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What is the status of NFL in the United States?How many streets have NBA been exploded by NFL in the United States? throughout the United States history to receive ten major programs, NFL accounted for 9? Super Bowl spectators run two hundred million, don't see even out? super bowl a day to eat chicken wings to catch up with my population? well, this should be most people are hearsay, although the authenticity reached 99%, but only some bragging about. "What is the status of NFL in the United States?" It is not for me to search for information on the Internet by myself. It can be clearly stated. In this era of surging big data, people gradually forget to understand the most primitive way of new things -- the direct communication between people. I feel uncomfortable when the empty entries on the Internet make me feel uncomfortable. If I have to talk about this topic, I would rather go looking for a few of them. Maybe these answers are very one-sided, but these words with memory color make me feel better. Instead of trying to show a complete Rugby World to cheap nfl jerseys free shipping people, we only hope that we can feel more realistic through these personal experiences and stories. The reality is skinny, if you must have a name, I would like to call them literacy squads. Now, let's look at their stories together. captain of the death squad - Wan Xin micro-blog @ Wan Xin New York long American media, American sports journalist and American Chinese TV sports producer death squads say one: everything gives way to the Super Bowl! over the past three years of super bowl I in the field, the macro does not say, the child is father of the man said three live. In 2012, in Indianapolis, the New York giants waited for hundreds of fans every day before the new England patriots and two teams of hotels. Once the team came out for training, they cheered and cheered, and the spectacle was magnificent. And this central city is like a festival, and almost everyone wears blue pony's uniform and is simple. 2013 in New Orleans, New Orleans, the city is rich in French flavor. It is full of Baltimore crows and 49 fans of San Francisco, plus the real rhythm of American rugby saints, with strong atmosphere. 2014 in New York, New York land, but for the super bowl, is a great convenience, the deepest impression is the day of the game, from the 56 Street media center by media bus to New Jersey metropolitan stadium, a road closure street, police. Weekdays can be blocked plugging away, 20 minutes, the miracle of romance, is due to NFL's blessing. During the 2014 super bowl, Super Bowl logo everywhere on the streets of New York dare death squash hand - Shaw deep senior media people, Chinese website columnist NFL NFL, music as sports commentary guests, universal sports commentary ""Guoan always fight for the first", this is the name of the Beijing Guoan team song. Since the four NINETOWNS team set up, courage first fighting spirit is well ingrained, although the league only in 2009 on the top, but they never give up the desire to win. Whether domestic or foreign, are very difficult to find another city on par with Beijing, "Beijing Guoan playmaker Shao Jiayi said," the power that win, is a product of Beijing football culture for many years, said little, is a kind of target, say, it is a kind of belief."John - Schneider (John Schneider) to get long-term contract will remain the general manager of the Seattle seahawks. His original contract will expire after the end of the 2016 season. According to the official website of NFL reporter Mike (Mike Garafolo) and Lafoluo said, the new contract will allow Schneider to stay in the 2021 season, the seahawks. boss Paul Alan Haiying (Paul Allen) on Twitter: "Congratulations Schneider signed with top Seahawks general manager John Schneider. The key to the squad to create congratulations..!" Schneider became the Seahawks general manager in 2010, since the beginning of 2013 he was executive vice president of the team. According to and Lafoluo said that Schneider is not the only one to get a new contract for the Seahawks members. Schneider will now focus on the renewal of his contract with the manager of Pete Carroll.The official website of NFL | pony defensive striker at Jones | football season Indianapolis pony defense striker Jones (Art Jones) seems to be the ideal candidate to get into the short list of short-term injuries. The pony, who is in urgent need of the helper in the defense group, will seek help whenever and wherever. but Jones's ankle injuries are too serious. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Saturday that when he underwent surgery Friday, Jones was placed on the list of injured patients by the pony, which means he was reimbursed for the season. when he was healthy, Jones, 29, was one of the best players he was in, but health was an unpredictable concept. Jones since 2012 has 16 regular season attendance. After signing a $33 million 5 - year contract with , Jones was expected to be able to stabilize the defense team that has caused hinder to the pony in recent years. The defensive team was one of their biggest weaknesses when the pony was trying to hit the Super Bowl in the 2015 season. Jones will have to wait a year to get back to the game. It can be expected that the pony will be very active in the days after the downsizing day.

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