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Eindhoven will wear a special "farewell" Jersey in the last two games this season, to commemorate the club and Nike is nearing the end of its twenty year partnership. "farewell" Jersey was inspired by the first Nike sponsored PSV Eindhoven Jersey, the same is amazing purple color. The "farewell" shirt based on the 2015-2016 Teamwear template is collocated with the optoelectronic club badge to create a bold design. The shirt feature is the same as the Nike 2014-15 season's third shirt, which is also used for Manchester United, Barcelona and Manchester City.this week, the Dallas cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks running directly, before the boss Jerry Jones Cowboy (Jerry Jones) said the cowboy not deliberately avoid Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) of the defense area. After the game, the cowboy coach raised the problem to another level. described Sherman as "overvalued" by the cowboy coach, according to a news reporter from the NFL website. "A cowboy coach told me," Sherman has been overestimated. The other players for his performance second tier Seahawks looks great cheap nfl jerseys free shipping , in fact Sherman has been teammates such as Earl Thomas, (Earl Thomas). Cowboys coach admitted Seahawks defensive when the league's best, but for Sherman, the coach that he can be defeated." actually, the Seahawks did safety ability is outstanding, but Sherman is not langdexuming. In this game, Sherman and Bryant (Dez Byrant) - Mendez showdown is very attractive to the eye. The coaches are always hoping to raise their own players, make the opponent feel the crisis, but also inevitably some confuse right and wrong to belittle Sherman too.Beijing time on Sunday, December 18th, at 9:30 early on Sunday, the Miami dolphin and New York jets descended on the fifteenth week regular season Saturday night match. The two branch of the American League East team last played in the regular season in the ninth week of the season, the dolphins in the home court 27:23 victory over the jets ended a three game losing streak the previous game against the jets. The dolphins starting quarterback Ryan Hill (Ryan Tannehill) in Tanzania due to injury, but 8 wins and 5 losses they will fight for a wild card position. On the other hand, the jet fleet, which is at the bottom of the east side of the United States, is 4 - 9, of which the home record is 1 - 5. At the start of the game, the jet fleet at home is the first attack. The young quarterback Brice Patti (Bryce Petty) started the game, the third time he played as the first quarterback this season. The jets took the lead, and running back Powell (Bilal Powell) with short run 22 yards after Brice Alan Patti found wide receiver Robbie Anderson (Robby Anderson), 40 yards passing touchdown, the jets dolphins 7:0. The dolphins quickly in this half punt, the jets got the ball in midfield, and Powell again connected short run down 18 yards, the jets leading wide receiver Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) to complete the ball 16 yards. The jet went all the way to the red area. Brice Patti was killed and dropped by Cameron Wake (Cameron Cameron), and Damm Damm Ndamukong picked up the ball. dolphins offensive group could not very good use of this opportunity, the two teams have three out. The game in the second quarter, again after a lapse of five years for the NFL team line-up of dolphins quarterback Matt Moore (Matt Moore) to find a passing rhythm: Parke took over Dewandi outside (DeVante Parker) the ball 17 yards, Jarvis - Landry (Jarvis Landry) had 11 yards, tight end Marquez Gray (MarQueis Gray) in the red ball 19 yards, helping the team to score line. The final tranche of 1 yards, Matt Moore run fake pass, near end Duhem - Sims (Dion Sims) a 1 yard touchdown. However, the dolphin kicker Andrew Franks (Andrew Franks)'s additional split shot hit the left post post, and the dolphin 6:7 jet. jets quarterback Brice Patti found wide receiver Quincy short Yiniuwa (Quincy Enunwa), ran 27 yards into the half dolphin. This time, Patti made a mistake again in the range of the free kick. He passed the ball to the dolphin defender, Cameron Vick and Vick. He returned the ball to 12 yards. However, dolphins attack group three jet out again, they soon got the ball on the 47 yard line with three to 7 yards. The referee had found running back Powell and got the ball.cam - Newton (Cam Newton) in training on Thursday for second consecutive days without passing. team manager Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) explained the reason after training. He told reporters that Newton had received MRI examination on the right shoulder this week. Rivera clarified that the results of Tuesday's examination were all right, he said, "we just want him to take it slowly. We won't make him work too much. " Rivera also expressed confidence that Newton was able to fight against Washington's red skin in the next game. The Panther can be understood as much as possible to let Newton rest before the next game. Newton has been doing very badly recently, and his pass rate is now the worst of all the qualified quarterback. Newton fourth consecutive games passing success rate of less than 50% close to the 2011 Tim - Seth Tibbott (Tim Tebow) six consecutive games pass success rate of less than 50% of the embarrassing record. in the season It is all up with case, if in the next game after Newton still feel the shoulder discomfort, to doubt whether Newton will be completely out of the black panther.

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