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Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Murphy Lewis (Louis Murphy) is a recent hit on the muzzle of the players, because the alliance to carry out remediation to the court language now, and he therefore need to pay the price. The alliance to directly to the opponent on the reasons for Murphy to make impertinent remarks "penalties of $11025 last week, pirates in New Orleans 31 to 37 loss to the saints in the game, the team mate Bobbi Rainey (Bobby Rainey) after touchdown to make the opponent behavior. When was the referee throw yellow penalty given back 15 yards cheap nfl jerseys free shipping off against the moral behavior of sports. And on Tuesday he also admitted that he did not deserve it at the time. Murphy told reporters: "in the fierce confrontation, although both of us and our opponents spit rubbish each other, I think I have had a few words. Just like me and coach (Ravi Smith) said, I am sorry for the mistake." pirates that game 15 was sentenced to foul penalty is 113 yards, including a touchdown after the Vikings linebacker Danny, another blue Sana'a "in violation of moral behavior" sports, but not fined. Murphy was another punishment after three weeks before the 49 people in San Francisco's quarterback, Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick). But Capet Nick denies make impertinent remarks.Bowling |2016 national Bowling Championships Men's singles gold medal Feng Xiaobing South Division today, personal game, short oil. The competition is the ups and downs, exciting if micjai finally didn't split the bottle, he won the gold medal against super Feng Xiaobing. and Dr. Chi peak of the last six consecutive full, is to help him 1 points ahead of Yang Wei, grab the bronze single after the game, Guangxi leads the first groupThe movement - comfortable design Simple let the new season Zhejiang Greentown home court Jersey is more modern, surrounded by golden collar edge symbol team desire for honor. The collar of the collar with golden "Zhejiang Greentown F.C. 20th Anniversary" (Zhejiang Green City Football Club 20th Anniversary Memorial) words. Behind a gold collar with 20th Anniversary Club souvenir badges, badges in addition to join the "20 Years Anniversary" (20th anniversary anniversary) ", the number" 0 "is added from the flower pattern badge in the meaning of perfect conjugal bliss.the time this Monday, the Miami dolphins fired their coach Joe (Joe Philibin), Philbin 2015 season's future will be unsettled. but there's been good news recently, and the famous rapper, Rick Ross, said he wanted to be one of the boss of the team. Ross has previously expressed his desire to get 5% of the shares of the team. If Ross becomes one of the shareholders, he will share the small share of the team with the 6 small shareholders. Ross also said optimistically: "the team will be better this season."

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