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in Beijing on August 8th, the Denver Broncos defeated the Seattle Seahawks in the home court. The game was thrilling, and you came to play very hard, and the score was very tight. The third section there are 10 minutes and 44 seconds, Broncos running back Capri - Bibusi (Kapri Bibbs) to the Seahawks touchdown zone attack, in the process of Bibusi loss ball, touchdown zone is a mess, both sides rushed to the ball, the referee whistle immediately and ready to replay to sentenced. At this time, Seahawks cornerback Cerro de Simon (Tharold Simon) with the Broncos tight end Greer - Robinson (Gerell Robinson) dispute, and pushing each other and provocation. , of course, was not allowed in the game. The referee made a severe penalty for Robinson's provocation - deportation. This is a rare event in pre - season games. No one can see the winner of the pre - season as important or even the risk of being banned. 24-10 leopard! Manning led the Mustang third degrees to the Super Bowl wild horse won star network news Beijing time February 8th news, 2016 NFL Super Bowl in the San Francisco Bay area, Denver wild cheap nfl jerseys free shipping horse successfully win the crown. After winning the lead of 10 to 0 in the first quarter, wild horse won the victory in the fourth quarter by Anderson. They won the championship by 24 to 10, and the wild horse successfully won the championship. This is the third time they have won the Super Bowl in their team. Manning got his second championship. Von Miller of the wild horse was elected MVP by virtue of his excellent defensive performance. is the fiftieth year of the Super Bowl finals this year, so the official is very important, especially the Reaves stadium in the bay area. Lady Gaga sang the national anthem before the start of the game, and the warrior star Kumi was invited to knock the drum for the Carolina panther. The halftime show Coldplay frontman Beyonce, and "Mars brother" Bruno Marrs as a guest on assistance, which is to let the atmosphere reached a peak. however, since it is a super bowl, the focus is naturally the contest on the court. The wild horse rate was advanced, and their quarterback was Payton - Manning, the oldest starting quarterback in the super bowl. Under Manning's organization, the Mustang steadily pushed into the 34 - yard line of the Panther. In the case of unable to continue the attack, the Mustang chose to shoot, and Macmanus shot the ball in the 34 - yard line, leading the 3 - 0. then turn the Panthers offense, but the first Super Bowl quarterback Newton MVP was a little nervous, third attack failed to complete the 10 yards forward, they can only choose to punt. After a successful attack on the wild horse, the Panther's attack team came to the field again, and they launched an attack from the 15 - yard line of the party. The first two offensive Panther opponents have been blocking the third attack, quarterback protection group did not protect Newton, he lost the ball in von Miller under the impact of the ball bouncing and rolling into the end of the Mustang panther, Jackson struggled to hold the ball into the end zone of array, Mustang get a perfect start, they 10 to 0 ahead of the end of the first quarter. After 's downturn in the first quarter, Newton's two rush to run after the second quarter began to calm his nervousness, and his play gradually returned to normal orbit. Under Newton's organization, the Panther attacked the 1 yards of the wild horse, when they chose a simple and rough way to attack. Newton gave the ball running back Stewart, I saw him struggling to leap in the end zone before the leap of the players on both sides of the wall, even if the player stops are of no avail to the Mustang, Stewart completed a touchdown. Ganor penalty successfully network in the second quarter, the Panthers only 3 minutes and 32 seconds on a 7 than 10. morale Panther rapid repression Mustang attack re debut, but they also attack the suck, can only choose to abandon.The waiting time for running horse Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) is over. ??????????????-???????Pete Carroll???????????????|????????????????????????????3?????????????????????????????????? Lynch in the face of the Chicago bears due to a hamstring injury in a game in third weeks and missed the last two games. The rookie Thomas Rawls (Thomas Rawls), who took his place in the place of him, ran out 169 yards from the Cincinnati tigers. Rawls ran out of 104 yards against the bear, and it looked like his style was strong and fast. Under the , after the Lynch line in the ups and downs of the Seahawks poor performance in the first three games in the Seahawks he punches the ball only average 3.4 yards. Carol said Rawls could have 8 to 10 shots in the match against the Panther. Veteran Fred - Jackson (Fred Jackson) provides another reliable candidate for the Seahawks, but the Seahawks still the number one running back and attacking Lynch as their core group of no doubt.the new England patriots were obviously interested in the younger brother of Rob Gronkowski. with the team to win the super bowl, previously in order to save the salary space for Glen - Patriot Gelon Khodorkovsky (Glenn Gronkowski) to provide a future contract. , the 22 year old player, was signed by Buffalo Bill to the 53 people's list. But it was released in September last year. After that, Glen joined the patriotic training list in October. thereafter, between October and December, Glen renewed the contract 6 times, until last December 2nd, he was re signed into the team training list, and he won the Super Bowl honor with the Patriots.

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