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Mel - Grenada (Mel Gray) in the fourth quarter, completed a 78 yard touchdown run and kick back, Eric Cramer (Erik Kramer) completed 2 touchdowns. This year was 1991, and eventually the Green Bay Packers defeated the Detroit lions at home to 21 to 17. since this terrible afternoon of December after the packers in 23 consecutive victory over the Detroit lions home court, and Sunday's game is a good opportunity to get the first name of the lion is to partition. , considering that it's been a long time for the lion to win in Wisconsin, we can look at these interesting things. That year Bret faffe (Brett Favre) was selected in 33 Atlanta falcons. Kelvin Johnson (Calvin Johnson) was only 6 years old that year. The Duke University won the NCAA basketball championship that year. Schwarzenegger's "I will be back" is running around the world. For the first time, Intel has shared more than a million online users. Of course, in the end, the NFL Super Bowl champion was the New York giants in the year, and their rival Buffalo Bill opened his own Super Bowl defeat for 4 consecutive years.According to the official website of NFL reporter Ian - Labobote (Ian Rapoport) reported that the Houston Dezhou implementation of the top team in local time cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Friday took over de Andrea - Hopki (DeAndre Hopkins) rookie contract fifth years team option, Hopki will at least in Dezhou brought to the end of the 2017 season. last season, Hopki officially took over the top ranks among the League regular season, completed a total of 111 receptions with 1521 yards and 11 touchdowns, three figures are a career high. And although the last season Dezhou quarterback in disarray, but whether Hopki and Ryan Mallett (Ryan Mallet), Blaine Heuer (Brian Hoyer) or Brandon (Brandon Weeden) and Weedon Yates TJ- (T.J.Yates) complexes can take under the view of the data, it is more difficult. Hopki is only 24 years old until July of this year. He has a long peak. He will be waiting for him in the future. The Dezhou people will also provide him with a high long-term contract in the future to keep him and build an offensive lineup around him.for football fans, in a feast after the world cup, they have empty lonely cold these typical symptoms on the heart attack. After a month of hard drugs, finally with the Premier League, La Liga and be long in coming, the Bundesliga and five leagues in Europe after the opening whistle, fans at least back to heaven at the weekend. fans are ready as long as the club season ticket or a TV remote control, directly for their own Support Team cheerleaders enough. Of course, before this, we will not be able to buy a new shirt on the season. don't look down on the meaning of a Jersey. Jersey is an important link between fans and star communication relationship, after all popular teams and players from Jersey sales can be at a glance, this is the true fans vote with money, but also support the club financial pillar of health, because the shirt on the hide every year billions of dollars in big market. , first of all, is to wear a brand jersey that means a huge sponsorship contract. Because there are millions of supporters behind every big club, from Adidas to Nike, they will not easily give up their opportunities on this influential platform. Because of the limited number of influential clubs, these clubs are in the advantage of the seller's market in the competition for sports brands. in recent years the Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid, has occupied the top two shirt sponsor, the former Nike signed the choice of Adidas, each season separately from the sponsors get 27 million pounds and 31 million pounds. Although there are two La Liga giants but the Premier League to carry the tripod, after all, is the world's most influential League jerseys, where the market competition is more intense. The bearer of the Premier League Manchester United this season wearing Nike shirt, but next season will be the "transfer" of Adidas, the sponsorship amount also jumped from the current single season 23 million 300 thousand pounds to 60 million pounds for the next season, the Red Devils in the club to become the world's first Jersey sponsorship. And the fierce competition in the Premier League is that the giants have not been monopolized by Nike and ADI. Other sports equipment manufacturers can also get a big shot. Such as Arsenal from Puma get 5 years 170 million pound sponsorship contract, the traditional giants Liverpool two years ago to end cooperation with Adidas, to warrior, because the latter is the "Red Army" provides a 6 year sponsorship fee of 150 million pounds. in order to make their mark on the top right of the shirt embroidered, sporting goods manufacturers have to kill pitch-dark. In addition, the shirt chest is also a geomantic treasure place, the club has a large amount of capture in this advertising site every year. In this little ground of heart, the season 20 teams of the chest advertising sold a staggering 191 million pounds. Among them, Chevrolet, a vehicle manufacturer, tossed 47 million pounds for the United States' breast advertising, and the UAE 30 million took up the arsenal. The contract between Standard Chartered Bank and Liverpool and the contract between ED hade and Manchester City were also over 20 million pounds. Look.The official website of NFL | Jane Welter: "every day to discuss the Brady | football ah" Arizona Cardinals historic hired Jean Wirth (Jen Welter) as the team inside linebacker coach, which she has become one of the most famous female coach in NFL history. but it seems Welter for everyone in the discussion of the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and air door dissatisfied punishment. Welter said: you can't ask me about the things I don't want to say what I think he is a famous player. I don't know whether the introduction of specific rules, but I think football must have many things need to be corrected, but really tired for Brady press. maybe this is one of God's humor, announced a female coach appeared on the same day NFL, but she is unable to get rid of those damn news release balloons brady. 's most unfortunate news for Welter is that the discussion of the bleeder must continue for a long time.

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