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Purdue University defensive tackle Lazhaen - Howard (Ra Zahn Howard) will participate in the supplemental draft. ESPN reporter Adam - Adam Schefter reported that Howard left school for academic reasons, according to people familiar with the news. Players who have applied for a change in their own situation after the deadline for the draft show may apply for a supplementary draft. Howard was suspended by school in a month, and he announced that he was interested in transferring to school. He was the first player in the three years at the Purdue University. according to the Purdue University data, Howard is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 325 pounds, so the NFL team will at least pay attention to him. The supplement will be held on July, and sheffien reports that Howard will hold a showcase day training in New Jersey in July 8th. 's selection of players in the draft selection will lose t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he corresponding right of draft in the second year draft. In the past six years there are five players selected in the supplemental draft, a recent Losangeles last year picked Isiah Battelle RAM (Isaiah Battle), one of the most well-known is Cleveland Brown in the second round pick in 2012 and took over Josh - Gordon (Josh Gordon).June 26th news on the one hand, Green Bay Packers should be happy for them to be able to compete for the championship every year. On the other hand, they should be disappointed that they have been close to the championship and won't win the title. packers left Jiefeng David - Bhakti Yari (David Bakhtiari) belong to the latter. "it started to make me feel a bit bad," Bhakti Yari recently said. "You can't guarantee what will happen next year. It's very stressful to be close to the championship but not to win the championship. We have to work together - we have to do more. ... our Green Bay Packer - I mean, the champion trophy was called the Vince long Battie cup. We have to win the championship. " packers last won the last season in the 2010 season. After that, they have been one of the best quarterback of the league and they have been a little worse off the championship. In a few years, they have been affected by various events in the middle of the season to lose the home advantage in the playoffs. And at other times they got home advantage but they lost at home. many people will think that the packers are the strongest team of the Federation. But if the recent history continues, it will be beaten by other teams before they have a chance to win fifth Super Bowl Champions.Simonyi praised Messi although the horse race in Spain to win the war lost to Barcelona, but Argentina Tieshuai Simonyi but some are not convinced, he even said that if you give him a Messi, he can also win the game. From another point of view, it is also a compliment to Messi's ability. Speaking of matches, Simonyi said, "this is very similar to the first half of the league match. In the first half, Barcelona performed better, but we responded, which is almost the same as it was then, but the game was flat, and we lost the smallest score this time." talked about the role of Messi. Simonyi said: "this is a unique player. If he is wearing such a uniform match, we can win in such a close match." When talked about Messi's free kick, Simonyi once again expressed this view. "If we let him take off the Barcelona Jersey and put on our Jersey, we will win 1 to 0, too. Messi is a special player and he can make a difference. and Atletico midfielder Saul also said that the key to winning the Barcelona game in Atletico was Messi. "The first half of Barcelona to control the situation, we want high closing down but failed. The second half was the opposite, the rhythm was stronger, and both teams had no obvious good opportunities. Barcelona decided the game with a good detail. The difference between the two teams is whether there is Messi. " (Yi Wan)even-even soccer equipment network said this year Barcelona Barcelona Jersey home court, I am afraid that many irons to frown. Nike this subversion of the traditional Barcelona red shirt, blue sword team used to cross design. For such a subversive design, some fans hold the habit of watching and watching. Others are shaking their heads firmly. They think such a Jersey is not enough to represent Basa. but said Barcelona Jersey, Barcelona people are quite proud of. Because the design of the jersey with reference to the flag of Catalonia "Senyera" color collocation. The main color of golden yellow symbolizes the

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