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The official website of NFL, executive guard Zach Cowboy - Martin fifth year contract option, football nest The implementation of the fifth year contract options for Zach Martin (Zack Martin) is inevitable. according to the ESPN reporter, the cowboy has chosen to carry out the 2018 contract option for the 2014 first round show. this will allow Martin to harvest $9 million 341 thousand in 2018. and for the cowboy, he made a great contribution on the scene. University of Notre Dame's protective front is not only the unconventional choice of cowboy boss Jerry Jones (Jerry Jones), but also one of the league's top interior masks. M cheap nfl jerseys free shipping artin's attack front will be with the league's brightest rookie quarterback + runner combination last year to make a better match. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Jaguar home court attendance | too horrible to look at football no matter to the media or the fans, the Jacksonville Jaguar and the Houston Dezhou people are really not much of a concern. The Dezhou people are very unlikely to go through the playoffs, but the Jaguar, which has been in a weak state throughout the season, has been completely swayed. To make matters worse, the Jaguar's home was attacked by rain and fans left. This made the attendance on the court extremely bleak. The Washington Red Leather team that sold the 1 dollar ticket finally found its own confidant. is the result of the game is not Dezhou team with people beyond all expectations, the tough defense to the other side of the score to 13 points, the Jaguars quarterback Blake bottos (Blake Bortles) 39 passes just completed 20 times, and the emergence of a interceptions. The Dezhou team by three short distance rushing touchdowns dominated the game, Paowei Forster (Arian Foster) - the red ball number reached 127 yards, eventually to their 27:13 win over the jaguars.July 21st news Marty Hull (Marty Hurney), the temporary general manager of the Black Panther of the Carolina, was busy soon after he took office. Panther Thursday and entered into the contract year guard Turner (Trai Turner) - Taylor extension. the contract renewal contract is 4 years, worth $45 million, including $20 million 500 thousand in guaranteed income. In addition, the contract also includes a $15 million signature bonus. After 's two consecutive season in the career bowl, Turner has been negotiating with the Black Panther all summer. The contract was completed after the former general manager, David Gettleman (David Gettleman), showing that the black panther was as usual. Panthers also need to consider how to solve another guard Andrew Schmidt (Andrew Norwell) of the contract, he also entered into a contract year. At first it was a headache for Gethmann, and now it's in Hull.Passing Stats SEASONTEAMGP CMPATTCMP%YDSAVGTDLNGINTFUMQBRRAT20123334868.84669.714773177.7101.6201358115552.38545.514627341.758.42014612620461.81,7108.3810819252.086.420151637954369.84,1667.67297811471.7101.620161640660667.04,9178..197.220171634754064.34,0937.58277413650.593.9Career621,3722,09665.516,2067.7399815522--93.7

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