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even-even soccer equipment network of Monchengladbach in German club to launch a new team in the 2015-16 season away on Saturday, people first saw the New Jersey in the face of Monchengladbach social media platform of video ads. In the German telecommunications cup on Sunday, the team had put on a New Jersey. The New JerseySecurity problem of by the Saint Louis rams home court concerned in the recent two week alliance. For two weeks, there was a player on the edge of the ram's site and slipped near the stands. Last week, the Brown quarterback, Josh McKoen (Josh McCown), in Cleveland, was unable to stand on a stand on the stand and hurt his shoulder. This week, San Francisco 49 people running back Reggie Bush (Reggie Bush) at the side slip, a direct result of its knee ligament injury, ahead of the end of the season. is worth mentioning is that in September with the Pittsburgh Steelers game, Edward - Jones ram home court dome site fire events had occ cheap nfl jerseys free shipping urred. The coach Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) has disclosed that he has already exchanged the matter with the League: "there have been hundreds of games here. There has never been any problem before. We'll talk to the alliance and see what we can do about it. " The media also gave two informal suggestions: 1. to buy more turf and fill the whole course. 2. for a new stadium.regular season has been going into the middle of the team this week two Thursday night game against the National League Eastern and southern districts of the top teams, Philadelphia eagles will visit the Bank of the United States court challenge Carolina Panthers, the Panthers in the two teams played 3 times in the past to win the two, two years ago to Carolina, the eagles lost the game, which once again came to the venue, they will take a victory? The Carolina Panther had a 4 - 1 record in the first 5 weeks, and last week they defeated the Detroit lions by 27-24 and finished two consecutive wins, leading the south side of the National League. This season, the black leopard defense team played very well, the field is limited to limit the number of opponents code number of 274 yards, ranking National League first. In last week's competition for male lions, the Black Panther array came out again. The near end Ed Dixon scored 175 yards for the 5 time. It became the second near field front in the history of NFL, which received 5 shots at most, but completed 175 yards. The team quarterback "Skywalker" cam Newton new season back, two games in a row to pass more than 300 yards, while last week scored 3 touchdowns. In the last two games, Newton 62 49 passes successfully, with 671 yards, 6 touchdowns and only 1 interceptions and a passer rating of up to 137.2. As the most powerful weapon Panthers, a firepower Newton is undoubtedly the most people fear there. Philadelphia hawks last week 34-7 against the Arizona Cardinals after the completion of a 3 game winning streak, the record reached 4 wins and 1 losses. Compared to the strongest shield of the leopard, the eagle owns the strongest spear of the National Union. The new season in the second grade quarterback Carson Wentz under the leadership of ferocious firepower, averaging 397.8 yards of the League of nations ranked first, a total score of 137 points and second United nations. The young quarterback Wenz let Philadelphia fans saw the hope to return to the playoffs, Wentz last week 30 passes 21 hits, get 304 yards with 4 touchdowns and 1 interceptions. In the first section last week and he got 121 yards to finish 3 touchdowns, is active NFL history only one single game in the first section can spread 3 touchdowns players. Between Wentz and Newton showdown will also become another highlight of the game. NFL's chief commentator in Chinese official website: Zhang Yun (EggZhang)Calvin Johnson (Calvin Johnson) chose to retire at the age of 30, leaving NFL stadium, just like Barry Sanders Saunders years ago. a recent interview with ESPN, Johnson said, now NFL of playing popular culture, which he also had the situation. he said: "I know your body, I know it feels almost every day, my body was feeling all this, because of the pain at any time continues, I can not use chemicals or painkillers, this is I do not want to, so I need a rest, although this is not what I want." Johnson also revealed that in his early career the painkillers were as frequent as candy, and the health problems in the training of the players were becoming more and more serious. Johnson finally mentioned doctors and trainers, he said: "the doctor and trainer for the team, I love them, because they are good people, they want to see your health, but at the same time they are at the service of the team, so they do everything possible to help you back as soon as possible, let the team look more perfect."

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