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The NFL coaches are just like us. Carolina Black Panther commander Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) admitted that although San Francisco's 49 people are the next opponent of their team, they could not keep awake when they watched the Losangeles ram's match against 49 people on Monday night. "unfortunately, I stayed up and watched the game. I said the unfortunate reason was that I fell asleep shortly after the fourth, "Rivera said. "But I still saw the three." can you blame him? When the fourth game began, Sherlock was about one o'clock in the morning. For a variety of reasons, the third quarter between the two teams is one of the most boring games in the past. In 15 minutes, two teams had completed 8 discarded kicks, 2 first attacks, 1 cuts but no scores. Rivera is 54 years old. Anyone over 40, who is still sitting in front of the TV in the middle of the night, will fall asleep. This is a scientific common sense.The official website of the State University of Salem NFL | $170 thousand to the Brady | Rugby speech Tom Brady (Tom Brady) in the success of the new England patriots offseason training camp escaped the pursuit, but n cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ow he just need to wait a month after the trial. It is reported that the super quarterback in May 7th speech at the State University of Salem, after the school paid Brady $170 thousand. This part of the money comes from the Salem foundation of NPO, to support the annual lecture of University. This one hour activity mainly depends on ticket revenue and sponsors. is the Bailey coach Bill - Zeke (Bill Belichick) last year to attend the event, attendees also included former president George - Bush (George H.W Bush) and Bill Clinton (Bill Clinton). reported that the speech was $40 thousand, and the rest were from sponsors. But in his speech, Brady was not related to their own problems to be punished.NFL????|??????????????????????????|????? small Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham.jr) has been regarded as the best catch in this season and even last week, but apparently some people have different opinions, for example, dolphin corner Brent Grimes (Brent Grimes). when interviewed by ESPN, Grimes laughed and said, "it was a great catch, but I think it's better for me." The height of 5 feet 10 inches (about 177 cm) in his tenth weeks against the lions in the game, in the end zone rose high, with one hand steals a pass to Kelvin Johnson's pass - megatron. I jump very high, and I need to know that I am a defender, and that ball is not going to be passed on to me. may be 5 feet off the ground and Grimes's strength in the face of the league's strongest catcher. But what about the match with Beckham? Beckham was holding the ball back, not to mention that the other side had a foul on him. And he only used 3 fingers! our opinion is that Beckham won the contrast. What do you think of you, readers?The official website of NFL | Payton - Manning - Chapter seventeenth: stage a comeback | football Author: Fang Ling, NFL Chinese columnist In the summer of until he was 27 years old, his life began to have meaning, he came to the Rocky Mountains, a never set foot in, but let him feel a sense of belonging, he put the past behind, as a freshman, just found a master key to open every door, when he just enter the mysterious mountain, his goal is to accompany him a song with no reality whatever, the only way forward, even if the strings are broken, but he still forget everything after all changes so fast, not what is eternal, the majestic Rocky Mountains in Colorado, ah, I have seen a spectacular fire in the rain starlight, shadow, soft, like a lullaby, the majestic Rocky Mountain, the majestic Rocky Mountains. John, a master of the ballad - Denver, is moving his hometown to the feelings of the Colorado plateau. Manning picked the headset, "Rocky Mountain high" the song is fading, the plane landed at the Denver International Airport slowly out of the dark and quiet and other places identical, warm spring night, Manning suddenly some Akira God, until it was in front of the tail light at. At the moment, Manning realized that after the age of 36, Denver, located in the Colorado plateau, would become another place called home. Colorado, the state capital of Denver, the fertile soil of nearly four million square kilometers, East South pallettec River, west of the Rocky Mountains, mountain wonderland. Industries such as industry, aerospace, mining machinery, electronic instruments, metallurgy and other industries support this cold and steep city. In addition, similar to Indian city, this is a treat sports almostfanatical City, MLB Colorado Rocky, NBA NHL of the Denver nuggets and the Colorado avalanche in this pitch camp. in 1960 to build the team, joined the NFL in 1970, the Denver Broncos have been slowly walking on the road chasing champion, John elvy up until 1983, the Mustang football has become but they still take on an altogether new aspect, and Super Bowl champion love save side, until 1997, Mike Shanahan led the 37 year old and young Terrell elvy Davies won the super bowl, then the defending success. After elvy secure retirement, fed into the Manning and Brady era, wild horse naturally without the light of day. Until March 20, 2012, Payton - Manning signed a wild horse, and the team saw the dawn of remaking bully. in fact about the Mustang in 2012, almost all the football gods light shadow, in the two months before signing Manning, a united be equally matched wild card battle, fight to overtime, the Mustang half 20 yards first offense, quarterback left 25 yards straight transfer, ma - Thomas de Liusi (Demaryius Thomas) to get the ball down the right road after running away to chase anti 〉

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