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Indiana Colts this Sunday will be in the home court against the Jacksonville jaguars, but the team two generals will be absent, and the two men reached the ball array and the number of 13, you know Andrew ruck touchdowns number is 28. runner Ahmad Brad Shaw (Ahmad Bradshaw) was reimbursed for the season after losing fibula fracture to the new England patriots last week. The near end Dwayne Alan (Dwayne Allen) is also injured in the match, and will miss this week's match. Alan said earlier this week that he was recovering from a day's observation, but it was clear that there had been no apparent recovery in the past few days. Alan's injury will make Iraq at the Stanford University frini teammate Kobe (Coby Fleener) continue to play a major role in passing attack last week, he had 7 catches for 144 yards. Right tackle Gus - Colts Qieliliusi (Gosder Cherilus) is also absent due to a shoulder injury in training this week and was unable to play this Sunday, Joey Leitz (Joe Reitz) or Xavier Nixon (Xavier Nixon) will replace his position on. and cornerback Grieg (Greg Toler) - Ptolemy with concussion will be third consecutive weeks sidelined, the team cornerback position only Feng tower - Davies (Vontae Davis), Darius Butler (Darius Butler) and Josh Goddi (Josh Gordy).The official website of NFL |2016 NFL will return to Chicago | football draft NFL draft will return to the windy city of Chicago, is currently the only specific draft site has not been determined cheap nfl jerseys free shipping . President Roger - Roger Goodell (NFL) recently announced that our efforts are worth it, and our draft was so successful last year. Since then, the NFL team's boss meeting decided that Chicago would be the place to hold the draft in 2016. The mayor of Chicago, speaking after a speech, said: NFL's draft is a world-class project, and I am very proud to hold such a project in Chicago. Before , there was a message that the draft would be held in Losangeles, but now it looks like it will be in Chicago in 2016. According to the league's data, the draft shows a direct economic growth of $81 million 600 thousand. Chicago previously held a draft in 1938, 1942-1944, and 1962-64 years in 1951.The official website of NFL | all star occupation bowl, Erwin to win | football team the first section of the game started, started by the Erwin team offense, starting quarterback from Dallas cowboy Toni Romo (Tony Romo), he led the team to advance to the opponent's 14 yard line. Finally, the Erwin team shot the first 3 points. The Carter team back from Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Clark (Andrew Luck) leadership, Clark swept the playoffs 5 decline, 5, finally a 17 yard pass found tight end Greg Olsen Calero from the black panther (Greg Olsen). The Erwin team then changed from the Detroit lions quarterback Matthew (Matthew Stafford) - Staffordshire, Staffordshire, the first shot is a 60 yard pass to find himself in the lion's team mate Gordon Tate (Golden Tate), second shots to complete a 10 yard touchdown. But the additional points are not kicked. At the end of the first game, the Carter team 13:9 led the Erwin team. second season, Staffordshire a 46 yard pass showed his arm strength, and this season's hottest rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham (Odell Bechham) has completed a very difficult pass. Finally, Staffordshire passed the ball in the end zone from the New Orleans saints tight end Jimmy - Graham (JImmy Graham) completed a touchdown. The latter also completes a button against the goal. ?????????????? ??3-???????Drew Brees???????????? 21 yard pass to find the oasis Bay Packers wide receiver Jodi Nielsen (Jordy Nelson) completed a touchdown. Before the end of the half, JJ watts (JJ Watt) from Houston Dezhou completed a copy, and the Carter team took the lead at 20:19. At the beginning of the second half of , Watt was able to return the ball to Staffordshire. Bracey passed the ball to Olsen and finished the game again. Erwin team Staffordshire did not feel the hand, and Bracey's pass in the red area was also copied. The two teams are put on the three or four of their point guard from Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) was first array, Mark Ingram Saint rushed the ball, Ryan finally give the ball.In the base of | Juque international to Beijing third sports bar softball team donated 500 thousand yuan equipment the morning of December 1st, the National Baseball Softball League (PBSL) management company Juque International Consulting Ltd. donated 8 sets of baseball pitching machine worth RMB 500 thousand to third Beijing city sports school baseball team. Juque international general manager Yu, deputy referee que Beijing Baseball Association President Feng Qifeng and Beijing third sports school baseball coach Wang Zhanpeng attended the ceremony. service machine function for simulation of the pitcher and help the team effectively hit the training, the donation of 8 units serving machine, divided into two types: one is the double ball machine can produce a curve ball, reached a speed of 130 km / hour; a double arm type ball machine, speed can be higher than 150 km / h. This speed is basically the pitching speed of professional pitchers in professional matches and world competitions, so these devices will help Beijing third sports school baseball teams play a better beating training. The donated service is produced in the United States and Taiwan, with a total value of about 500 thousand yuan. Juque international general manager Yu que at the donation ceremony told reporters: baseball and softball is our sport, in the process of our baseball tournament held in Beijing City, third schools from the aspects of the site to give us a lot of help, and therefore have donated equipment and ideas, we are in Beijing, work and life here, we should be more active to help Beijing City baseball team, to carry forward and let us love the baseball team, so that Beijing can achieve better results!. Beijing third sports school baseball team was founded in November 1975, with Beijing Lucheng sports technology school as training base, and participated in major competitions at home and abroad in recent years. Once won the four National Games champion, since then, more than 20 national champions have been won in succession, of which 8 consecutive consecutive titles were won in 92 to 99 years. In 2002, he participated in the National Baseball League test run and changed its name to the Beijing tigers. After that, it entered the playoffs every year. In Japan in 2003 Sapporo held the twenty-second Asian Baseball Championship, more than half of the Chinese national baseball team players from the team; has China national baseball team the previous selection Beijing team can maintain the delivery of more than 1/4 players in the team; team has built, the team with their best team, the Yomiuri Giants Baseball Eagle Korea the baseball team in different countries and regions have conducted exchanges and confrontation. baseball and softball as the most complex sports, and because of a variety of domestic competitions, promotion has been a big problem. But this year the Juque international support and push, various baseball events: from the full flowering rod Softball League (PBSL) started in March 2010 of the spring and autumn Baseball League annual event lasts 7 months, 2011 Beijing, Tianjin a total of 30 baseball team fast pitch softball.

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