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The official website of NFL in 2 years is or will be the first play football, wo still have confidence in their New York giants wide receiver Victor Cruz (Victor Cruz) will have a huge impact on the new season of the offensive team. recently revealed the New York daily, the Cruze will attend Saturday against the New York jets game, the coach of the United States Tuesday - Mcadoo (Ben McAdoo) also agreed on the return message is. If the Cruze play, which means that he is since October 12, 2014 2 years since he was injured in the first game. Mcadoo said: we will confirm today and tomorrow, confirm his presence, and be happy to see him in his shirt.this week Indianapolis Colts will play against Atlanta falcons team, the most trusted defensive player, Wei Weng tower - Davies (Vontae cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Davis) will be responsible for marking the Falcon ace Julio Jones (Julio Jones). For a pony in the south of the United States, any victory will be precious. When talked about his opponent this week, Davies said, "Jones can do anything. He has a fast speed and a strong body. He is a natural grotesque, nothing he can't do. " The falcons were in bad condition, and they lost 3 of the last 4 games, but Jones still showed the strength of the league's top foreign exchange. As of this week, he received 80 games, 114.3 yards on the field, leading the league and expected to set a new career high after the end of the season. Davies also continued the strong performance of last season, and whether he could limit Jones will be the key to the game. Jones has received more than 100 yards in 2 games in a row and has received more than 90 yards in 4 consecutive games.Cincinnati tigers starting kicker Mike. Jane (Mike Nugent) this season, poor performance, has repeatedly missed a shot in the match last week. Jane is at the last moment Tifei shot only 36 yards, the tigers missed the opportunity to close at hand lore. after the tigers cornerback Adam Jones (Adam Jones) Nanxiao anger, in an interview with the team play watch is too bad bluntly, must as soon as possible to get rid of the downturn, do their own work. , but the tigers coach team gave full support to njat, and Malvin Lewis Marvin Lewis said in an interview on Monday that the location of nought is safe now. Lewis said: "we have a lot of confidence in Nu JIT. The kicker usually work without being noticed, when playing the ball or lore additional points but also to bear the lore, all pressure once kicked, all the blame will let him back, but in fact the competition situation is preceded by all of the offensive and defensive decision." Lewis's theory seems to have no wrong, if the tiger can limit Kam - good Newton (Cam Newton) don't let him play so well, don't send Jane special. Finally the lore ball. Newton had 284 yards out of the game and ran out of the season's new height of 107 yards. The official website of NFL | Brown shot police family clothes | football 's guard Justin Vann Brenner (Justin WineBrenner) was a big fan of Cleveland Brown, has also love season tickets, wearing Brown's No. 33 jersey. so Brown sent a gift to Vann Brenner's family this week, including his favorite number 33 Jersey, and printed his name. Vann Brenner was 32 years old, shot in the vicinity of Okelo, and another 4 people were injured on the spot. Brown organized the action after he knew the news of his death. His friend wrote on social media, any game Vann Brenner never absent Brown, his fiancee bought 2 tickets a season for him, and this season he has bought 2 season ticket. and the Cleveland Cavaliers made a silent tribute to him before the Denver Nuggets match last Monday. Vann Brenner Burton graduated from high school and University of Akron, according to the wishes of his father became a police officer, working in the Akron police department for 7 years. 's memorial ceremony for Vann Brenner will be held at the University of Akron on Friday, and his funeral will be held on Saturday morning.

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