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no one has the true meaning of the phrase "you've done it" by JJ J.J.Watt. Watt has been the first round draft of NFL2011 from the proximal end of Wisconsin University. His name means incredible player in the past season. The defensive end Houston of Dezhou people in the university with his offensive means easy to team to win the match and he won the opportunity to sign the contract, so he tweeted: "remember the date of signing will go to miss this year, not because of how many stars appeared again or how many cameras pointed at you, but you need to think what to do next." Watt's legendary performance made him a $100 million contract last September and became one of the best players in the NFL League.The official website of NFL | before the tigers cornerback Newman and Vikings signed for 1 years | football Minnesota Vikings announced that they had agreed with the former Cincinnati tiger Terence Newman Ter cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ence for a 1 year contract worth 2 million 500 thousand dollars, and Newman will enjoy 750 thousand guarantees. The old man, who has been in the League for 13 years, hopes to continue to play a role at the end of his career. The Vikings announced the signing on Friday local time. Newman had been in the tigers for 3 seasons and had been playing in the Dallas cowboy for 9 years in his early career. Viking coach Mike Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) is going to enter the second season of the coaching team. The coach who had worked as a defense coordinator for 6 years has confidence in the latter. He believes that Newman can help the team with rich experience. in 2003, cowboy picked up Newman from Kansas State University in the fifth round of the first round. After more than ten years, Newman completed the 37 intercepting, which ranks third among the active players. Although he is no longer young, Newman is still in good health, and he will be able to play at least 15 games every season. The 2 professional bowl veteran took 11 shots in his career, made 8 balls and took the 169 pass.even-even soccer equipment network Adidas company in Moscow today officially announced the 2017 held in Russia's FIFA Confederations Cup match ball, host Russian team, the 2014 World Cup champions Germany and six continents champion a total of eight teams will be in June 17th next year to July 2nd in Russia's four city for the Confederations Cup the champion, a prelude to the World Cup started in Russia in 2018. new football official name is "Krasava", this word is often used to describe a beautiful performance of Russian sports fans, when a team demonstrated creativity and flair in the game, the word is to praise their ultimate. new football sphere with eye-catching red design, and equipped with a dynamic "crack", on behalf of the Russian ruby. Adidas retains the ball France wing of the European Cup Official Game acclaimed (Beau Jeu) all the essence of the continuation of the football block graphic design spell of France wing praised, but also improved on the surface of a sphere structure and connecting block made, thus providing better friction and enhanced the visibility flight.The official website of NFL | Carroll said as far as possible, leaving Lynch | football if the Seattle Seahawks managed to let the horse Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch). In the next season, then coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) may not agree. Carol said in an interview with the United States on Thursday: Lynch is still in the contract next year, and we want him to stay. I never wanted him to leave. And further on Friday, he said through the United States today: it would be inspiring for him to play for us next season. We will make every effort to keep him left. Series in the Seahawks drafted Robert (Robert Turbin) - Turbin and Christine Michael (Christine Michael) as Lynch's replacement, and two substitutes in next year's annual salary will reach $5 million and $2 million 500 thousand. When the Seahawks tried to leave Lynch, they eventually found offensively, but more dependent on Lynch. 's point of view on the NFL podcast this week is that Lynch's performance over the past two weeks is better than his 8 years. That's true. In the match against New York giants and Kansas chiefs, Lynch scored a 554 yard attack on the ground and scored a record of the team's history. Carol admitted: Lynch had his best performance came to the Seahawks, he as invincible as foot hot wheels, but also do a lot of the ball, this is what we need, he will never change. After listening to Carroll comments, will make people feel that NFL's plan will not decided, like the Yellow River diversion at any time.

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