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Beijing time at 8:30 on October 4th, the week and one night match in the fourth week of the NFL regular season will be played by the two national couplet team. The 3 - 0 - 0 Minnesota Vikings are sitting in the new American bank, against the 2 - 1 - negative giants of the New York giants. The two teams have played in the past five times, and the Vikings were 3 - 2, and the Vikings had at home 49:17 giants last season. Vikings first tee, quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) under the tie giants offensive Group advanced attack. The giants had to abandon the kick before the free kick, and the kicker Brad - temperature (Brad Wing) pressed the ball on the one - line. The Vikings third out, but the giants return Dwayne - Harris (Dwayne Harris) after the punt turnovers, Vikings in the giants' 41 yard line to regain the ball 51 yards, indirect promotion. The Vikings took part in the Cordarrelle Patterson, and came up to quarterback Sam to Bradford (Sam Bradfor cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d) to advance the 21 yards of the pass by Paterson. The final running back Matt Achillas tower (Matt Asiata) 1 yards rushing touchdown, Vikings 7:0 to break the deadlock. then both sides of the offensive team can not establish an effective attack, the two teams alternately abandoned kicks. The second day, Adam tillen (Adam Thielen) after passing, 18 yards from the defender won the first attack. Stefan Digges (Stefon Diggs) also won the ball 21 yards. Eventually the near end front Kell Rudolf (Kyle Rudolph) received a 7 - yard score and the Viking team led 14:0. The giant Beckham Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) was blulled violating the spirit of sports (Unsportsmanlike Conduct) and got a "yellow card". The giants quickly threw away the kicks. Vikings three out of the giants at the end of the first half by more than two minutes to advance the Vikings 22 yard line, kicker Josh Brown (Josh Brown) 40 yard free kick hit. The two teams went into the midfield with a 14:3 score. in the second half, the Viking team first attacked, and Charles Johnson (Charles Johnson) came up to pick up the Bradford pass to advance 30 yards. To the half of the giants, the kicker Blair - Walsh (Blair Walsh) 46 - yard free kick was the third time he lost the free kick this season. The giants of the ball did not last long, Eli Manning Odell Beckham long turnovers, Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes (Xavier Rhodes) in the Vikings' 28 yard line, the ball steals, 29 return yards to the giants' 43 yard line. Bradford pass to find Kell - Rudolf to push 12 yards. After that, kicker Blair - WalshThe official website of the Seattle Seahawks NFL | is the average weight of the lightest | football team Alliance On the Super Bowl winner Seattle favors the big horn, but the lighter players in the offense have more advantage over the attack. so the bad news from the National Union west area: the Raptors here are light, young and will never disappear silently.Detroit lions quarterback Mathews Staffordshire (Matthew Stafford) in the distance training ground Alan park not far south high-speed field was stopped before the reason is on the highway bridge by a truck severing. Staffordshire was not hurt but had to choose the help of a lion's employee to take his car to the stadium. In a later interview, Staffordshire said, "I could have arrived at that place only 2,3 minutes before the bridge broke. It's so strange that it's hard to imagine the bridge collapsing. When I go to that place, the driver sitting motionless in the truck." Staffordshire said he was fined by his team because he had released it. Staffordshire published a word on its twitter "I hate the feeling of being late for training." Jamie, Jim coach of the male lion, said, "many of our players were late for training, including coaches. Fortunately, I passed the site 15 minutes ago," Jim said. When we got to the training ground, we heard that Mathews just passed there and stopped there, and he always got to the court very early. None of the players were injured this time. It was lucky.The official website of NFL | Arizona Cardinals cut cornerback Nader di | Rugby , Dinard - cornerback Alfonso (Alfonzo Dennard) to find a job. at the start of training camp before the Arizona Cardinals announced that they had cut Dinard. the occupation career into the fourth year cornerback joined the cardinals in May this year, after he was laid off the new England patriots. During the first three seasons of his career, Dinard grew from a seven round show to a player who could contribute to the team. He started 20 times in 29 games, and got 90 tackles and 5 intercepting passes. What are the benefits of the Cardinals Dinard short stay for him to find a new job not. He lost his position in the patriot, and now soon laid off by the cardinals. But he can at least be a substitute for some teams.

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