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Effect of alliance 13 years veteran safetys Ryan Clark (Ryan Clark) yesterday announced that he would end his occupation career. Clark is the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2006-2013 years, the back of the mainstay, and another safety Troy - para Maroo (Troy Polamalu) together constitute one of the league's most stable second tier defensive combination at. Clark started 109 times in his career, completed 448 grappling and 12 times, and helped the team win the Super Bowl in 2008. Clark did not enter the league as an election show, but was signed by the New York giants in 2002 as a rookie. In the 2003 season, Clark, who had improved obviously, had 4 first - time debut, 19 grappling and one capture. Then Clark was the Washington Redskins incurred under, in the red effect of two years, Clark with stable performance has attracted the attention of the steelers. Last season, Clark returned to the red skin, he still won 15 starting o cheap nfl jerseys free shipping pportunities, but the red team's record is not ideal, only 4 to 12.defensive front end Jason Pierre Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul) once refused to comment on his future in New York giants, but now he has made public his own idea that he wants to play for the giants all his life. The may be the best five defensive alliance in front of the end of their tight lipped players throughout the season will be the end of the rookie contract. In the past five years, he has made 36.5 escapement and 2 career bowls. in short, his price will not be cheap. "If I could stay here, I would like to be a giant for life," Pierre - Paul told ESPN. "But who knows? I don't know what's going to happen, and I don't worry about what's going to happen. When we need to negotiate, my broker will deal with this with the giant. " 's privilege tag for Pierre Paul is now the most suitable way. It will give him another year to prove that he has got rid of the influence of back surgery and shoulder injuries, but people can't help thinking about the long-term possibility. Pierre - Paul is now 25, and according to Pro Football Focus, he is the league's best 4-3 run defensive end. The colossus seems to have spent more time talking about his talent than looking for a creative way to use him. But general manager Jerry - Rees (Jerry Reese) has hardly ever given second contracts to his selected players. As the end of the season the team and others hope to get a contract for a long time, but also become a puzzle team for the future speculation. The giant may take a different path. But if Pierre Paul is willing to do anything to help the giant give him a long contract, the team should accept him.Dallas Cowboys off-site problems again, running back Joseph Randall (Joseph or Randle) will face a two match ban. The news was first reported by the NFL official, but the alliance has not yet been given a formal notice. told reporters: "the Randall's violation of the Union established a personal behavior regulation, he got the message in training, which is one reason why he left training. The accusations have been revoked, but the alliance officials are still investigating the incident. Randall may therefore be sentenced to 1 to 2 match ban, may also encounter just fine. Now NFL officials and the NFL players are talking about it. " Randall was found in possession of marijuana in February this year, a 23 year old woman reported carrying drugs and guns, and the harassment. The police did not find weapons after the investigation, and the woman's situation was not the same as that described. The cowboy has been confirmed, Randall will not attend this week with the Seattle Seahawks game. Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden) will lineup.Indiana Colts still win the AFC South can occupy the first name, but the good news is their number one cornerback Feng tower - Davies (Vontae Davis) will return against Houston in the Dezhou team in the game. now looks like this. Davies has not yet received the report of concussion symptoms of the team doctors, but he has been training and having no difficulties this week. This Sunday will be the first time he made his debut against the Washington Red Team 2 weeks ago after a concussion on the back of his opponent. Davies told ESPN Network Interview: "this concussion is more serious than when I was in college. I don't want it to happen to anyone. I looked back at the game, because I don't remember what happened. It's hard for me to sleep now, and it's very difficult all night. " and the attention of Davies and the Dezhou people's outside hand Andre - Johnson (Andre Johnson) is able to play the match is still to be observed. Johnson had just passed a concussion study, but he had no training all week.

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