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According to the NFL Network reporter Ian he reported that the Carolina Panthers kicker Graham will probably rate of - ganor (Graham Gano) using the franchise tag, and guard Andrew Schmidt (Andrew Norwell). Janot has spent six seasons in the Panthers, the current period of four years contract is coming to an end. In 2017, the tag value of the kicker was about $4 million 800 thousand, and this figure has been rising since 2012. Ganor before the contract is $3 million 100 thousand. There are few examples of 's use of privileged tags for a kicker. Recently, a player who got the label of the team was the Baltimore Raven's star. The two degree All-Pro player was Justin Tucker (Justin Tucker). After that, he quickly completed the 4 year contract with the team. At the age of 30 GANAL although not to the All-Pro level, but last season scored occupation bowl, kick the completion rate of 96.7%, first in the league. Nowell is the most popular free market one of the high-profile players, but the line member price tag is too high (at least $14 million), only reluctantly part of panther. Nowell accounted for 2 million 700 thousand dollars in 2017. The highe cheap nfl jerseys free shipping st annual salary in the league is Cleveland Brown Kevin's Kevin Zeitler. He signed a contract with Brown for five years and 60 million dollars last year.The official website of NFL | [attack] series Pro Set formation | Rugby in American football, the Pro Set formation is one of the basic offensive formations of many professional teams. As with the I formation, Pro Set formation is a symmetrical shape, usually including a quarterback, two running backs, two receivers, a tight end and five offensive line Wei; unlike I formation is the two running backs are standing side by side, rather than stand in a row. The Pro Set formation can be regarded as a branch of the traditional T formation. Only the third runner in the T formation is not responsible for rushing the ball in the Pro Set formation, but needs to shoulder the responsibility of the foreign takeover. Pro Set system can be widely used in the occupation field, mainly because it is also suitable for the ball and passing attack, and the probability of success of two methods are similar. This is very important on the field, and the Pro Set formation is puzzled so that the defensive end can't immediately judge the intention of the offensive end. Besides, as two running guards are placed side by side, both of them may become the quarterbacks' objects to the ball, so the defensive ends need to spend more time to determine who is the main force of attack. is a nightmare for the defensive end, once the Pro Set attack formation is made. Because in a defensive ball attack and defensive end must also be wary of this scam may only be placed under each other. Because this will inevitably impact on the defensive intensity, who sometimes need to join the tour defensive line of scrimmage up to strengthen the party's defense, and thus back empty, it will give the attacker break opportunity to press forward to the enemy's capital in one fell swoop. If the attack side chooses to play a pass, the two runners' false run cover can also get more time for the quarterback to find the most suitable pass. , however, using Pro Set formation attack is not without any disadvantages. Because Pro Set has strengthened the pass attack, it has made some discount in the aspect of attacking the ball, and the possibility of breaking through the middle way has also been reduced. formation history: in 1949, after the introduction of star guard Elroy Hirsch half, when he was coach of the Losangeles rams, the legendary Clark Shaughnessy character of American football, is also the inventor of the T formation, the design of a new attack to attack group rams. At that time, Clark Shaughnessy thought he was more suited to serve as a catcher after the injury of Elroy Hirsch, but at that time, the team had already had two excellent catchers -- Tom Fears and B〉.even-even football equipment network Adidas today released a series of colorful new goalkeeper gloves, the series is called Next Generation Pack, literal translation is "a new generation". It is reported that this brand of new color goalkeeper gloves is expected to be worn by the best young goalkeepers in Adidas. Nike's rising football series shoes are meant for future stars. The picture is a AdidasThe official website of NFL | quarterback Mark Sanchez injured in the Broncos off-season training | football when the Denver wild quarterback Mark Sanchez immediately announced the week (Mark Sanchez) received surgical treatment of non passer, the team said he is expected to miss the start of the offseason training team. but then Sanchez insisted that he wanted to take part in the training. As a result, the two sides each took one step. Sanchez Tuesday on the training field in the first offseason training organization. Although he did not take the center to open the ball, Sanchez trained with the first line-up in the 7 to 7 training and his training was more than expected. we know he will train the Broncos coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) said. ... we know he's going to do something, and he's actually doing more than we think. You can see every day that it's important for Mark. Despite his poor performance last season, is expected to play the first quarterback at the start of the season. The early preparation time in the new attack system was good for him to lock the first. Sanchez took advantage of the starting position, but he had to face the first round of the quarterback Paxton Lynch (Paxton Lynch). Though Sanchez may not admit that the threat of rookie drives him to rush back to training, no one is willing to give up the time to prepare for a player who will threaten his position.

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