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The core of the Ajax youth camp has a proper name - the future of the stadium. It is located in the southeastern part of Amsterdam, and is only 600 meters away from Ajax's home. It is specially trained for the second team of the Ajax and the youth training team of 4 groups under 12 years old. This is a place to look up at the star and step on the lawn. The first team players often interact with the small players from the basic group to share experience in playing the ball. The total area of the golf course is 4000 square meters in the future. There are 9 golf courses with different sizes. They are equipped with necessary facilities such as gymnasium, conference room, office and so on. They also have a sports canteen in Holland. The training base is also free to the public. Players from all countries, clubs, officials, fans and even tourists can visit this place, which is a must for foreigners to experience the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping charm of Holland football.The official website of NFL | Carle Raiders offensive line players to buy a 55 inch color TV | football Derek Carr, the quarterback of Oakland Raiders, did not forget to send Christmas gifts to members of Derek Carr (Carle). An intern of Raiders shared their experience of buying gifts for offensive line players in twitter second years ago. He wrote, "everyone is happy today. Carle bought a 55 inch TV for them. 's 15 - 12 victory over Denver Mustang on Sunday, led by a Raider led by Carle, may have made him a lot of confidence. The Raiders only let Denver capture the quarterback 3 times in this game. And so far this season, the Raiders' opponents have only handed out 21 hits and 47 quarterback impact data before the attack line, which are fourth and second of the alliance's data. The Raider only finished 3 wins last season to 6 wins so far this season, and if this momentum continues to believe the team will go further next season.the Minnesota Vikings draft through the past two years, the signing of the contract and the transaction such as the stable operation of complete new old alternant and reconstruction work, now the Vikings are a huge potential of the young guard, is expected to achieve a breakthrough in the new season. But now the Viking team training atmosphere is not satisfactory, coach Mike tzimol (Mike Zimmer) very unhappy after watching the team after Thursday's training, then stop training, the team running the penalty. then the reporter interviewed on the matter tzimol, the following is a conversation to reproduce question: what do you think you are not satisfied with in the training? answered: all are not satisfied. question: you sent the team to run before you have so often? answered: I just fined it when I needed it. question: now it may not be a good time to ask this question. How do you think the whole camp is going? answer: you're right. You shouldn't ask this question today. question: are there always some good things to do today? answered: Well, the training camp is all over, and we can go home. question: what did you say to the players before the training camp was over? replied: I can't remember it. I can't repeat it to you. question: do you think it's because today is the last day of the training camp so the players are going home urgently? answer: strong teams will not be like this. Strong teams will always focus on tasks at hand, do not think about what we have done in the past 13 days, just think about today and how to get better and better.tiger June 26th news; Cleveland Brown chose the kicker Zahn Gonzales (Zane Gonzalez) to strengthen the position of the kicker at the draft conference, but the starting position did not identify who it was. once, the only place Brown didn't need to worry about was their kicker. From the 1999-2012 season, Dawson was Brown's steady kicker. After he left, the team had no steady kicker. from the 2013 season to the last season, Brown changed the 5 kicker successively and chose Gonzales to reappear the performance of the former Dawson. won the honor of the United States lineup at University Gonzales last season and reaped the Lou Groza Award for the best kicker in the United States. , but Chris, Chris of the team's special service team, said: "I have been looking for the best people to win this position. I don't care if you are selected or defeated." Chris, " No matter whether you are selected or lost, it is possible to perform well, so everything is meaningless to me. " No one will get or lose his job in 6 months, and I believe the selection of the kicker will continue on the day of the training camp.

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