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Tom Brady in 39 years and 124th days, seventeenth season, 264th games, scored a career occupation (including playoffs) 201st wins, wins the first quarterback field of history. the last two weeks, he is beyond 199 wins and 200 wins Bret faffe uncle Payton - Manning, two have been retired, it said Brady can maintain and continue to expand their victories on the record in history. efficiency, the "Iron Man" Bret faffe played 4 teams with 20 326 game of the season; "iron man two" Payton - Manning played 2 teams for the 18 season of 293 games, Brady is better than the efficiency of two, like Brady such a team, maintain high winning quarterly the regular season, every play four games three wins, playoff probably play ten games seven wins the horrors of efficiency, there is no one with no predecessors, after? It might be true! Russell has Wilson career regular season and playoff winning percentage is 70% or so, if the career maintained long enough, beyond Brady is not impossible. well, the last day of September 2001, at one point, sixty thousand spectators into the stadium in Foxborough, after three hours, the fans to harvest a home court victory, but before the start of the tunnel is still so nervous about the heart thump Brady, occupation career first started and ended in a victory. Brady passed the ball less than 200 yards, and it was far from enough to support the Patriots to cut 44 points. The real decision of the game was the defensive team's three quarterback of the quarterback quarterback. ? is fantastic, Bailey Cheik Brady in cotton wool was mor cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e than the star four point guard Drew Brad cable, Brady became the first team in the patriot, and when the season with 11 wins. The first career playoff, Foxborough scored three hundred of a world of ice and snow, the code was able to deal with the Raiders, brother Charles Woodson from behind a crash that made Brady felt first quarter, perhaps is here, "Tucker rule" not only continued the patriot's life changed history. Brady led the Patriots to super bowl, before the three quarter, the defense help patriot 17 to 3 lead, but the opponent ram is not an ordinary person, they two years ago had a Super Bowl win experience, with less than a quarter of the time, the rams tie the score, the time remaining less than two minutes. The whole world thinks that patriots should safely let the time run out, in overtime, but Brady said to Bailey Cheik, "look at me!" The next story shocked the whole world, the last 8 5, the ball 30 yards for the first half of ram, Adam successor Viniateri enough! The fourteenth career wins, is also the most important one, since then, Brady is a champion. the next three years, Brady continue to accumulate 43 victories, including thirty-eighth and thirty-ninth Super Bowl champion, the playoffs nine wins out of nine duguqiubai, four years and three crowns, two super bowl MVP, then Brady became.Beijing time on October 28th, the 2014 NFL regular season in eighth weeks and one night in the match between the two teams in the east area of the team, the Washington Redskins against rival Dallas cowboys, after extra time. However, by any red ball to complete quasi lore, to beat the cowboys at 20:17. Cowboys quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) back injured in the game, although returned to the game but failed to help the team win. wants to ask which team of the league is the most popular, and the cowboy who has won six consecutive games. Since the opening game was lost to 49 people, they haven't tasted the taste of failure for nearly two months. Red this season is quite bumpy, they encountered problems in the quarterback position: quarterback Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin) for injured Kirk Cousins, backup quarterback (Kirk Cousins) fluctuating state, the game, red sent in recent years has been wandering teams of colt - Mccoy (Colt McCoy). opening soon hit any red ball, the cowboy into the state of slow, two times before the attack on the punt end, the worse is the running back Joseph Randall (Joseph Randle) in the red zone before dropping the ball the ball to let it in time, fortunately, the defense, Wilcox Qiang Wei (J.J. Wilcox in the end corner) steals Mccoy pass, back to the array (touchback), the end of the first game. easy side battles, fast forward to the red red cowboy, but running back DeMarco - Murray (DeMarco Murray) off the ball again the red ball right back. Red is not a step closer to choose to punt, step by step to the 5 yard line, red jeans, short - Bryant Mendez Romo (Dez Bryant) to rewrite the score to 3:7. Since then both sides failed to score, the first half of the game ended. Red find the rhythm in the second half, Mccoy led the team at forward, even 1 stalls 25 yards long code number have been easy to resolve, with running back Alfred Maurice (Alfred Morris) 5 yard line. The ball into the end zone, red finish the game's first touchdown 10:7. After the Cowboys suffered heavy losses, the red line protection pocket bad guard Keenan - Robinson (Keenan Robinson) straight into Romo, Romo dodge back been hit after the injury by the collapses went down for nearly 5 minutes, the audience to know the back is in perfect silence, by the troubled years of problems, only a cowboy send the backup quarterback Brandon Vuitton (Brandon Weeden). Each of the two sides of a punt, cowboys running back (DeMarco Murray) to find a good opportunity to move forward 51 yards to the red zone front, but after three failed, the cowboy hit free kick 10 leveled the score. Red skin with Deshawn JacksonRyan, general manager of Indianapolis pony, Ryan Grigson hopes to be able to supplement her draft results with talents wherever they are found. can see from this sentence that he is looking for help from outside the United States. such as Indianapolis local media interpretation, Grieg senzheng became a pioneer for players in the global scope of the general manager in NFL. His recent trial includes players from Australia, weighing 380 pounds (172 kilograms) of the athletes, some from the Canadian Football League player and a rugby player from Kenya. "if you have an elite level of physical fitness, you can play rugby," Grigson said. "This is not a sport that requires professional talent, such as golf. If you have a certain degree of toughness, you have excellent mobile capabilities, you have intuition, if you have elite level in these areas, you can have opportunities. , he said, "Hey, this can be Africa, it can be the South Pacific, it can be Eastern Europe." local media to recruit linebacker Daniel Adongge (Daniel Adongo) as one of Grigson's successful experience. As a top English rugby player in Africa, he came to the pony and had an outstanding performance in the 2013 season. He missed the season because of injuries last season. This year he should have a good chance of competing in a training camp to stay in a team. at least, this is an exciting signal that the team is willing to expand the scope of the search talent. When NFL, especially the defensive team, is becoming more and more meticulous, the possibility of bringing skills from other sports is not changed so much.The official website of NFL | der von Sfer: Li Ya cancer has been cured | football A lot of things in life may be more important than American football. Leah Still's efforts to fight the battlefield of cancer are far from what we can compare on the court. Recently, the Cincinnati tigers defensive line, Devon Still, announced on his Instagram that his daughter's cancer was cured. got cancer in 2014 and the possibility of survival was less than 50%. The tigers last year although the cut but still der von put him in the training list, and he eventually returned to the list successfully completed 12 games. was laid off in September this year, Der von he and his daughter, but won the victory in the battle of cancer.

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