to the patriot, according to Lives said that he himself will have to choose between the Patriots and the New York jets. According to reports, there are millions of jet salary space, they urgently need a cornerback, so they will strive to ray Weiss, Lives was selected by the jets in 2007, and then in the jets became the league's top cornerback, in 2013 after being traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, before being traded the Patriots, and won their first super bowl. though the patriot will not exceed the jet price, but if the price can be close to the jet, Weiss may choose to renew the contract with the patriot. But for Weiss's wishes, he prefers New York to the city.

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