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The official website of NFL |AFLC fourth round of the last round of | summary and forecast football because of the Beijing APCE conference, the fourth round of the AFLC league tournament in Beijing vs Chengdu was delayed for a week. Logically, the playoffs situation should be more clear, but now in addition to the north, other areas have to wait the last battle to have the result. fourth round summary of East Shanghai Shanghai Titan Nighthawk 12:19 Titan's battle of life and death, Titanic really broke out a great potential, and both the players and the coaches worked very hard. On the other hand, after the warriors may win goatsucker some slack, in contrast, Titan's desire to win some more. The formation of an interesting cycle, the first half of the year, the Titans win warriors, warriors win win goatsucker nighthawks, became the second half of the Titans, Nighthawk warriors, warriors, Titans win win win Titan goatsucker. Hangzhou Shanghai Osprey warrior 0:41 The warrior won't have an unexpected victory, the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping only lace was a woman player on the warrior. In fact, this is very delicate. If you can't go to a female player, it's definitely gender discrimination, but it's not a happy match for Hangzhou players. north area Wuxi Trident 0:56 Chongqing dock worker has been very serious since the Trident was in a great shock. The dock worker home court less than 20 people in the face of the Trident, can be said to win no pressure, but also on the position of the first north. Beijing 48:6 Chengdu ritmeester cyclone Chengdu horse home court defeated, it is impossible to see. The Beijing whirlwind was also a war of redemption. After 3 consecutive defeats, it was finally won. Beijing cyclone is good at play wind ball team, estimation can quickly regroup. South Guangzhou Apache at 0:16 the Hongkong Cobra Guangzhou Apache still needs to work hard to grow, but it seems to be losing 2 and 2 2 points. Don't know is still tough defense of Cobra mercy. The former is estimated, the cobra is not how will be lenient. Guangzhou 6:76 Hongkong of the goat was right, a few games in the south, but the score is not high, the game to break this tradition, especially powerful single brush brush. The main reason is to join 6 German players, which are said to be half professional players who have played in one team. At this level of AFLC, there is a good quarterback.just two years, buffalo cornerback Bill Nicole - Luo Bei (Nickell Robey) has been from an undrafted growth for the team's core players. Bill announced on Sunday that robe had renewed his contract with the team. NFL official network reporter Rand Getlin, according to a source of information, said Roberto signed a two - year contract renewal. The team wants to repay robe's contribution. , "since we signed him in 2013, Robert has always been an excellent and reliable corner guard for our team," Doug Whaley, general manager, said in the team's statement. "Doug", " "I would like to thank our scout team for finding and signing players like Nickel during the rookie signing period. Since entering NFL, Nickel has been playing hard and taking advantage of the opportunity to finish the defense. Rex - Ryan (Rex Ryan) and the coaching staff under the guidance, we believe that he will continue to grow and make outstanding contributions to the defense group." has a height of 5 feet 7 inches, 170 pounds, Nicole is one of the smallest sub League cornerback, he in the kick-off line near the show a rapid pace with the opponent took over the slot. should be an important member of Lane's excellent defensive team as long as he is on the pitch and stays inside.makes the quarterback Jonny Johnny (Johnny Manziel) unemployed and unattended at the same time. Now he has to face four banned matches in the 2016 season, due to the violation of the drug abuse rules. The news of is another big obstacle for Manzel to return to the alliance. If he signed with a team, as previously associated with his former girlfriend involved in domestic violence and allegations, he will have to accept the union survey. but everyone seems to understand that Manzel is obviously not going to join the NFL team again. His father recently admitted to ESPN that his son was a "addict", hoping that he would "not die before he realized it." Manzel's increasingly weird and disgust behavior may leave any team with a hard to repair wound. More importantly, the people around him begged Manzel to be able to help change his life. Troy Vincent (Troy Vincent), the executive vice president of the alliance, said on Wednesday the alliance had been trying to help Manzel. so this is Manzel's present state, one of the five first round shows that had been cut in the league only two years since 2000. He was cut off by Brown in March this year, after he started eight games for the team, winning 2 to 6.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?

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