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the United States on February 7th, the Seattle Seahawks running back Sean Lynch MA (Marshawn Lynch) officially announced his plans to retire the news. he released a cover photo on his twitter, the shoe is an armchair, is clearly meant to hang up his boots. After his friend, Richard Sherman - the Seahawks cornerback (Richard Sherman) the first time to Twitter to their brothers: "tribute to my brother Lynch, to share with you once a time is my honor." has been told later that Lynch told ESPN's decision at a later time, although his teammates are now trying to persuade him to return. Lynch once in the 2011 season leading the League rushing list, helped the Seahawks take the first 48 annual Super Bowl this season due to injury, his data has been greatly affected.The official website of NFL | ninth week night game preview: lightning | football @ bear The regular season into the second half, in addition to the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping top division competition has entered a white bowl, champion competition becomes more intense. This week the last MNF match, have 4 straight San Diego lightning at Qualcomm Stadium home court against the recent recovery but the record is still worrying the Chicago bears. 2 wins and 6 negative lightning, although early in the season for the fans themselves, but in recent weeks a four game losing streak to let the team become the American League West bottom playoff possibility exists only in theory. The quarterback Philip Rivers River · (Philip Rivers) last week to break 300 yards, 2753 yards in 8 games out of 18 touchdowns and 7 interceptions, 5 consecutive games from the 300+ code River, this year will launch a strong shock to the throne of mawang. Due to the top foreign team took over Keenan · Alan (Keenan Allen) for the season, Steve · Johnson (Stevie Johnson) and Malcolm · Freud (Malcom Floyd) will get more chance to catch, but facing the alliance third bears ball defense, they will face a huge challenge. The rookie runner Melvin ·, Gordon (Melvin Gordon) did not reach the team's expected height after the start of the season, but fortunately, Mike Mike and Mccoy still trusted Gordon. In the face of the league's fifth worst bear team, Gordon will work with Danny Woodhead to win the battle against the lightning ground. Although has gone through a series of 4 consecutive defeats at the beginning of the tournament, but with the comeback of the professional bowl star Geoffrey, the Chicago bear team has been revived recently in the comeback of · (Alshon Jeffery). By the end of the week, the bear team was 2 - 5, third in the north, and the third in the league would be a weapon to curb lightning. Although lightning is the last to beat the league's surface runaway capability (league rank 26), the ground attack of the bears will be very difficult due to the absence of the main runner Matt · and Forti (Matt Forte). Despite Geoffrey and Bennet (Martellus Bennett) and many other good players, but the lightning protection ability is relatively strong. The entire attack team of the bear team will be greatly tested in this match. And defense general Mcphee (Pernell McPhee) is likely to be absent from this game because of a knee injury, which is a bolt from the blue for the bear team. If this game is not able to defend, the field strength is difficult to avoid.Danny Amendola, a new England patriot, has agreed to rebuild the contract every year in the past two years. Now patriots hope that he can agree to this request for the third time in England. reported that Amen Dora could not return to the team with the present contract, according to ESPN. , after Amendola agreed to rebuild his contract last year, would have earned $6 million and $375000 in team bonus this year. The patriots are not willing to pay so much for the 243 - yard relay that has only finished 23 shots in the last season. but patriots like the contribution that amendora can make for the team in the attack team and the special service. So as long as ammen Dora agreed to a pay cut, they hoped he could return. Considering that Amendola agreed to the requirements of the team in the past two years, as long as he could agree to get a salary which was far below 6 million 375 thousand dollars, it seemed that they could reach a consensus again.New Jersey to club's iconic main gold, decorated with black details of club marketing general manager Jessica · (Jessica Motaung); Tong Mo said: "the New Jersey will meet the chief of the new era, the new design is a symbol of our young people, they are ready to create the future." On both sides of

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