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The official website of NFL, third class NFL FLAG coaches and referees (QingDao Railway Station) to sign in rugby nest in order to support more cities to play rugby football, AI ball company will hold third NFL FLAG coaches and referee certification training classes in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao. The training course is designed to meet the needs of domestic flag football fans, and train more professional teachers in primary and secondary school, flag and football, to expand coaches and referees in the 2017 NFL flag football game. AI ball (Beijing) Rugby Culture Development Co., Ltd. is the only professional sponsor of the Chinese Professional Football League NFL waist flag football match, and is also a partner of NFL play60 project. training advantage authority - training qualified students will get the most influential, most authoritative NFL waist flag football coach and referee certification certificate; professionalism -- the training coaching team has rich experience in training and rugby, and combines theory with practice to get professional and authoritative football teaching experience. practicality - the outstanding person h cheap nfl jerseys free shipping as the opportunity to participate in the law enforcement of the NFL Chinese waist flag football match and the popularization and promotion of the waist flag football project. course arrangement and required equipment in the morning for the indoor courses, in the afternoon for practical exercises, indoor training at night. students have to prepare sportswear, sneakers and whistles. training time: 19, 20, 21, May 2017, training site: Ocean University of China (No. 5, Qingdao fish mountain road) course cost training class: 4680 yuan /3 days, the cost includes three days and two nights of accommodation and meal. primary and middle school teachers in school are 500 yuan per person on the basis of the certificate of teacher's qualification. all applicants who are enrolled in the training class will provide insurance. registration deadline for May 12th, hurry up the time to sign up! consulting phone: The official website of the Chicago bears NFL | foreign took over Geoffrey use the franchise tag | football took over Arshin - Geoffrey (Alshon Jeffery) in this offseason will never leave the Chicago bears. The bear team has confirmed this on Monday, announcing that they will label him with privileged players. The NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the bear team labels Jeffrey Fi exclusive privileged players. This means that Geoffrey can negotiate with other teams. The bears can match any offer. If Geoffrey walks away, his new team needs to send two first round pick ups as an exchange. general manager Ryan Perth (Ryan Pace) camp says he is aggressive and Geoffrey talks about in the NFL test last week. When the deadline for the player labels on Tuesday is coming, the bear will use the label for a long contract for its own time. The privilege label contract for 2016 is $14 million 599 thousand. Perth can not let their best offensive weapons. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? injury led Geoffrey to miss 7 games last season. He scored 807 yards in 54 consecutive seasons last season, before which he scored two consecutive seasons. The role of Geoffrey on the field was obvious. According to ESPN, the average bear team pushed an average of 6 yards for each attack while Geoffrey came out and pushed 4.8 yards each time after he left the field. gave Geoffrey a privileged player label to ensure that the safest passing target of the quarterback Cutler (Jay Cutler) will remain in Chicago. The next step is to give Geoffrey a super contract.The official website of NFL, defensive end Howard Jones will visit the jets in football nest according to ESPN, free player identity defense front Howard Jones (Howard Jones) will visit the jet on Friday. did not offer him a free player contract because of the Tampa Bay pirates, so Jones entered the free market to test the water. In the new year, Jones contributed 5 times to the pirates, but the season was reimbursed for ACL tearing. for the rebuilt jet, if Jones can keep fit, he will be a great team to build a team. The ESPN reporter reported that Jones's recovery was earlier than expected. , 27, was 27 in 8 games last season, of which 5 were the first. He is most likely to serve as a 3-4 - position outside guard in the jet. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.tiger August 8th news in the absence of Jeremy - Mclean (Jeremy Maclin), buffalo Bill finally signed a veteran to take over. Bill signed amkhan - Boulding (Anquan Boldin). The contract lasted 1 years and was worth up to $4 million. At the age of 37 to join the fifth teams bouldin 15 years now at the beginning of October. is known for a level of sound and the bolding last season received 70.5% for his passing - this is one of the highest level of career. Last season he completed a total of 67 catches for 584 yards and 8 touchdowns made. though signing Boulding will not enhance Bill's offensive comprehensively, it will be a great fortune for him to introduce such a veteran to four points Wei Tai Rhodes Taylor (Tyrod Taylor) and Sami Sami Sammy Watkins. Bill hopes that Watkins can grow to the top of the field. Boulding's understanding of physical confrontation and the ability to find narrow receiving space are among the best. In the early days of the training camp, had many unknowns for Bill's position in the outside. Rookie Jones saey (Zay Jones) in the early stage of good performance, but apart from him that he did not have a group of players and some veteran. Should bolding will add some stability to this position.

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