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Andrew - Andrew (Andrew Luck) has been suffering from injuries in the past two seasons. , the Indianapolis pony quarterback, told reporters Monday that his shoulder surgery this year was due to a shoulder injury to the early 2015 season. "this comes from two years ago (against Tennessee Titan)," he talked about the third weeks of the 2015 victory over Titan. "We made a discussion at the end of the season, feeling (last offseason) rehabilitation is that we should adopt measures, I think this is absolutely the right decision, we do some great things. Obviously, my injury wasn't quite good last season, and it was shown. We discussed it after the end of last season and decided that maybe it's time to accept shoulder surgery. lark said the right shoulder surgery was made after he and the team heard many really useful opinions from many really excellent doctors. "I don't regret the operation," said. Obviously, there's always an uncertainty like anything, but I'm completely convinced that when the doctor says I'm 100% back, I'll have no doubt about a hundred percent recovery. obviously had never recovered completely in the last season, and he was affected by the injured shoulder and the subsequent thumb injury. we now know what he's worried about, and the operation makes it impossible for him to be ready to cheap nfl jerseys free shipping get ready for a training camp. Now I can only hope that the most important player of the pony can be fully restored to health.The official website of NFL | concern on layoffs retrenched | rugby players inventory Champ (Champ Bailey), corner guard (New Orleans saints): even for future Hall of fame players, their career rarely ends successfully. Saints cut off Bailey on Saturday at the local time to make room for young players like Brian Dixon Dixon, a new rookie. The saints have paid $500 thousand to Bailey's salary this season, but the layoffs have nothing to do with the money. The saints also laid off during the offseason and starting the offensive team play together wide receiver Robert Meacham (Robert Meachem). Michael Sam (Michael Sam), defensive front end (Saint Louis RAM): rams chose 4 players in the seventh round of draft this year, but none of them can stay in the team, including Sam. It's very likely that he's going to get into the ram's training group. Stephen Hill (Stephen Hill), the foreign player (New York jet): the two round show of Mike, the former general manager of the former team, was a failed choice. He didn't even stay in the jet for third seasons. This is rare. He might get another chance in another team. The jets also cut quarterback Boyd tayeh (Tajh Boyd0 and Matt - Sims (Matt Simms). Dimitri - Paterson (Dimitri Patterson), corner guard (New York jet): the second line defense of the jet is a mess. But at least Paterson's ban is over. (shortly before Paterson is due to leave the team shall be suspended indefinitely without notifying the case team) Jerel Worthy, the defending front, Josh Bois (Josh Boyce), the new England Patriot: she was the two round show of Green Bay Packers, but he was traded to patriot during this year's training camp. Now the Patriots do not have to give the packers a conditional show. Bois was the four - round show of the Patriots last year, but he couldn't stand on the bench with an excellent combination. Alex Hennari (Alex Henery), kicker, Kenyon Bana (Kenjon Barner), running guard (Philadelphia hawk): Eagle will have a new kicker this year. Bana, just from the caronna black leopard, was given up because of his injury. Nate Burleson (Nate Burleson), the outer hand (Cleveland Brown): Brown offensive coordinator Kell Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan) needs weapons, but borlson 〉The new Barcelona 2015-16 shirt is provided by its long-term Jersey supplier Nike, and the pre - chest ads are sponsored by Qatar Airways. Barcelona's club and Qatar air's jersey advertising sponsorship contract will expire this year, so the 2015-16 main road jersey of Barcelona will probably be the last Barcelona shirt printed by Qatar Airways.The official website of NFL | Jonny - Manzel's next game will serve as the starting quarterback Brown | football , when the competition for the playoffs in the US is in the white hot stage, quarterback Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) will get the first opportunity of his career. NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) on Tuesday, according to sources reported that the team coach Mike Pettine (Mike Pettine) - Manzel decided that Jonny played the first game. According to the news of Rapoport, and two quarterback Pettine Monday meeting. The coach at a news conference on Monday for the team starting quarterback case however, but all indications are that in the original starter Blaine Heuer again after Manzel will get a chance to poor performance. Heuer was the most stable at the start of the season, and he helped Brown to reach the current 7 - to - 6 record. But over the past month, from any point of view, including the success rate of passing, he is one of the worst quarterback in the league. Pettine have no other choice, can only make this draft twenty-second pick Manzel as a starter. When last week Pettine give Heuer one last chance, he mentioned that many members of the team's opinion. The team left Jiefeng Joe - Thomas (Joe Thomas) said that the first Manzel feel like giving up the season, these words also affected the offensive coordinator Kell Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan). Finally, to use Heuer a week feel like in a cocoon around oneself. He had a success rate of less than 50% in the past month, only 1 passes but 8 passes were copied. Manzel made a flash performance for Brown's attack team when he came on the bench against buffalo Bill. He obviously has the speed and strength are Be Heuer. Although Manzel's passing data in the quarterback protection network are not good, Heuer's stability and passing rate have been very bad for a few weeks. He is not a suitable pocket pass type quarterback, either. Manzel has brought in the unknown, which is both a surprise and a fear for the coaching team. There are many reports about whether he is ready to lead the NFL - level offensive team. This season, a surprising thing is Manzel stayed on the bench for such a long time, especially in this year and the other rookie quarterback for Drake Carle (Derek Carr), Blake bottos (Lake Bortles), Teddy - Bridgewater (Teddy Bridgewater) for six round pick Zach Berg (Zach Mettenberger topmod. When comparing). none of the rookie quarterback can attract so many eyes like Manzel. Now the most talked about quarterback in the 2014 draft will be in the season.

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