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Beijing time on Tuesday December 6th at 9:30 in the morning, the Indianapolis Colts at New Jersey MetLife stadium, New York jets challenge. The team last hand in the 2015 season, when the jet passenger field 20:7 beat the pony. Is currently fighting division champion Colts 5 wins and 6 losses, which won 2 wins and 3 losses; and the jets 3 wins and 8 losses, 1 wins and 4 home court. jets attack first, and quickly out of gear. He got the ball on the line, quarterback Andrew (Andrew Luck) - Clark (T.Y. Hilton short wide receiver T.Y. Hilton) with 13 yards, the final tight end Dwayne - Alan (Dwayne Allen) a 7 yard touchdown, pony quickly established a 7:0 lead. Iraq first connection T.Y. Hilton for 34 yards, then in the end find Dwayne - Alan, 21 yard touchdowns, pony 14:0 jets. game in the second quarter, running back Ryan Fitzpatrick pass Matt Ford (Matt Forte) with 40 yards into the red zone after they failed to score a touchdown. Kicker Nick Falk (Nick Folk) hit a 38 yard free kick, jet pony at 3:14. jet out again third, ponies guard Frank Gore continuous punching ball forward, T.Y. Hilton 15 yard ball, eventually Dwayne Alan finished the 23 yard touchdown catch, this is the game he recorded third receiving touchdowns, helping the team leading 24:3 jets. game in the first half with about two minutes left, pony cornerback Darius Butler (Darius Butler) to succeed in passing midfielder Ryan Fitzpatrick steals. .The official website of NFL | young Panthers cornerback Norman will sign cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ificantly raise | football Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman (Josh Norman) recently received a good news, because of his team in the three years before the time enough, his salary growth rate can be increased by 59%, on the basis of the original in this way, Norman's annual salary will be from the initial $660 thousand soared to 1 million 574 thousand. this is the Proven Performance Escalator, which was introduced in 2011, mainly to protect the interests of the third to seventh rookies. If the rookie can participate in more than 35% of the team's offensive or defensive teams in the two seasons of his first three seasons, the terms will come into effect. Norman is the fifth round rookie of the 2012 in the Black Panthers. Despite its low ranking, Norman gradually established his position in the team with his own efforts. This season, Norman has become an indispensable part of the Panther team. He is often used to defend the other's number one. For example, during the two games of the season against the Atlanta falcons in the Panthers, Norman restricted the other stars to Julio Jones (Julio Jones) to a total of only 10 passes and 117 yards to advance.'s annual NFL London game was again, for the three London tournament that was unveiled by the Miami dolphins against the Oakland Raiders. The final 38-14 to win over the Raiders dolphins. ??????????????????????? In their first attack, the rookie quarterback Drake Carle (Derek Carr) completed 1 passes to the 30 yards of James Jones (James Jones). After the Raiders run with Carle, passing through the completion of the 2 important third conversion. Finally, Carle passes the ball to the near end Blaine Reinhardt (Brian Leonhardt) at the dolphin's 3 - yard line. But then the game is controlled by the dolphin, in addition to 2 turnovers ruined the ball, before the game has almost each attack to score. The 7-0 show has made for the Raiders, dolphins first completed 1 41 yard free kick, then anti Raiders attack, had criticized the dolphins quarterback Ryan Hill (Ryan Tannehill) in the completion of the 3 big yards passing attack and beginning to pass to wide receiver Mike Wallace in the second quarter (Mike Wallace) completed a 13 yard touchdown. At the beginning of a touchdown after the Raiders made offensive began to find the rhythm, either three or conversion work not completed attack quickly to punt or fouled, while dolphins take the opportunity to pull a big score. Miller ran Wei Lamar (Lamar Miller) to finish the ball 9 yards rushing touchdowns, after the tower dolphin attack in Hill and tight end Duhem Sims (Dion Sims) completed a 18 yard touchdown. At the end of the first half of the game, the dolphin was 24-7. in the second half of the opening attack, the dolphin had the opportunity to expand the score, but run guard Miller dropped the ball in front of the array, the dolphin lost the right to ball. But soon the Raiders and put the ball right back, dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes (Brent Grimes) steals Carle pass and return to the Raiders 3 yard line. This time Miller didn't let the chance slip away, and he finally hit the ball 2 times. After the Raiders one disaster after another is their quarterback Carle was forced to withdraw from the race, Matt Mike Gehlaut Hussein and backup quarterback (Matt McGloin) in second after playing the offensive and the center mistake in kickoff dropped the ball, the dolphins cornerback Kirtland Finnigan (Cortland - Finnegan) to snatch off the ball and 50 return yards up array. The game has been set. The raider's next attack was cut by a dolphin by the porpoise, but then the dolphin's attack ended with a copy of the Hill pass in the tower. Then the Raiders on the offensive end still no way, while dolphins continue to rely on short time consumption and rushed the ball. In the fourth quarter Maikegeluoyin finally from the 10 yard line began to advance led the team shot a wave of success, the final 22 yard pass to wide receiver Andrea Holmes (Andre Holmes) completed a touchdown for the ball.It was difficult to see the dismissal of the general manager in the NFL season, but there were 2 cases in this week. Brown's new manager was decided by lightning for 12 hours after he fired his general manager. The giant was more than Brown 3 days ago, but he was still searching for new people. , though one of the team owners, John Mara, said it might decide the general manager by the end of the year, but the source said the team may decide after 2017. They want to continue to interview several candidates who are still on the job - Brown didn't do that. several sources said that the former Panther general manager Dave - Gethmann (Dave Gettleman) temporarily led the battle. The team co owner Mara and Steve diesch (Steve Tisch) and the team has hired preference management association. Before signing with the panther in 2013, Gethmann was a giant's professional player management and senior player analyst. In he led the Panthers out of predicament and cap space to create a Super Bowl team level, still with his close friend Ernie Ake Percy (Ernie Accorsi) contact. The west is now looking for a giant or general manager of the consultant, also keep in touch recently two people this week, the two sides will formally discuss matters relating to the giant. if Brown did not choose John Dorsey (John Dorsey) as a new manager, he will also receive a giant interview invitation. This year, the giant may also interview the in-service personnel, including the Patriots, the Raiders, crows, panthers, packers, cowboys, Vikings, Dezhou people, red skin, falcons and 49 people. The giant's current plan is to determine the manager's choice after determining the manager's choice. If Gethmann finally becomes a giant manager, the black leopard defense coordinator Steve Wilkes (Steve Wilks) will be a candidate who is worth considering seriously because of his honor and reputation. As a New York team, the coaching seat of the giant will undoubtedly attract a lot of popular candidates.

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