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The official website of NFL |49 General Manager: Gore hope to stay in the team | football San Francisco 49 runners Frank Gore (Frank Gore) has been playing for many years for the team and has almost become one of the labels of 49 people. Gore after the end of the season will be a free agent, but in the game last week in the 26 time Gore scored a 158 yard rushing touchdowns with the best performance of the season, the performance also let the 49 management have no hope has to begin to review the 31 year old veteran. 49 general manager Trent Bahrke (Trent Baalke) directly said on Tuesday in an interview: we don't want Gore to leave the team next year. if 49 people really want to sign Gore's curious, they will give what kind of contract will, after all, Gore as a running back is older, and now 49 people have already had the rookie Carlos - Hyde (Carlos Hyde) as a substitute for Gore, actually 49 people is not so Gore. But since Gore has been the team veteran, has stable play each season since 10 years, no serious i cheap nfl jerseys free shipping njury history, also has a very low error rate, 49 people still hope that it can be used as Hyde's mentor to help its growth.The opportunity in NFL is more and less. Those ready can become famous. Those who are not ready will be worthless. The position of the Indianapolis pony's running guard is the most recent example of the one or two polarization. no one will think of Daniel Heron (Daniel Herron) is the leader of the ball and become Red Pony quarterback Andrew ruck (Andrew Luck) reliable target short attack. But the main running backs Ahmad Brad Shaw (Ahmad Bradshaw) of the injured and another running backs Trent Richardson (Trent Richardson) is like a tree of termites that collapse makes Herron come into sight. "When the opportunity comes," Heron told the local media, "you have to really grab it and make good use of it." has achieved a 7 - 1 record since Helen, who got the first starting position in twelfth weeks, became a more important part of the offensive team. In the 2 playoffs, he was unquestionably the main runner. Although every time he rushed the ball 3.4 yards of the data is not surprising, Herron has the strength and size of the obtained explosive punches the ball style opponents defense appalled. Perhaps more important, in recent weeks, Herron played an important role in passing attack. In his opponent blitz quarterback the recognition progress is very large, earlier in the season this is his weakness, he also made great progress in catching. In the team that took over the T.Y. Hilton (T.Y. Hilton) responsible for the long ball case, Herron is the largest number of ball team in the past two weeks. "my goal has always been to come to the team and get better every day," Heron said. "Every day, we try to show something different to the coach. It's probably passing the ball, hitting the ball, catching the ball as a running guard, the secret service team, no matter what it can stay in the team. I'm still trying, still not satisfied. " Helen's drop is a problem, but when the season goes to this stage, the horse will need Helen's play to challenge the new England patriots on Sunday. had no ball in the first week to play as the main force in the United States Championships. This is NFL.even-even soccer equipment network Nike company in the Ligue 1 club of Monaco jointly launched the 2017-18 season the team the new away shirt, blue and grey Jersey fashion collocation red details club's iconic shirt, using Nike AeroSwift advanced technology innovation to help athletes in the arena of eliminating interference, focus on the game. shirt has a modern T-shirt, and the decorative strip red, showing a strong sense of pride. The Jersey chest, geometric structure by the unique craft woven can enhance comfort and breathability, small mesh area at the bottom also brings extra cool feeling, flat chest badge silicone seamless mesh structure can reduce the friction on the chest. The design of AeroSwift Vapor kit was in Jersey in the design of Nike will continue to environmental protection in the first place, while using recycled polyester manufacturing shirts, shirts with incomparable performance advantages also ensure and impact on the environment less. Each Jersey, including jacket, shorts and ball socks, is made of recycled plastic, which is derived from recyclable plastic bottles, and produces good yarn by degrading these raw materials to form the main body of the Jersey. Each set of shirts used 16 recycled plastic bottles on average. Since 2010, Nike has used nearly 3 billion waste plastic bottles recycled from landfills - enough to fill 5200 football fields.Some symbolic symbols from the capital of Holland are displayed on the sphere by Schiffmacher in their style and tattoo language. The theme expressed is strength and link. Schiffmacher is a well-known figure in Holland football, his tattoo works can be seen in some Dutch players and the effectiveness of occupation diehard fans of the body, which makes the Holland Football League initiative to contact him, is also a tribute to the Dutch league was founded in sixty years the most special.

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