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Thomas - Rawls (Thomas Rawls) with his running goal to help the Seattle Seahawks beat San Francisco 49. in Sunday's game just ended, the Seahawks in 29 to 13 victory over 49 people, Rawls completed 209 yards, this is also the history of the second Seahawks good single game rushing record, and Russell Werwilson (Russell Wilson) pass well, finally to help the team achieve 50% record. Rawls has completed 255 yards in the match, of which 46 yards are catching the ball. At present, the two matches of Rawls are over 160 yards, and you need to know that the longest distance of the team's first running horse Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) is 153 yards. in the match, Wilson completed 24 passes and promoted 260 yards. The quarterback score was as high as 138.5. A few days ago, the coach team also denounced him for passing the ball, which obviously played an effective role. with a victory in this game, the Seahawks gradually have the opportunity to go cheap nfl jerseys free shipping to the playoff qualification. related news: Russell Wilson was criticized by coachRobert - Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) left the game during last week's game, and he is now looking more optimistic than he had expected. Only 2 days later, he rejoined the team's training. Jay Gruden, the coach, arranged for Griffin to take part in non - confrontational training. Later this week, he will be inspected, and if he can get a concussion test, he will be able to play in the next game. Groton said, "to be honest, we need to do more. We need to continue to work, and we can't stop because of these things. Our attack team needs to go on. Last season, we only won 4 games, and now there is no reason to relax. Even if the main players are absent from training, others have to work harder. The next opponent is the Baltimore crow, hoping that we can finish the challenge. " ???????????????????????????-???????Kirk Cousins?????????-??????Colt McCoy????????????????????? At present, the red skin did not reveal the above two people who are closer to the first place.The official website of NFL | von Miller: no back label contract to play football | privilege von Miller (Von Miller) did not plan to get a contract renewal in the new season for the Denver Mustang. Miller made this point on his Instagram account Thursday. I love my teammates, coaches, and my fans, but I can't be in the 2016 season with a privileged label contract, throughout the offseason Miller and Mustang are to negotiate a new contract. The fiftieth Super Bowl MVP rejected a $114 million 500 thousand contract last week that could have made Miller the top defensive player in the league. reports that the biggest disagreement between the two sides is to protect income and Miller's income for the first three years of the contract. The Philadelphia striker Fletcher Cox - defensive Eagle (Fletcher Cox) signed a 6 year guarantee income reached a staggering $63 million contract, Miller will not accept this is lower than the price. He may want to get a far more than the price of the contract. Mustang can be renewed at the latest by the July 15th deadline. After that, Miller's final choice was to go to war with a $14 million 129 thousand privilege label contract, but he said it was impossible. does not have a super large quarterback contract for wild horses. We fully believe that the Mustang can fix the contract before the deadline.The official website of NFL |2015 Football Hall of fame began | football fans voting according to the NFL official website, the 2015 Rugby Hall of fame has been officially opened. A 46 member selection committee made a list of 113 Rugby celebrities based on their personal achievements and contributions to sports, including 99 retired players and 14 coaches. The 113 people will choose 25 people through a fan ticket to enter the final candidate list, which will be officially announced in mid October. had the most attacking players on the list, 23 people. Second, the defender, 16 people were selected. The other more selected positions are the coach (14), the running guard (14), the line guard (13), the defensive front (12) and the external relay (9). Although the quarterback position has only 4 entries, but the name of Cott warner has attracted the attention of most fans. The former Super Bowl MVP winner has become the most popular candidate in the hall of fame for 15 years. It is also worth mentioning that a total of 7 members of the special service group were included in the list of 113 people, and the least number of candidates was the near end front, only one person. From today's , fans can vote for their favorite players through the voting page of NFL official website. The players you choose will be selected to be selected as the rugby Hall of fame in 2015. Voting address:

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