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is also a news that you don't know what to look on. Washington red skinned Haier DeAngelo Hall has hurt her Achilles tendon recently, which is the second time he has hurt her Achilles tendon in 2 months, but this time he is trying to get some pizza from the kitchen. At 's press conference on Friday, Jay Gruden, the red skinned coach, replied, "he tried to pick up some things and pizza in his kitchen the night before and then slipped down, causing his Achilles tendon injury." actually in September 21st of this year against the Philadelphia hawk game, after the Achilles tendon injury, the 11 year old veteran and wait for a long time in the field, this time is expected to be operated in 5 weeks.The official website of NFL | viand ray Baer is confident faster than in the past, more explosive | football Although last season in a total of 2215 offensive yards and 11 touchdowns, ray viand - Baer (Le'Veon Bell) on his best career expectation is not just the season in the offseason bravado. has been a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping different player than a year ago. The evidence is in the video. Baer told ESPN that he compared the videos of training camps in 2014 and 2015, and found that he can now reach the field they want to go faster. Baer lost 4 pounds in the offseason, he said he is fat 2.9%. His ability to exercise in training has been very prominent. many people talk about my performance last season. They call it a breakthrough season, but I don't see it, Baer said in the third years of his career. I took the last season as I had just started. ... I still feel a lot of things I can do better. Last year was not even close to my best level. Baer also said that faster speed could change the game. I see myself now, I don't think I was really fast last year, Baer said. It feels like a slow motion last year. I'm faster and more explosive now. 2014, Baer has a lot of catching the Steelers offensive team averaged 23 times. This year, they have more offensive weapons, but because of their identity in the attack group, Baer is not worried about his performance. At this year's training camp, Baer has been involved in more attacks than last year.NFL and NFL players union announced Sunday that they will investigate in the opener, Carolina Panthers quarterback cam - Newton (Cam Newton) was treated after the crash helmet helmet. Newton suffered at least 4 helmet hits in the game, including 1 of the last Panther's last attack. Only the last hit was fouled, but the foul was offset by Newton's own intention to pass a foul on the free hand. examined Newton after the last impact and made sure he did not show signs of concussion. NFL issued a statement Friday morning that the consortium's concussion examination process was properly executed. But the players' Union said they would exercise the right to investigate the matter. Under the current provisions of , if the results of the players' Union are contrary to the findings of the union, the trade union can appeal to the neutral arbitrator, who has the power to punish the Panthers and others responsible for Newton's health. after the game, the Black Panther commander Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) questioned the referee's no foul, but there was no doubt that the referee and the doctor didn't let Newton enter the brain concussion inspection process. Rivera said team doctors and a neuroscience consultant agreed that Newton did not show signs of concussion that needed to leave the game. Rivera said Newton asked 4 times after the game whether the impact would have bad effects, but he passed all the tests.Baltimore crow ensure the best cornerback they have to be able to long-term play for them. The team announced Tuesday that Jimmy Smith (Jimmy Smith) had agreed to renew the contract. Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a NFL official, reported that the contract was worth $48 million for 4 years, of which $21 million was guaranteed. In the first round of the 2011 draft, Smith will make $6 million 899 thousand in the last year of his new show. Smith scored a professional bowl performance in the first two months of last season after achieved a breakthrough in the 2013 season, but then it was reimbursed in November due to tarsal tarsal joint injury. The crow's long contract means that Smith has recovered well after the operation. Coach John - Harbert (John Harbaugh) January said that Smith will be able to participate in the May offseason training. Smith, 26 years old, is one of the most valuable defensive players of Raven, while his teammate, veteran Lardarius Webb Lardarius has to face up to her opponent's top number after the season's reimbursement. in Smith in the next few years will stay in the team and recently drafted linebacker C.J. Mosley (C.J. Mosley), defensive end Timmy Jeni Gan (Timmy Jernigan) and spike Brandon - Williams (Brandon defense Williams) the defense group star, general manager of Western Europe (Ozzie Newsome) - Newsom successfully lose the future Hall of Famer ray Lewis in 2013 (Ray Lewis) and Ed Reed (Ed Reed) after the reconstruction of the defense group.

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