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The official website of NFL, union president Godell: there are 14 city to host the draft, football nest Roger Goodell, President of alliance, said that representatives from 14 cities visited the Philadelphia draft contest site this week to see possible hosting competition in 2018. has denied ESPN reports that Dallas is the most likely to host the city of next year's draft. I don't know where the news comes from, but there are 14 cities that will not agree to do this, Goude said on Thursday. They really love the talent show. I think they saw the opportunity to undertake the draft. There is a lot of competition for this, and I think Philadelphia's undertakings have raised the threshold. What we want to know from this year's experience in Philadelphia is that what is going well, what has gone wrong, and where we can improve. , he also said: the other cities are obviously watching. There are 14 representatives here, and we will raise the threshold. So I think the bidding process will change in the next few weeks. Godell did not make it clear when it would announce the host city of next year's draft. Godell later said in an interview with the NFL website: when we left New York, we really found it was a good chance to get in touch with the fans. Now I think we will continue to change the host city. Whether we will change each year is another problem. But it is clear that 14 of us are interested in hosting the draft convention. Once we finish this year's draft, we'll sit down and think about it and make a decision. Godell praised the work of Philadelphia. This year, 200 thousand spectators are expected to come to Philadelphia to watch or take part in a 3 day show. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for it cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s authenticity.New York giants are looking for the defensive team in their past. The team on Thursday announced the signing of former defensive coach Steve crow Baltimore second Genuoluo Spa (Steve Spagnuolo) instead of fired Perry Fewell (Perry Fewell) served as the defensive coordinator. J Pagano Lo played a defensive coordinator in the two season in the 2007-08 season. The giant in the forty-second Super Bowl restricted the defensive new frontline to the strong new England patriots, and he greatly affected the defensive front. Since then, J Pagano Lo has served as a head coach in Saint Louis ram, serving as a defense coordinator in New Orleans saints and has been a defensive assistant and a second line defensive coach in the past two seasons. , the 55 year old coach and has long served as the giants coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) - close relationship, this should help him in the transition team. Although he has nothing to do with any of the players now playing for the giants, his understanding of the coaching style of the coaching should ensure a smooth training camp this year. Despite the innumerable injuries to the team's role players, the team thought Fywell was one of the reasons for another failure in the 2014 season. The giants have only been in the playoffs in 1 of the last 6 seasons and have only 1 defensive positions in the first ten (2013 seasons). Needless to say, the boss John - Mara (John Mara) and she was unable to start again in another season does not make a change to appease the increasingly impatient for the current coach team fans. (the anger is puzzling after the team won 2 Super Bowls over the last 10 years) , however, it has never been in doubt that the job would be to get the opportunity to coach the 2009 season while leaving the team Gnolo spa. Under the command of J Pagano Lo, the giants were all ranked in the top ten for two seasons. In the playoffs, he used the now very common shock tactics (NASCAR pass defensive attack all 4 players were defensive ends) and 3 safety formation for the defense to life. he will face some new challenges, there is no doubt that he will focus their team will decide how to handle as a defensive end Jason - Pierre - Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul) and Rolle (Antrel Rolle) - zur expiring contract.1769, the Spanish for expanding its territory to explore the world, found the American West Coast, which he named "St. Francesco". In the middle of nineteenth Century, the US launched a gold rush. The holy city was pregnant with huge gold resources. A large number of Chinese laborers moved here. They called it "Jinshan", and later differentiated Melbourne into San Francisco. In this city full of exploration and gold, the fiftieth Super Bowl will be scrambling here for the fiftieth city. Spanish descendants of Ron Rivera's Carolina Panthers will explore the team history first Super Bowl champion, and from the "gold city" Denver miners, effort for the Payton Manning occupation career last gold mining. The following are the comparative analysis of the various dimensions: Black Panther road attack VS wild horse road defense as everyone knows, often through the road into the Panther attack, this is not surprising, after the column has written many times, the offensive team panther, from running back, quarterback to full health and are extremely over can to create code number through the ball, in addition to the two proximal frontal and left Jiefeng Michael Orr, other players are also quite accomplished in front of pavement cover, Andrew Norvell, Ryan Khalil and Trey Turner called the strongest alliance inside the pavement cover combination, Panther pavement is solid strong convincing. Just start, once the opponent in a stage to guard the Panther Panther will pass away the road forward, pike, brazenly road storm, with the highest League regular season Panthers pavement attack frequency, kill the Alliance High rushing yardage and touchdowns at the highest League ball. The side of the Mustang anti running data, nineteenth in the League high washed ball frequency, third little balls a few yards, tenth less rushing touchdowns, and ran 3.3 yards against all the League minimum, anti run, too visible Mustang, often referred to above four master credit pass rush, but early in fact the Mustang file anti run often send rush Silvestre -- 142 kg and 134 kg of Williams defensive end Walker Vance full-time anti run, two rookie outside linebacker Shaquille Barrett and Sean ray will also play dirty work at the beginning of running gear, anti skill you also not ignore Derek Wolf and von Miller star. The inside part of Wei, Danny stopped running prevention rate of Trevisan and Brandon Marshall with the league's seventh and thirteenth, plus the two entire season it lost 5 plus conventional time run anti grapple anti run stop rate sixth and twelfth in the League two security guardian Ryan Stewart and Ward T.J. the inner Mustang backcourt anti running efficiency is also striking. from a tactical, offensive coordinator Mike Shula make almost all Panther pavement routine occupation and university system, such as pulling guard cover, running back to rush, swept the ball, jet, back, swept over the double - run, reading options, three reading, especially reading options attack last week against the Cardinals game, the other at outside linebacker Newton, running back Stewart can kill straight road to 〉;The official website of NFL | ram fired offensive coordinator Golmud Nettie | Rugby Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) confessed that he had made another mistake in making the attack team of the NFL team. the Saint Louis rams coach announced that he had fired offensive coordinator Frank Siegel netti Monday (Frank Cignetti). The assistant manager in charge of the attack (Rob Boras) - Robert borraz will take over the position of offensive coordinator. During the four years in which managed the team, Fisher and Les Snead, the general manager, were unable to build a competitive attack team. Fisher allowed him to go to the University team when he didn't want to leave the former offensive coordinator, Brian Schottenheimer, at the end of last season. Now Fisher's handpicked replacement is also laid off. In 2012 to join the coaching staff Golmud Nettie Fisher and served as quarterback coach for three seasons. ram in the offseason striking action is they traded for quarterback Nick Fowles (Nick Foles). But in the next game the quarterback will give the first quarterback to Case Keenum again. The rams were ranked in the League thirty-first in terms of scoring and number of attack codes, and since Fisher took over the team, the rams have never been in the top twenty in the league. In the game against the Arizona Cardinals game, rams made only 9 first downs, 212 yards and 3 points. In this offensive alliance, Fisher has not been coaching the top ten offensive teams since 2003. A is in charge of the offensive team is more than 10 years ago at University of Nevada in Las Vegas, bolas now have a month of probation period. If he didn't impress Fisher, who have to start looking for the next offensive coordinator in the offseason. , and this assumes that Fisher will still be the chief of the goats. It is also assumed that the team remains in Saint Louis. Everything is possible for the ram, in addition to completing a pass.

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