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The official website of NFL | Haiying line two generals to return to training | football Seattle Seahawks this week came the good news, the team left Jiefeng Russell Okun (Russell Okung) and center Marx (Max Unger) - ong has returned to team training, two people are expected to play with the Saint Louis rams in the regular season finale this week. Okun to participate in all training projects, insiders revealed that the basic can be sure he will be in the lineup this week. He had been absent from last week's match because of his lung contusion. He continued to be plagued by the ankle injury, which led him to 5 consecutive games. The team is currently faced with the choice, let Unger by adjusting the state of the game, or arrange him to rest in a more healthy state for the playoffs. The team revealed that the team could wait until the start of the game to make a decision. in addition to this, the team is in good condition. Marshawn Lynch, the Marshawn Lynch, has retur cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ned to training and will start out this week without any accident. The only bad news is over Jermaine (Jermaine Kearse), Kiel still suffered a hamstring injury, he will miss this week's game.NFL's official website, Atlanta falcons cornerback Jaron Collins was suspended for 10 games, football nest tiger rush August 7th, when Atlanta Falcon three grade corner guard Jaron Collins (Jalen Collins) ushered in another new season, he faced the difficult start again. in the last season due to violation of the provisions of the use of drug and the alliance was suspended after 4 games, Collins once again because of irregularities in the new season was suspended for 10 games. Collins will not be trained with the team until the end of the preseason until November 21st. , we are extremely disappointed in Jaron's second season's banned experience. General manager Thomas Dimitrov (Thomas Dimitroff) said in an official statement. This is the consequence of making certain choices. We will make a decision in the future based on the principles of the best interests of the team. if it didn't perform well in the rest of the season, the second ban could mean the end of Collins's hawk's career. But in the latter half of last season, especially after the injury of Desmond Trufant, Desmond, several defenders were more valuable than Collins. In the 636 - gear defense that was involved in the last season, made 2 copies, 10 passes and 28 grabs. He got 10 grappling in the super bowl. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | patriot hotel fire twice in three days of false positives | football two days ago, the new England patriot hotel had a fire alarm. That seems strange, but is not associated with any schemes and intrigues. , but the fire alarm was misreported second times in three days, and NFL Kimberly NFL reported the incident at 5 o'clock in the morning in NFL. on Wednesday, when the Patriots entered the training normally, and all the other distractions were thrown away on the day of the media meeting, the two seemingly accidental fire alarm reports were constantly reminded that they were preparing for the Super Bowl this week. Rob - Kowski (Rob Gronkowski) Gelon says he this time the fire did not wake up, though I want to feel a bit scared. Did he think that this is the Seattle Seahawks secret tactics, or the hotel special fire fighting system? But in any case, these factors should not shackle the patriots from continuing to hit the super bowl.The official website of NFL | Hoyer: Gordon is like a "monster" | Rugby for Cleveland Brown quarterback Blaine Hoyer Brian, the biggest test this season is the lack of a trusted top player. The problem will be solved in this week's match against the Atlanta falcons, and Josh - Gordon (Josh Gordon) will be returned from the ban. Heuer held the first joint training with Gordon on Wednesday. He did not hesitate to praise in his subsequent interview: Josh's ability to exercise is no doubt that he is like a monster. But in any case, it's not enough for basketball, not a simple shot. We need to pay attention to every tactic and win as a team. He had to prove that he could be a member of the team, and today he took the first step of his success. last season, Brown was the most passing team in the league. This year they hired a good set ground offensive tactics Kell Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan), at present they rushed the ball number more than 2 in the provisional League, and achieved very good results. Last season, in 2 games in the first fully together, he and Gordon line 14 times, from 217 yards, he said: if I fall into the crisis, I will pass the ball to him. At present, the success rate of Heuer's pass is only 55.7%, and the alliance is at the bottom. Gordon's return will help him to a large extent.

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