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| China qualifying hand female handball match Angola | World Championships final twelfth | hand Association Beijing time December 17th, 2009 World Women's handball World Championships in Suzhou qualifying. The Chinese team, who was the last to be the final of the team, was 25-26 in the qualifying match of Angola, which was the twelfth in the world championships. , due to the bottom of the team in the semi-finals, today the Chinese team has to compete in the qualifying competition. They will compete for the eleventh place with the last Angola team of another group. The Chinese female hand once won the world championships eleventh place in 2001, this is also the Chinese team World Championships best record, today the Chinese team even wins, also cannot create the historical best record. but Chinese women and girls have to fight for honor. After their last World Championships, girls have a 5-2 start. But then the team fell into a shortage, the Angola team hit 6-0 of the climax, against 8-5 ahead of the Chinese team. Coach Wang Xindong called suspended the re arrangement of tactics, secures the position Chinese team began to fight back, Li Weiwei and Liu Xiaomei continuous score, the score became 12 level. Since then, the Chi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nese team's bottom line sand body two times the opponent's attack, at the end of the first half, the two teams played 14. The first half of the shares, the ultimate ownership makes the game more suspense. Angola players occupy the advantage in height and strength. Their offense is more dependent on strong attack. Chinese team is normal in defense, but lacks effective means in attack. The second half is 17-19 behind. Then Zhao Jiaqin clever lob succeeded, and the other Chinese team tied at 19. In the last 10 minutes of , the Angola team took the lead of 22-21. The attack and defense of the two teams are becoming increasingly fierce. It's very difficult to get a point. China's bottom line scored Sha Zhengwen's ground drop, and the score was 22-23, and the last 5 minutes were left. Wei Qiuxiang made a breakthrough two times from the side, 24-25 and China still lagged behind 1 points. In the last 2 minutes of the game, Liu Xiaomei took the ball into the top of the arc, Li Weiwei threw a 7 - meter ball, and the Chinese team finally dressed up as 25. At this time the Chinese team made a mistake, Angola penalty 7 meters in the ball, Wang Xindong reluctantly cried out. At the critical moment, the Chinese team again made a fatal mistake again, and the players went into the penalty area and were fined and eventually lost the game.NFL's official website, Odell Beckham will be absent for oral surgery, nest football activities Odell Odell Beckham Jr. took part in the ceremony to celebrate North Carolina's NCAA basketball championship in Arizona on Monday, Odell. But the choice of the basketball team is not the reason why he missed the Duke University training (workout) this week. quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) will take over with his outside together to carry out training in the school, he also invited her in Ole Miss when the coach David - Carter Cliff (David Cutcliffe). However, Beckham is unable to come to the scene because of oral surgery, and it is really regrettable. Beckham said he hopes the offseason project in good condition before the start of recovery in the giant. therefore, in Duke University training will focus Manning and Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) running. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.2015 occupation bowl draft at the end of yesterday, coincidentally, all four selected occupation bowl of the Arizona Cardinals players have been elected to the same team, so they can play a home court playing in front of common elders. in this field separately held on the draft, Carter team captain Chris - Carter (Cris Carter) has selected the special members of the Justin - Bossel Cardinals (Justin Bethel), cornerback Antonio (Antonio Cromartie) - Kulo Marty, defensive end Campbell Callas (Calais Campbell) and cornerback Patrick Peterson (Patrick Peterson). When learned that everyone was in the same team, Campbell said, "this is cool. I think Carter used a good strategy in this draft. He waited for a while to pick me up." Peterson was selected in the seventeenth place of the total, and Campbell was followed by the twenty-third place. The 2015 NFL professional bowl will be held at 9 a.m. Beijing time at Feinikesi's University of Phoenix Stadium on Sunday, Beijing time.In the base |IOC through amendment | baseball to return to the Tokyo Olympic hopes surge International Olympic Committee held the 127th plenary session 8 days in Monaco. At the meeting, we passed the Olympic reform plan. The summer Olympic Games will no longer be limited to 28 major items, and the host will also have more initiatives in setting up the Olympic Games. Through this reform, the hopes of a baseball and softball project to return to the Tokyo Olympic Games have increased greatly. At the meeting, the International Olympic Committee deliberated on the first day of the 40 plan of the medium and long term reform Olympic agenda 2020, and approved the plan of adjusting the competition items. The summer Olympic Games thus cancelled 28 major competitions, allowing the host city to propose additional competitions. The baseball project since 2008 after the Olympic Games in Beijing will say goodbye to the Olympic family, now the adoption of the amendment, as a popular Japanese baseball program, is very likely to return to the Olympic games. , at present, the voice of baseball and softball in Olympic Games is very high in Japan, and many International Olympic Committee members also support this problem. Therefore, baseball and softball return to the Olympic Games in Tokyo is also increasing. Subsequently, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee will choose an additional project to be proposed to the International Olympic Committee. The first International Olympic Committee conference in Kuala Lumpur, which was held in July next year, decided whether to add baseball and softball. (Han Tian)

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