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even-even soccer equipment network J1 league team striker (Kawasaki, Kawasaki group, as the Kawasaki launched Frontale Noyes, 2015) and the new season home court away kit for artists, "forward family" art director Mr. Otsuka Nobu is the chief designer of the new shirt. Sweet illustrations and Otsuka UTI in "Kawai" style, he will also design the style into the Kawasaki team striker font and number in new jersey. The pattern on the front of the shirt stands for the players to break the line of the opponent like lightning and achieve the goal at the speed of the thunderbolt. The design of the white big Lapel conveys a kind of nostalgic football fashion. Away Jersey in white, design concepts and elements and cons cheap nfl jerseys free shipping istent Jersey home court. DryCELL moisture management technology breathable mesh fabric and Puma can help players in the field play the best level.recently the Carolina Panthers safety Roman Harper (Roman Harper) announced his return to the agent of the New Orleans saints. Haber is 33 years old. He spent the first 8 seasons of his career in the saints. The saints chose him in the second round of 2006, and he was selected as a professional bowl in 2009 and 2010. In the 2009 season, Harbert helped the saints win the forty-fourth Super Bowl. In the 2013 season, due to injuries, Harbert only finished 9 games, 5 of which were the first ones. In 2014, he completed a 2 year worth 4 million 500 thousand dollar contract with the Panthers, and completed the first half of all the 32 games of the Panthers. , it is learnt that the Panthers didn't try to keep the veteran. They seemed to be the substitute for the saints at least, because the saints scored only thirty-first in the League last season.The official website of NFL | Thomas believes will play football | Wilkie The Seattle Seahawks quarterback Earl Tour - Thomas (Earl Thomas) for Weiss Wilk (Wes Welker) the ability of no doubt. He has even predicted Sunday with the Denver Broncos game, Wilkie will flex its muscles. Wilkie will be in local time on Wednesday to return to the wild horses in training, because previously he doping problem has been suspended for 2 games. Originally, Wilkie will be suspended for 4 games, but because of the upcoming new drug alliance, can be reduced the number of games. The 2 game in the absence of Wilkie, double proximal front formation is the frequent use of the mustang. The Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) and defensive coordinator Dan Quin (Dan Quinn) said that the team will be on the horse two possible formations ready: Double tight end or three receivers. At the same time, Thomas said that he believed that the Mustang will most of the time to appear in the array in wilkie. Thomas said: do not waste the resources of the Mustang wilkie. I don't care about his absence in a few games. He's very important for the wild horse. You know, when you face an excellent defensive team like us, you have to go all out and send out all of your excellent players.The official website of NFL | Payton Manning of University of Tennessee | football cheer this week to the Denver Broncos bye rest, while their veteran quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) obviously don't waste their time to rest. , a former Tennessee legend, went to Tasca Luisa, Alabama, on the 24 afternoon of the United States, to watch the University of Tennessee competition. , since 2006, University of Tennessee has never defeated University of Alabama. I wonder if our legend 18 will bring good luck to Tennessee. related news: parsing the riddle of the Peyton Manning recession

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