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in the offseason to reinforce the New Orleans saints, now in the attack group suffered. main center Max - Max Unger recently received a foot operation and will be out of array for about 5 months. As the backbone of the line, in 2015 was traded to Saint Unger in the past two seasons starting 31 games. Unger will start a new season on a list of injuries that can't be made out. 30 years old agel was selected for 2 professional bowls, and he was perfect for the saints. Now, saints may look for alternatives from the free player market. Nick Mangold is the right choice for the 7 career bowl. , in theory, Jack Allen (Jack Allen), w cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ho has entered the league as a rookie, is in the saints lineup after angle, and he should be the one who fills the vacancy. The only good news for at this time for saints is that they have time. It's still a long time from the training camp, which allows the saints to make some long-term plans for the center's position.Las Vegas and super bowl are the hot topics of the NFL spring conference, but it's also a hot topic for anyone to think of a team moving to London. according to CBS reporter's news, at present, the team owners are indeed communicating the potential possibility of relocating overseas. Mark Mark Waller NFL international operation officer indicates that it is possible to move London. The contents of the discussion include the team's logistics, the relocation compensation and the players' supplement. Of course, there is also a boss that if the London team entered the playoffs, what would be the team in the remote Midwest? This NFL clearly indicates that the pace of internationalization, the alliance will add more games in London, perhaps the team 'holiday week may not be guaranteed. maybe we can stop paying attention to Las Vegas because London may be the home of the next team.The official website of NFL | Mcfadden during pre-season training after the start of the first week of | football Dallas Cowboys running back Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden) prior to the injuries have no formal training in the team has been on the sidelines, can only do some simple running exercises. Mcfadden had previously said he would return to training if the results were good on Saturday, but it seemed that his calf injury was not fully recovered. cowboy coach Jason Garrett (Jason Garrett) in an interview with the media, he said: this week on the sidelines or try to resume training, this is our plan to give him. Probably at the start of the playoffs we finished San Diego lightning after he will be able to participate in normal training. There may be changes in the actual situation, but at the moment he is still a master. Mcfadden said earlier this week that he felt pretty good, but the team's plan to return to him was slow. Stephen Jones (Stephen Jones), the vice - chairman of the cowboy, said: I hope to wait for him to return to 110%. Because he suffered a lot of injuries in the past, he is now anxious to return to the arena, but now he has only recovered to 90%. In such a case, it will be no good for him to play. So he is now able to take part in normal training, but we are more cautious.

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