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The official website of NFL | Antonio - Brown finally to participate in voluntary | football training - Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) decided to participate in the training camp, he is not planning to participate in the voluntary training camp at the beginning. , according to local journalists, decided to take part in a training camp to ensure a secure new contract. He signed a 5 year contract in 2012. The total value of the contract is $42 million, but the amount that is not guaranteed is up to $22 million 960 thousand. It's not a small risk for Brown. Brown made 129 catches for personal history article more than 2 in the 2014 season, the 26 year old Brown last season for 1698 yards and 13 touchdowns in the ball forward, the Steelers a great future.this week's Sunday night match will be a very nice "U. S. - state war", and Dallas cowboy is going to the bay area to challenge the Oakland Raiders. At present, both teams have the possibility of qua cheap nfl jerseys free shipping lifying for the playoffs in their respective federations. This Sunday night match is not allowed for the two teams. Meanwhile, the match between the two new generation quarterback also makes the match much more. 6 - 7 Oakland Raiders currently temporarily al West Third, but from the top of the Emirates is only 1 and electro-optical field gap, West playoff qualifying situation is still very uncertain. If you win this game, but the chief electro-optic and is bound to be a team to lose, then the American League wild card race will become more and more fierce. Quarterback Derek Carle has passed 2942 yards this season, which is 58 yards away from the 3000 yard pass. This week Carle missed the 3000 consecutive fourth season pass yards, while he only had 2 runs away from fourth consecutive seasons. The last visit to Oakland by the cowboy team goes back to the 2005 season, a playoff game in which the Raiders in the home town will go all out. After winning 2 consecutive victories in last week's 30-10 win over the same area, the Dallas Cowboys returned to 7, 6 and 6 in the last week. At present, the final of the League of nations is still possible. Although the cowboy has been troubled by main players and injuries this season, when the strong offensive line is healthy, they can still play a very good match. Last week, another substitute Cowboys running back Rhodes Smith played well, he in the race to the fourth quarter completed 1 times for 81 yards and 1 touchdown ball 15 yards rushing touchdowns; became the first in NFL history to complete at least 80 yards receiving touchdowns and 1 red ball a touchdown in the single player game fourth. The Eliot is not in the day, two bench running back Maurice and Smith finished their task. At present, the cowboys are still in the first line from the playoffs, and believe they do not want to leave Oakland with a loss to leave the playoffs. NFL Chinese website chief commentator: Zhang Etam (Egg Zhang )Squash | draw negative still go all out to fight Chinese squash team fully equipped for breakthrough Luca recently, the State Sports General Administration announced the Guangzhou Asian Games squash team roster, coach: Li Wenkai, Wang Weiheng; athletes: (female) Jiang Li, Li Dongjin, Gu Jinyue, Meng Xiaomin, Wang Junjie (man), Shen Jiaqi. Guangzhou Asian Games participating countries and regions, China, Pakistan, Kuwait, Hongkong, Sri Lanka Chinese, Malaysia, India, Japan, South Korea, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and japan. China women squash has obvious progress in recent years, is expected to make a breakthrough in the women's team competition, but because of the draw with India, Pakistan and Chinese women China in Hongkong in the same group, India, Malaysia, Hongkong Chinese occupied a leading position in Asia, the Asian Games women's Squash winning more difficult road. (Wu Peng) The is: the squash players of the Guangzhou Asian Games. (photography Gu Hairong) The picture is: Coach: Li Wenkai. (photography Gu Hairong) The picture is: Coach: Wang Weiheng. (photography Gu Hairong) The map is the wall team of the Asian Games China delegation. (photography Gu Hairong)The - Jon Gruden (Jon Gruden) will serve as the new coach of the Raiders, the position of air ESPN Monday night race commentary out. Executive director Stephanie Julie (Stephanie Druley) said: "we are very fond of Payton Manning (Peyton Manning), not to attract him is a fool." ESPN has been intentional, and there are two questions left: Manning will not want to come, how much pay he needs to pay. Matt Hassel Beck (Matt Hasselbeck), which took the place of the job bowl this week as a career bowl, is also one of the candidates. , of course, we will also consider Matt, "Julie said." we should not worry about the performance of the professional bowl interpretation. When we hired Matt a few years ago, there were other companies who wanted him to be commentator. I think his ability must be excellent. "

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