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Indianapolis's Pony announced on Wednesday local time that the team had already put the 2015 six round show Amarlo Herrera (Herrera). Herrera had only 3 games for the pony last season. from the University of Georgia who was selected in the last year inside pony draft, although in 2015 the overall draft Pony (2013 2013 not so bad pony rookie now only 1 people to stay in the team), but still not qualified, and last year the pony another six round show, running back Josh Robinson (Josh Robinson) there was no activation in the list of the pony. Two defensive player in the front last year middle choice -- from Standford Anderson Henry jointly (Henry Anderson) and David Perry (David Perry) are currently stable rotation output, in addition to two other people, the second grade students, especially in the first round of wide receiver Philip Dorset (Phillip Dorsett), are in urgent need of strive for further the 2014 season, De Marco - Murray (DeMarco Murray) was the biggest boost to Toni - ROM (Tony Romo). Their friendship not only on the pitch, in the course of the relationship is also very good. When was interviewed by a Dezhou reporter, Romo expressed his idea: "it all happened, so cheap nfl jerseys free shipping we had to face it. Until today I assume that we can leave Murray, obviously this is not the best solution. I lost a close friend. I was very sad. We had a salary cap and other things to decide. So the team just played their role. Of course, Hawks attached great importance to him. In the off-season when Romo has been expressed hope that Murray's desire to leave. Murray finished 1845 yards in the cowboy last season and 13, let's look forward to his new season performance.because he went on after the 2013 season, Toni Gonzales (Tony Gonzalez) had to wait a year to qualify for the NFL Hall of fame. but this may be the greatest near - end forward in history to be elected to the Kansas City chieftain Hall of fame in a few weeks. Sheikh announced on Friday that Gonzales will be the 2018 player in the team, and he will be the forty-fourth player to win the award. He will be formally selected at the hall of fame next season. Gonzales in the 17 year career in numerous hit tight end records, including most ball number (1325 times), the data ranked second in all players in the history of the NFL, most receiving yards (15127 yards), the largest single game 100 field number (31) and the more than 2 ball the number of touchdowns (111 times). "I'm very proud to have worked for the chief for 12 years and I've always felt like part of this big family," Gonzales said. "Kansas City has given me great love, and I am honored to be able to be elected to their Hall of fame."Water polo | swimming center two public investment project | flower Tour team partner syndrome Luca 7.16 national swimming fitness week and China synchronized swimming team investment press conference held in Beijing in May 11th. Commissioned by the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center swimming, Chinese Swimming Association, the Beijing property right exchange and the Beijing science and Technology Development Co. Ltd., Cleveland sports industry resources trading platform to create operations for the 2015 7.16 national swimming fitness Week activities, the title sponsor of the total equity, China synchronized swimming team partners and suppliers of equity for public investment. It is worth mentioning that the Chinese flower Tour team is the first national team to engage in public investment through the sports industry resource trading platform. , director of the National Swimming Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center China Swimming Association Secretary General Wang Lusheng, deputy general manager of Beijing science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Li Yanming Cleveland, Beijing property exchange business director Zhu Funing and other leaders attending the. The entire team of Chinese synchronized swimming teams also arrived. in 2015, the 7.16 national swimming fitness Week activities included a series of activities covering 31 provinces and municipalities in Wuhan, including 10000 people swimming across the country, over 100 public waters and swimming venues, youth training activities, etc. The general title sponsor will be able to get the brand display opportunities throughout the country, which is beneficial to the significant promotion of brand value. Jiang Binbo, Minister of the swimming management center, said that the whole nation's summer swimming fitness upsurge should be lifted through the 7.16 national swimming exercise week. In addition to the July 16th day held in Wuhan theme activities, this year's 716 national swimming fitness week series of activities will be held in more than 31 provinces and cities in the country, according to local conditions to carry out rich and colorful swimming fitness activities, such as swimming and swimming exercise activities "rank standard" standard activities, public service activities, youth swimming fitness swimming training activities. The name of the event is a great opportunity for corporate brand publicity. In recent years, the Chinese style swimming team has made progress in the world series, Liu Yan, the leader of the Chinese style swimming team, introduced. Especially after the London Olympic Games, the team made the new and old alternation, and achieved great success in 2014. It won the Asian Games champion and made a historic breakthrough in the Canadian World Cup and won three gold medals. Chinese synchronized swimming team represents the highest level Chinese synchronized swimming, swimming among the best in the world, elegant and beautiful ornamental with its unique brand effect, has a broad development prospect and huge market value. The overall promotion of the Chinese style swimming team will bring more value reward to the partners and suppliers. China Swimming Association's two projects on the sports industry resources trading platform, not only through the competition and the 〉

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