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The triangle flag inside the collar is the St Georges cross on the Milan city emblem. On the back of the top jersey with a special font "International (Inter)", this font since 1970s appeared in the Nerazzurri cheering flags and slogans.The official website of NFL | from Cobb Cousins famously expressed excitement about | football (Randall Cobb) - Randall Cobb defeated the Washington Redskins in the wild card race, said the red fans familiar words. On the way back to the locker room after the game, exciting Cobb shouted the Redskins quarterback Kirk cousins (Kirk Cousins) in October 25th led to complete shaking reversal after shouting has become Cousins's endorsement of a word. YOU LIKE THAT?! (do you like it?!) A lot of towels we cheap nfl jerseys free shipping re printed on the red team before Sunday's game. But after this game, the next 38 yards and 1 touchdowns in the Green Bay took over see this famous love Cousins.The official website of NFL | giants wide receiver Cruz said he has been 100 per cent | football New York giant Victor Victor Cruz took the season off in the middle of last season, which resulted in a reimbursement for the season, which has been recovering since then. The Victor season has been recovering. As a result of the good recovery, Cruz has not been placed in the list of physical reasons for the giant, and his training is increasing. Cruz took part in all training on Sunday and Monday night. He said in an interview with reporters, "I feel great. My knee has been restored to one hundred percent. Sunday's training is the longest physical training I've had in such a long time. Before that, the coaching team kept controlling my participation in the training sessions, and Sunday was the largest number of times I participated. Cruz continued to add: I feel very good. I got up this morning, no injury, no pain, no swelling, nothing, I think I've come back full of blood. ??????3????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? But the giants coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) but in the words of Cruz reveals absence all the preseason, he said: this (let Cruz pre-season) and there is not much need, he still need to step by step, he's step-by-step back to a good point, but his attitude is very good, not afraid of injuries. Our pre-season games brought him to let him participate in the warm-up before the game is also a reason, although he did not play, but at least on the sidelines, his spirit and thoughts into the game atmosphere, as for his next step we have to go slowly.The official website of NFL | Vikings Coach: the ball will not affect the final result of the Midland football | the most concerned news this week is the outflow of new England patriots. They played the ball in the final of the US League. On Wednesday local time, Minnesota Viking coach Mike Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) said whether the ball was released from the ball would not affect the result. Zimmer said: is the result of the game 41-7 pairs? I don't think the score is influenced by the ball. (the score was 45-7) despite Zimmer's mistake, his views were supported by a part of the fans and the media. Compared with the special treatment of the game, Zimmer was more concerned about the tactics of the patriot to replace the legal players in the game. Zimmer said the alliance needs to discuss the issue accordingly. This is a good tactic, but I don't like to be told what happened until the last minute before the ball. As a coach, I hope to be able to learn the change of my opponent at the first time. The release of gas is still in the investigation stage, and the alliance is indeed considering whether to discuss the relevant meetings for the notification of legitimate players.

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