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The chronicle shows not only the change in the design of Nike, but also the aesthetic changes of consumers. Throughout the 90s, the performance of the Jersey was the key to the loose cutting of nylon and polyester. From twenty-first Century to now, from a variety of tailoring and fabric experiments, jerseys are committed to producing a kind of ergonomics and exquisite style of the shirt. People can wear this shirt does not appear in court, can also go out clubbing, or participate in other sports leisure. away kit is very serious once. But today, there are some classic elements that use classic elements to pay tribute to the past glory, and some use radical color matching to predict the change of the tide. The silver, gold, and sho cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ulder straps of the game are also visually striking.The official website of NFL | Panther has not yet decided this week starting running back for | football , several of the main players in the Carolina Black Panthers are injured. Ron Rivera, a coach, said in an interview that he is still not sure who will be the first to play on this week's Ron. originally starting running back Dangelo Williams (DeAngelo Williams) due to ankle sprain will continue to miss this week, a bulldozer called fullback Mike Thor Bott (Mike Tolbert) has also been put into short-term injured reserve list will miss the next few weeks of the game. While a running back Jonathan - Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) due to a knee injury this week could play also have doubt, Rivera said he will decide whether Stewart played in the game, if Stewart can return, so he will serve as the absolute main running back, on the other hand, then the ground attack duties will be Darin - Reaves (Darrin Reeves (Fozzy) and fudge - Whittaker Whittaker) and Chris Ogburn Nayar (Chris Ogbonnaya) share. this season, the Panther's ground attack was not as strong as last season, with an average of 71 yards per game and fourth in the league. Even if Stewart returned, his 29 - stroke 58 - yard performance this season could not let the fans feel relieved.The official website of NFL | lions to trial two running backs Tate Thomas and | Rugby on Monday local time, the media reported that the rich experience of running back the Tate (Ben Tate) local time in Detroit Tuesday to meet with the lion. In addition, the former Miami dolphin runner Daniel Thomas (Danniel Thomas) will also go to Detroit after the end of a meeting with the Dallas cowboy. Two people will accept the trial in the training camp. became a free agent after the team did not attract too much attention. Last season, he joined Cleveland Brown but was troubled by injuries and was cut back after only 10 games. Then he moved to the Minnesota Vikings and Pittsburgh Steelers, but his performance has not been able to obtain the trust of the team. Although 's only 26 years old, but his injury history and the performance of the season prevented him from looking for a new job. Last season, he only hold the ball 119 times, all 3.1 yards. The first candidate Joe Baer - running back Ike (Joique Bell) undergoing surgery in the offseason, the lion has been hoping to find a reliable backup running back. Thomas is the two rookie of the 2011 season. Last season he played 12 games, held 44 times, and pushed 168 yards. Thomas's weakness was so obvious that he had limited ability to find space for the ball, and he couldn't get rid of it, so that he could never find his own position.COMBTOTALASTSACKFF2017 Regular Season67472014.532017 Postseason11740.00Career56842913971.011FRINTYDSAVGLNG2017 Regular Season100002017 Postseason00000Career9324823TDPDSTFSTFYDSKB2017 Regular Season Postseason00100Career045681456Complete Stats ?

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