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The official website of NFL | shad Khan to buy London football team Jaguar | football transfer seems every month, the news that Jacksonville America tiger to migrate from Losangeles to the home court, overseas, and fans can do is wait to happen. latest news shows, the team owner shad Khan (Shad Khan) are looking to sell the opportunity to buy the Fulham Football Club Tottenham hotspur. now Spurs have announced a ten - year agreement with NFL. Since the 2018 season, their new home will have a NFL game each year. America and the tiger in the start of the 2016 season every year in london. It is reported that shad it is uncertain whether he will be the team moved to overseas, but he is very interested in the game for overseas. So would it be possible to keep the NFL team in London again? Let's wait and see.NFL's official website, Losangeles lightning signed former Panther sa cheap nfl jerseys free shipping fetys Trevor - Boston, Waterloo Rugby Trevor (Tre Boston) - Boston found a new club in southern California. the former Carolina Panthers safetys Friday to join the Losangeles lightning. He said he had to choose between the lightning, buffalo Bill and Pittsburgh steelers. panther in signing Mike Adams replacement (Mike Adams) in May 2nd to give up the boston. Boston played 42 games in the 3 season as the Panthers played, starting 16 games, he made a total of 108 tackles and 2 sacks and 3 steals. in the hope of playoff lightning, Boston can fill a big gap. Before the draft, many experts think that they will be in the first round pick cornerback or safety, but in the end they selected wide receiver Mike Williams (Mike Williams). Lightning didn't try to solve the loopholes in the second line until the fourth round. You Weilei Sean - Jenkins (Rayshawn Jenkins) from University of Miami was selected. if the Boston impressive, so in the case of lightning safety. The weak position in depth, he has a chance to get a starting position at the start of the season. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | A Ryans: Palmer need to hurry | football last November, the Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) a knee injury early goodbye to the season. From that moment, the record of the League of nations, a sudden turn for the worse, eventually lost the semi-final. In the presence of Palmer, the Cardinals played 8 wins and 1 best record in the league, but after 8 games, they only won 3 games. The season, the Cardinals goal is further, the veteran team needs to return as soon as possible, to lead the team forward. Coach Bruce - A Ryans (Bruce Arians) said in an interview that he knew that there was not much time left for him. The team is made up of different players in various positions, but the quarterback is the most important. We need him. now, Palmer's recovery is very optimistic, he has been able to properly participate in the training of 7 to 7. However, at this stage, A Ryans does not intend to arrange for him to take part in the 11 - to - 11 full field training. Palmer said: I realized that there was not much chance of leaving me. I have to accept the reality and try to do better. Palmer played in 15 games, he scored 13 victories, passing success rate up to 64.5%, 27 touchdowns, and steals 12 times, scoring 96.1.The official website of NFL | Raiders will cut veteran defensive end Woodley | football before the Steelers star outside linebacker Lamar Woodley (LaMarr Woodley) for the Raiders only for a year. The Raiders will be officially announced this week cut him and Blanche tyone Qiang Wei (Tvyon Branch). last year at the age of 30 when the Steelers released Woodley after the Raiders signed 2 year contract with him 12 million. But Woodley failed to play the second spring of his career. As a defensive end front, he had only 5 times in 6 games to repay the two muscle season. And if he left the team this month this will activate the contract list of bonus. The free agent market will be opened in less than 10 days, when the Raiders are expected to have more than 60 million wage cap space. The Raiders also have the number fourth sign, the defensive front side will be their key reinforcement position. Last season, the Raiders' defensive front side only had 7 hits and the lowest was the alliance. The team's 22 capture is only the last second.

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