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even-even soccer equipment network few teams like Juventus can freely get rid of a notorious repute jersey. After the transfer of Ardi, the 2015/16 season's Stadium shirt is not only good, but also to be eye - catching. will pale pink and pink combination, and the team classic black and white, and the sponsor of the Jeep logo is in the middle of the cross. The succinct and direct clipping of the shirt is shown through the circular collar, which has become the focus of everyone's talk. Beauty!NFL official website in Cleveland Brown has identified candidate, football champion show nest This year Cleveland Brown will be the first draft pick the players of the team, but in the Brown general manager Sassy - Brown (Sashi Brown), is now the turn of San Francisco 49 people who worry about picking. Michael Sylva (Michael Silver), a reporter for the NFL official network, reported that Brown had made a decision on their top candidate. Sassy - Brown told Sylva that they had finalized two weeks ago, an cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d only 3 to 4 knew who they were going to choose. if they choose people who are away from Myles Garrett of Dezhou Agricultural University, the draft will have an amazing start this year. Gareth has made 31 escapement in the last 3 seasons and can immediately provide Brown with the help. however, there are still reports that Brown management wants to pick the quarterback with the number one. If Gareth is not a scholar, University of North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Chubisiji (Mitchell Trubisky) may be the most likely candidate. I didn't take any rank very high, but if Brown thinks Mitchell is Chubisiji person they need, if they think he will win a lot of games in the next 10 years, so why not in the twelfth overall pick him? Mike York (Mike Mayock), an expert on the NFL show, said. I don't think a quarterback should be selected with the number one champion. But if they really feel this way, why don't they choose the four point guard instead of the champion, then they will no longer worry about this position? , of course, there's always a chance that Brown will choose a deal, but if there is no deal, Brown's mind is decided. In another day, the world will know who they are going to choose. Before that time, only a few of the Brown team knew their choice. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.injury to this year's Cardinals is nothing new. According to the team's official website reported that coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) - Wade Sill Jared was worried about the left Jiefeng (Jared Veldheer) of the elbow injury, but Wade Sill said his arm has no problem, an ankle injury is the key. Monday morning examination showed that the ward was ankle fracture, he will enter the injured reserve list. you only laugh, "said a" Arians, then a new game plan, then win the next game." this way, starting two tackles Wade Sill and D.J. Henry Vries (D.J. Humphries) have been reimbursed, Mike Upati left guard (Mike Iupati) has been the end of the season. game on Sunday right guard Earl - Waterfall de (Earl Watford) also suffered a high ankle sprain, now the center of A.Q. Shipley (A.Q. Shipley) is the only member of the Cardinals starting line not missed the match.The official website of NFL | ram, lightning Raiders formally proposed relocation for | football as expected, Saint Louis rams, San Diego lightning and Oakland Raiders have submitted the application requirements of relocation to Losangeles. is eligible to submit the first day of the application to the League on Monday according to the NFL procedure for the application of the ball. NFL subsequently issued a statement that these applications will be approved by the union staff and three alliance committees, which will be held in New York on Wednesday and Thursday, the Losangeles relocation opportunity Committee, the sports committee and the Finance Committee. These applications will be given to delegates at the alliance meeting in Houston from next Tuesday to Thursday. The team's relocation requires 3/4 of the NFL team to agree (24 teams in 32 teams agree). lightning statement lists the reasons for the relocation requirements: we experienced 9 different schemes and 7 different mayor in more than 14 years of efforts to build a world-class stadium for the fans in San Diego. Although we have made these efforts, there is still no exact and feasible solution for the stadium problem. We are sorry to go to this step. The ram's statement is more basic: Saint Louis rams today inform the national rugby union that we plan to move to the big Losangeles region. The move will begin in the year of the 2016NFL League. The Raider was in the final statement that the Raiders submitted the relocation application to NFL according to the team's relocation regulations. The problem will now be decided by the owners of the NFL team. The boss meeting will be held in Houston, Texas, on January 12 and 13, 2016.

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