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even-even soccer equipment network Chicago fire team in 2015 away kit uses a new design pattern printed with white colour level, the source of inspiration for the design in Chicago city. Made by Adidas and sponsored by Quaker, the Chicago fire team will follow the 2014 MLS home shirt. BelowSan Diego this season once lightning scored 5 wins and 1 losses in the division lead, but then the 3 defeats let the team questioned. Philip Rivers (Philip Rivers), the quarterback, believes the team has the ability to get out of the plight this week. He said: "we need to get used to us, we often face this kind of situation in the past 8 years, but we can change danger into safety. I believe we all have a strong heart and we'll come back. " When talked about the rest of the game, Rivers was still full of confidence: "we can't waste time on panic. Now we are 5 - 4, still in a competitive position. There are 7 games left in the regular season, and we need a field effort. As far as the team is concerned, what can be done is to go on. " After the we cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ekend, lightning will continue to fight the 0 - 8 Oakland Raiders and the 3 - 5 Saint Louis rams. If it can be carried out smoothly, the team will seize the advantage on the road for the playoff seats. We expect Rivers and his team to get back as soon as possible.Our football equipment news according to the "Daily Mail" news, the Premiership giants Manchester City has been close to PUMA and a new shirt sponsorship agreement, puma will become Manchester City next season New Jersey supplier. Manchester and Nike contract will expire at the end of the season, PUMA saw the opportunity to pound down this season of Superman Blue moon. But there are indications that the possibility of PUMA over very large al Ittihad stadium. After the German brand has entered AC Milan and Marseilles, city has also become a high profile team to join the PUMA in the 2018-19 season.In the base of | China base HS Seventh National Congress held | Xiaomin was elected chairman conference site vice president of the Lei Jun read the written speech of Chinese softball chairman Xiao Min Cleveland August 6 Dalian Xinhua (reporter Liu Xiangqian) China Softball Association of the Seventh National Congress held in Dalian today, more than 40 delegates from across the country attended the meeting. The conference examined the work report of the Sixth National Committee, amended the articles of association, and elected the list of the seventh national committees. Xiao Min was elected the new chairman of China Softball Association. Report on the work of talks OriolesVice chairman of the China Softball Association on behalf of the Sixth National Committee to talk about the Orioles made working report, the delegates unanimously considered. Report on the work of the past five years were reviewed, including construction, grasping the national team to keep the competitive level, grasp the youth reserve personnel training, focus on long-term development, grasp the professional talents, strengthen team construction, grasp the event organization, to promote the project to improve the level of development, slow pitch softball and meet the fitness needs of the public, the development of soft baseball and softball, walked into the campus in primary and secondary schools, strengthen exchanges, and the World Softball organization to maintain good relations; the report summarizes the achievements made in the past five years, experience and shortcomings; the report also put forward eight important proposals on the work of the committee. In order to meet the requirements of the reform and innovation situation, the Chinese Softball Association has revised the constitution of 2009 according to the actual needs of the . Zhang Xuan, vice secretary general of the China Softball Association, explained the specific contents of the amendment of the association's constitution, and the contents of the articles of association were approved by all the representatives. The General Assembly unanimously passed the list of members of the Chinese Softball Association of the Seventh National Committee: Chen Zhili, Zhang Caizhen, honorary chairman of Hu Jiayan, Li Minkuan, He Huixian as a consultant, Xiao Min as chairman, director of the center bangleiqiu hand song Lei 15 people was elected vice chairman, Secretary General Yang Xuwei and Zhang Xuan as treasurer. vice chairman Lei Jun (right) awarded Vice chairman of the Chinese Softball Association Lei Jun on behalf of the Association issued a letter of appointment to you the vice chairman of the executive board and etc., and to read a written speech of President Xiao Min. chairman Xiao Min said in a written statement, Chinese softball has a glorious history, although from Olympic Games, but the project itself is very attractive, is a wise, good for the healthy growth of young people, have a positive role in the improvement of people's physical quality, a new commission should further summarize the experience and lessons, perfect the association of institutions, actively participate in international competition, play games leverage, borrow, borrow Dongfeng Sunshine Sports Education Department softball force to push into the campus. 〉

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