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NFL entered the tenth week, Thursday night game by the Cincinnati tigers home against the same district opponent Cleveland Brown. In the north of the United States of the United States, the record of the 4 teams is very close, and the competition for the playoffs is fierce. The fight in the same area is an important battle for the two sides of the playoffs. The tigers took the opportunity to recover from Green's injury, and Bernard, the first runner, continued to be injured. Brown's top point catch point Jordan Jordan Cameron suffered from concussion and couldn't play, and Hopki was also absent because of a knee injury. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????|?????????????????24??3??????????? hope to rely on the tigers last week as rookie running back Hill from the road open Brown's defense, but met Brown's tenacious blocking. The opening is only 1 and a half minutes, tigers quarterback Dalton pass in the half was steals, Brown team return to the red zone, followed by running back the Tate finished 4 yards rushing touchdowns ahead. 3 minutes later, the Brown special service team dropped the ball when he was kicking the ball. The tigers took the ball and took the opportunity to shoot a free kick. Brown by West, and the team will run three Crowe's health portfolio turns to the impact tigers Road, and start 2 mi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nutes when the tigers scored the red zone in the second quarter, completed by the No. three running back 2 yards, Crowe rushing touchdowns, Brown team away in the 14 to 3 lead. After less than 1 minutes, the tigers again mistakes, rookie running back Hill from midfield to punch the ball into the other red zone by Brown before the team safetys Gibson will hit out, Joe - Hayden grab the ball. Then the Brown team to rely on continuous ball with short and tough defense limits on both ends of the tigers, and in the first half 4 minutes before the end of shooting rely on to take all 3 points, more than 17 to 3 at halftime. Start in the second half after Brown defensive line to get angry, defensive end Desmond Bryant two consecutive captured and killed Dalton, will attack the next group of tigers living. The Brown team from defensive to offensive, quarterback Heuer caught 2 third chance won the first attack the ball forward to the tigers before the end of 1 yards, by running back West jumped into the end zone with flying diving issued array. At this point, the Brown team 3 runners in this field to play the ball once in array, Brown team to the 24 - 3 lead. at the beginning of the fourth quarter was a tiger again soon, the game gear conversion rate of less than 20% of the Dalton in 3 grade 3 yards long to make the choice, the Brown team cornerback Skye Lin steals ball, but kicker Cundiff will kick shot 44 yards wide. Due to the tigers Disasters pile up on one another. comeback, Dalton again, deep in 3 files long code pass number, and cornerback Skelin, grab the receiver White grabbed before passing, the referee in the playback of the ball right to award the Brown team, Skelin in 5 minutes, 2 steals Dalton. The Brown team to keep the final victory, 24 to 3. "New Orleans saints experienced a disappointing season, and the team finally won only 7 victories without the playoffs. In the occupation bowl after the end of the interview, the saints will, four point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) said that he had the team and coach Sean - Payton (Sean Payton) and general manager Mitch Loomis (Mickey Loomis) spoke. Bracey believes the team has found the problem. Bracey said: "I think we have found the problem, and these deficiencies hindered the growth of the team. We eventually failed to meet the pre - season expectations. Now, we need to solve these problems in the offseason. It's not easy, but we have the confidence to overcome them. " Bracey did not reveal what the "problem" meant, but journalists believe that the lack of leadership in the dressing room and lack of experience must be one of them. In order to build a younger team, saints choose to go their own ways with some old men before the start of the season. Before the season, some of the media considered saints to be the winner of the championship, the reason is that the team is young enough and full of talent. But Bracey revealed that he didn't care about the talent of his teammates, and he wanted to win the game only. "I don't like the word 'talent'," Bracey said. I have many great players and cooperation, and have many great players played their best qualities is obviously not "talent". Everyone has his own talent, but I pay more attention to other traits. For example, the degree of devotion to work, whether it can become a leader, the ability on the field, the attitude towards competition, whether it is strong enough, and whether it is worthy of teammates to rely on... The saints will have a whole summer time to turn those gifts into battle. The team is hoping for a comeback in the 2015 season.The official website of NFL | giants defensive tackle Hankins | football season muscle tear The New York giant came back to a key defensive player in the last game, but they lost another key player. giants coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) said the main defensive tackle Jonathan Hankins to the media (Johnathan Hankins) chest against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game apart, he was put in the injured reserve list and will undergo surgery, which means that he will absent the remainder of season. , as the two round of the 2013 giants, Hankins started the team in the past 25 games. He has been improving in the defensive front line. He is the backbone of the giant's ball defense. The giant is hard to find the right substitute. although the defensive end Jason - Pierre Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul) of the return to nature will create a greater impact, but lost Haskins is a huge blow to have a chance to win the division champion giants.The official website of NFL | keno Smith injured after facing weight problems | football any professional athlete hates injuries. In the recovery process, not only the injured parts need careful recuperation, but also players need to pay special attention to their weight changes. Weight gain or sudden decline is likely to occur at any time for a player in the recovery period. Geno Smith, the New York jet quarterback, is now suffering from the problem of weight problems. on weight change Smith, coach Todd (Todd Bowles) - BLS does not have a clear answer: I hope he can keep the weight. Now he's a little lighter, but the number is acceptable. His chin was injured, which would affect his eating, and it was not easy to recover from it. according to previous reports, Smith will be absent for 6 to 10 weeks. But that does not mean that Smith will be able to return to the competition after his injury. If he weighed 5 to 10 pounds during the recovery, he had to increase the weight of 5 to 10 pounds before he came back. For the young quarterback, he still has a long way to go.

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