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The official website of NFL | giants wide receiver Cruz released a video showing his recovery in | football Victor - Cruz (Victor Cruz) has been recovering for nearly a year and a half. , the New York giant, has not played since the patellar tendon was torn in October 12, 2014. He was injured in the left leg in 2015 and was reimbursed for the season. He even in early February this year is not running. at the end of February / early March was finally allowed to run after Wednesday, Cruz released a video showing the recovery progress of their own, in the video he showed the ability to move my knees. although this training video is an inspiring signal, it does not show whether Cruz's surgical knee can be changed. The tearing of the patellar tendon is a very serious injury that can destroy the whole career of the player. Cruz can move and training is very good for his personal future, but it doesn't tell us how he is able to move on the court. revolved around his health questions that made it possible for the giant to reduce his salary earlier. giants continue to search for the stability of exon two and little Odell took over Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.). If Cruz is able to recover completely, he will be the perfect par cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tner of Beckham. We doubt whether he can even get close to the previous level. But of course, Cruz's whole career is beating those who doubt him.The official website of NFL | Jimmy Graham admitted that every game troubled by a shoulder injury | football New Orleans saints Jimmy Graham (Jimmy Graham) admitted on Friday that his right shoulder injury had affected his performance this season. The player also said he would be in the last game of the regular season ended after receiving a magnetic resonance imaging examination to decide whether or not to accept the surgery in the offseason. I don't want to find any excuse for my performance, he told the local media. I think everyone in the League will be playing hurt. This is just a part of the job. Graham also said that shoulder injuries are like a battle every week. This happens when you try to keep your health. , as NFL official website reporter Chris weislin (Chris Wesseling) pointed out earlier this month, Graham has been severely restricted by injuries in the past two seasons, which has affected his ability to finish attack. In the past two years when he is healthy, Graham is averaging 8 receptions for 104 yards and 1 touchdowns. But in the 2013 season is the season when the plantar fascia injury and shoulder injury, his data fell to an average of 4.5 receptions for 52 yards and 0.8 touchdowns. When the left a game in the 2014 season, Graham made 79 receptions for 835 yards and 10 touchdowns. He was still in the professional bowl, but the data were less than last year, much less than his personal standard. you know, a very good year for other players meant a bad year for me, he said. I'll get back in the end.cam - Newton (Cam Newton) led the Carolina Panthers failed in the first week after the two Denver Broncos defensive player was fined for the impact of last season's MVP. if you think Newton is going to care about that, you're wrong. Recently, Newton said, "what are you worried about?" I only care about winning and winning the rugby game. That's why I'm here. I don't care about my retirement plan. I don't care about my pension. I'm here to win the game. in the opening game of the match Newton suffered multiple helmet hit, and after the game had a concussion, but Newton said: "I really hit, but I don't think this is a signal of concussion, I know the impact of the crash, but this is football, this is a body contact sports."The official website of NFL | saints state Huiyong easily beat the bears | football the New Orleans saints beat the Chicago bear with 31 - 15 at home. The saints did not give the bear a chance to beat the bear. first day, a Jay Cutler game (Jay Cutler) sent a steals, but Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) the ball soon had an off the ball the ball back to the bears, tenth minutes of the game and Bracey dropped the ball, shall not try a saint 51 yards shot, not finished, then the bears offensive efficiency ball once again return to the saints here, the first section is on both sides of the fault in the end. second, it was not long before Bracey's pass left the left hand Josh Hill (Josh Hill) to complete the 8 - yard pass, and the saints took 7 - 0. Cutler still did not feel heat, the ball back to the hands of the saints, Bracey completed only 4 minutes of the final wave of advancing 9 yards to Marquez - Kirsten (Marques Colston) to complete the saints with 14 touchdowns and 0 lead, Carter Lena ball just third pass ball was again steals, half the end of time. third, Bracey passed the 12 pass to push 80 yards and finally passed the ball to Hill to finish 7 yards of pass, and the saints lead the bear 21 points. Bears the ball after Cutler was killed, the ball changed hands again. The saints began to control the time of the 3 run ball finish plus 49 yards short, kicker Graham Scheiner (Shayne Graham) completed 25 yard play, 24 points ahead of the saints. fourth, Matt - Forti (Matt Forte) 19 yards, after running back Josh Morgan (Josh Morgan) completed for 21 yards, 1 yards passing Cutler, Marquez Wilson (Marquess Wilson) receiving touchdowns, and finished with 2 points extra points, bears team to 8 to 24 behind. The saints continue to control the competition time, 3 runs 1 passes to promote 32 yards, and finally abandoned kicks, taking a time of 3 minutes and 24 seconds. Cutler was sacked 2 times, still the right to get the ball back, the final four offensive convertdefeat ball place transformation, 3 saints to punch the ball forward, Mark - Ingram (Mark Ingram) to complete the final 15 yards touchdown. The saints widened the score to 31 to 8. At the end of the day, Cutler resumed the 4 pass to advance 71 yards, finally finished the pass, and the final game was locked to 31 to 15. , the biggest highlight of this match is the defending team of the saints. The 7 quarterback game and the 3 interception cut off Cutler's whole game. Look at Bracey's 36 biography 29, push 375 yards to complete 3 array, the victory is in reason.

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