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the United States Sunday, Baltimore crow signed NFL history best return hand - German - Hester (Devin Hester). It is reported that its crow completed a one-year contract, if the 33 year old Hester can complete the reward part of the whole, the total contract value of $4 million. , the 10 year career veteran, spent the past 2 years in Atlanta falcons. He was selected as a professional bowl in 2014. He only completed 5 games last year, and then he was put on the list of injuries due to toe injuries. ???????????????????????????????????20?|??????????????????????2014?????????-??????Deion Sanders?????NFL????????????NFL official website, de Feng tower - Freeman readme: I am in rugby team doping wo on the court, everyone called me Juice Man. coach Quinn brought Pete Carol's military philosophy from Seattle: confrontation! Combat?? Combat?? But his argument is different: Bring the juice - bring energy! if you were around the coach all day, you would have heard this in hundreds of thousands of times. He wants everyone in this team to be full of energy and fighting. I remember the end of the team meeting one day last season, and he told me, Devonta, I like the way you play the team with energy cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ! Every time you finish a large number forward, grabbed a tough act after everyone in the eyes. Hope you can keep it A fighting spirit soars aloft. I hope you can be a team's stimulant. I know that the coach means that I need to work harder in training and competition. It is true that my creed is always 1% more than last time, and I do this in my life. But as the energy source of the team, brother, it sounds like a great responsibility. How can we do it? last season all knew that the team did not take the expected track. Gaokaidizou, eventually crashed. We didn't get into the playoffs, and the team was short of energy. in the offseason so I paid a hitherto unknown effort, not for anything else, just for the 2016-17 season we no longer stop. when we started this season, 4 - 1, the media and the outsiders did not look at us. They were based on our performance last year and did not believe that we were a better team. Of course, we have heard these objections and mistrust, but we are not disturbed by the outside world. The team turned these questions into the driving force of continuous progress. We only care about the most important things: the ball in the hand and the players on the court. The exclusion must prove that all questions are wrong. day in and day out in the past, everyone was delighted to find that the team has more and more energetic players. Every Sunday, there would be a lot of players, and we won the South champion by 11 - 5. who knows the Iceman Matt Ryan's strength, Julio - Jones is also a kind of relaxed and comfortable on Sunday cut off 300 yards or more players. But in addition to the two star, we have run faster than anyone Scud - Gabriel Taylor. As a rookie he can always catch a big number. We have tweng - 〉 ColemanDallas Cowboys wide receiver Bryant Mendez (Dez Bryant) this week he told the team do not test for the contract loyalty. The reality is that no matter whether the offseason signed a new contract, Bryant will leave in the next year with the cowboys. is the last year of the two rookie contract between Bryant and De Marco Murray, which means that the Cowboys can't use their privileges labels at the same time. NFL media sources Labobote - Ian (Ian Rapoport) reported that the team is more likely to use the privilege of Bryant (Franchise Tag) label. At the same time, Labobote also reported the team boss Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) and Bryant's agent after the meeting have a simple solution, but still need a long time to negotiate. last week reported Potter Arab Cowboys offer is a combination of Bryant's market value is given after prediction. The use of Bryant franchise tag has been regarded as the Cowboys negotiation killer, and in desperation will resolutely, even let Murray become a free agent at. Labobote also reported that another reason is that if there is no long-term agreement or salary temptation, let Bryant stay in the team likely will lead to another off-site events.Saint Louis rams round the No. 10 pick off running back Todd Gorli in this year's draft (Todd Gurley), Gorli in the university is called a summon wind and call for rain, Adrian - Peterson (Adrian Peterson) player. However, Gorli tore the knee cruciate ligament in last November's competition and is still in recovery now. Whether he can catch up with the regular season as scheduled is unknown. But even more people are concerned, gorley comeback after can make great contribution to the ram. The first thing has to take into account is the ability of the ram to attack the front. Last season, Scott Wells, the first centre of the ram, is the worst center of the league. No one will be replaced this year by the four round of the 2013 round Barrett Jones (Barrett Jones). But Jones himself is also an Scott player who has not been tested. They also hope to last year's Greg Robinson left the show Bangyan Jiefeng (Greg Robinson) can have breakthrough improvement in the occupation career second. In the second round of the third round of the third round of the third round of competition, Haven Stern chose the right cutting front Rob Havenstein and the right front guard Brown Jamon (Jamon Brown), hoping that these two people can quickly become a reliable battle force. Another worrying thing for is the Nick Foles, the new quarterback of the team, which has benefited from Eagle's attack system and excellent offensive front. Fowles once launched a whirlwind in the 2013 season. 27:2's Nick scoring is impressive. But the data show that Fowles's accuracy of passing the ball will be significantly reduced when facing the rush pressure, and ram's scattered offensive front cannot give Fowles good pass protection. , so for Gorli, he has to face a lot of offensive teams. If his teammates can't play a good standard, Gorli's own strength can't help the team too much.

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