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on running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) on the issue of the future, the Minnesota Vikings still have a lot of choices. They can cut him off, trade him, even renew or reorganize his contract. In spite of this, there is not much time left for the Vikings. Before making the final decision, and Mike Zimmer and general manager Rick Spielman (Rick Spielman) plan to go to Texas to have face-to-face communication with Peterson. Mike, Mike. According to the NFL official, the two sides are planning to meet on Wednesday local time. had previously revealed that the Vikings did not plan to retain Peterson, and the latter wanted to be able to find a new host. The meeting will turn the status quo. According to YAHOO sports reports, the attitude of both sides has eased up. The Vikings emphasized the importance of Peterson for the team. Peterson also revealed in the interview that he would like to discuss with the team about the reorganization contract. At the same time, both sides have not denied the possibility of the transaction. in addition, the Dallas cowboys, Arizona Cardinals, Indianapolis colts cheap nfl jerseys free shipping , San Diego and Tampa Bay Lightning Pirates of the super run who expressed interest.It was a very easy thing to play an additional score after . In the past, the kick was thought to be the result without seeing it. In March of this year, the League changed the relevant regulations. The position of the additional points of the touchdown was moved to the 15 yard line, which resulted in the 17 yards kicking played the 32 or 33 yards. Dezhou kicker Randy Bullock (Randy Bullock) became the first unsuccessful player to play an additional score in the new season. This is his 67 career touchdowns additional points lost for the first time shot. Bullock is not the only one. This week there were 4 touchdowns missed extra points, compared to last season has increased dramatically. According to the relevant data show that in the past 6447 touchdowns in season 5 additional points shot only 37 times in the miss. On average, there are only 7.4 additional scoring failures per season. , with the current trend, will have 70 additional scoring failures this season. Only 8 times last season. whether you like the change or not, the failed shot shows that the rule changes are effective. The alliance does not like to add a shot into a routine. It's not the case now. But does it make the game more exciting? Or is it just another way of removing the kicker we've found? We don't know the answer yet.The official website of NFL | twelfth weeks in the United | rugby league player. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell in Wilson (Russell Wilson) led them to 39-30 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in playoff contention to gain advantage. Wilson's best performance this season has made him the twelfth - week best player of the league. He played 30 passes 21 successful 345 yards, 5 touchdowns occupation career high, not passing by steals and 147.9 quarterback rating. Werwilson stay at quarterback Steelers forced protection net, he hoped to do in accordance with the Steelers, but his precise passing frequently found wide receiver. This is the best performance of Wilson's career in the quarterback protection network. Werwilson 5 touchdown performance flat Seahawks history record, and the game is his occupation career twentieth games came several touchdown pass and no steals game, which is since 1970, NFL and AFL with any player in his first four years since the occupation career record. The game gave Wilson the first three consecutive passes in his career for the first time in his career. Strangely, the race is over the Steelers Wilson career for the first time in the opponents to score more than 25 points to win the case. Before the match, when the opponent scored more than 25 points, Wilson's record was 0 - 12 (including the playoffs). twelfth week National League defensive player: Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Jikeli (Luke Kuechly), Jikeli 2 steals the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) pass -- including 1 in a 49 yard touchdown return, it makes the game early lost suspense. The NFL No. 1 midline has also got 7 grabs. Jikeli since joining NFL in 2012 10 steals is the most NFL linebacker in. ?????????-?????Josh Norman???????????????????????????????????????????????????? twelfth weeks, the best player in the League of nations is the best secret service player: Detroit lion lion, Sam Sam (Sam Martin), Martin helped the lions win the Philadelphia hawk in the Thanksgiving war. His 4 discarded kicks made a total of 181 yards of net code and only allowed the hawk to get 3 yards back. Martin in this game there are 8 kick into the Atlanta region. , the best offensive player in the twelfth week of the US League: Denver wild horse running C.J. C.J. (C.J. Anderson) finally recovered to health. Anderson looks like the runner who ravaged her opponent in the last season's attack. He's on the unbeaten new England.Hernandez - Bryant (Dez Bryant) did not make the trip to New York, it seems that we took over the all star return time will be delayed. this week Dallas Cowboys went to New York ahead of time to visit the 911 memorial site. In the absence of Bryant and Toni (Tony Romo) by the team after the 0 wins and 3 losses last week, Bryant has appeared in the training field. jeans had already 5 consecutive victory over the New York giants, with the aid of in the holiday week adjustment, cowboy will need to take this next Sunday victory. related news: Bryant pet monkey "Dallas Blaine"

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