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The official website of NFL, the main patriots receiver Edelman to return to training in football nest 's new England patriots receiver Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) since May of this year after surgery on his foot has been out of state, therefore is also unable to play in the team due to health reasons in the list in the early in training camp, but the local time Sunday, Edelman has finally returned to the training ground, several reporters at the scene confirmed the news. Aigo has previously announced Edelman out could make the list, NFL official website reporter Ian - Labobote (Ian Rapoport) said the Patriot than expected to back a lot, but not in the team and Edelman's confrontational training. A reporter asked Edelman whether he could catch up with the first week of the regular season after training. Edelman didn't respond positively. He said: as long as we can put on equipment recovery training cheap nfl jerseys free shipping before the season starts, it's a good thing. Edelman in November last year suffered a broken foot, he contributed 61 receptions for 692 yards and 7 touchdowns honors before injury. So now, his return is a very good news for the Patriots, especially considering the core quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) four regular season can not play, Jimmy Poirot's backup quarterback (Jimmy Garoppolo) need plenty of weapons to lead the team through.The official website of NFL | red manager explained why | football interrupted the interview Monday night race Washington Redskins win over the Dallas Cowboys news beyond all expectations and has not been widely spread, but after the Redskins manager Toni (Tony Wyllie) - power hastily pushed quarterback colt McCoy (Colt McCoy) and interrupt ESPN in an interview with reporters this picture was viral spread. Tuesday morning, the power he had told TMZ sports reporters pushed the m'coy go and interrupted the interview because we need to go back to the locker room to the quarterback coach Joey Gruden (Jay Gruden) after mobilization. said: we need to participate in the mobilization speech after the quarterback, I did not decide any interview, I just want to hear McCoy coach's words, we think he must be inside. said the power when Gruden speech after McCoy went out and interviewed. He came out at the end of the dressing room and continued to be interviewed, and we ended up with a good end. is it impossible to speak without a starting quarterback without a starting quarterback? Who is the winner of the team's winning game this season? We will find that it is hard to say, now m'coy for Gruden is very important.The official website of NFL | Jerry - Jones: I believe that Murray can continue to play football | this week Dallas Cowboys will have the most important match of the season with the Indianapolis pony. What worries fans is that star run De Marco - Murray (DeMarco Murray) is injured in his left hand and the injury is unknown. It is good that the team boss is in time to make the fans feel comfortable. Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) believes Murray will play in this week's game. previously, Jones said the team may give more frequent use of the backup running guard Lance Dunbar (Lance Dunbar) and Joseph Randall (Joseph Randle). Since the season, two people have completed only 60 shots, and Murray has finished 351 times. Although Jones has been worried about Murray's workload, he has been full of confidence in the physical qualities of AAI. Jones revealed that he would not go to the training field to watch the training, because he was sure Murray would be in the next game. Murray himself also expressed the same view in the interview: I am fine, no problem. Murray plans to call the legendary runner Emmet - Smith (Emmitt Smith) to consult the injuries related to the injury, the lover revealed. Smith had suffered the same injuries in his career. Murray believes he and his cowboy can survive.Cleveland Brown is looking forward to new changes to bring more victory to the team. Brown won the Super Bowl last time or in 1964, when he wore a white shirt and an orange helmet. Although winning has nothing to do with fashion, Brown has changed the shape of the New Jersey. The team's speech said: "I personally like tradition, this change is to let us see the traditional traces on the Jersey, but with new changes. I like this new shirt, and I believe everyone will like it. " team president said: "fans will tell us whether they like or not like it. We hope that most fans like the new uniforms. We hope that the New Jersey is linked to tradition, and this is what we are going to do next."

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