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The official website of NFL |49 defence group general suspended 9 games | football 49 in San Francisco can finally start planning a life without Aldon Smith. NFL on Friday local time to announce Smith to violations of personal behavior and drug use Union regulations on the grounds impose a 9 game ban. Smith will be released from the New York giants in the eleventh week. 49 people will be off for a week in eighth weeks. The team we already know that a decision will be made and our team are ready, 49 general manager Trent Barker (Trent Baalke) said in a statement in the official team. Aldong has been responsible for his actions and has continued to grow from a personal and professional level. We will continue to support him, but it's time to put it back and care for the new season. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a reporter on the NFL official network, reported that Smith had appealed but failed. He got according to informed sources, after negotiation protocol show that the composition of its suspended for 4 games due to the use of drugs, 5 due to personal misconduct. , I want to apologize to my teammates, coaches, the whole 49 teams and 49 fans for my contribution to the team in the next few weeks. Smith said in a statement released by the NFL players union on Saturday. I've learned a lot over the past year, an cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d I'm trying to grow from my lessons. 's advantage in Smith's negotiation is that he will be allowed to take part in the team's training during the ban. According to him news team is to let him train with the team. I will work everyday, take part in all the allowed training activities and support my teammates, just as they support me, Smith mentioned this in his statement. this is Smith's second consecutive season because of the absence of injury to the cause of the absence of the game. He missed 5 games last season after being arrested on a voluntary basis after being arrested. He was a lot of trouble at the age of 24. He was sentenced to 3 years in jail for 12 days in July after 3 accusations of felony and 2 misdemeanor charges were abandoned. Carrying weapons charges (as well as a drunk driving charge) and in 2012 he was stabbed in his party injury. Smith has also been accused of being a bomb threat to Los Angeles International Airport at a Los Angeles International Airport this year, but he has not been charged with it. in the 2011 draft of the seventh draft, Smith was the fastest player in the league's history to capture 30 times (27 games). The team will miss him very much, especially in the early part of the season that 49 people have to face a lot of excellent offensive teams. Dandy - 〉 sixth years of careerThe official website of NFL | cowboys Murray will continue to contribute to | football ground offensive is currently 7 wins and 3 losses with tight behind rivals Philadelphia district the Dallas Cowboys did not intend to give up the ground offensive dash. As the team's running back DeMarco, Murray (DeMaroco Murray) the frequency of the ball should be 50 times more than others, the number of yards more than 300 yards, he said to take practical action to take on the road attack responsibilities: " I'm ready, as I said before, I'll finish they asked me to take ten times the effort is worth looking forward to the next one or two weeks. " this season Murray averaged 123.3 rushing yards ranked first in the league ball, he has hit a career single season high 1233 yards in advance and 244 catches, but a potential problem is whether he can remain healthy until the end of the season in the League 4 years since Murray has never played a complete season. Murray told reporters the bye let him return to the spirit of full, he will meet the next game against the New York giants and the Philadelphia hawks in the best condition. though the cowboys are always at the end of the season, we can believe that if Murray plays a stable role, the prospect of the cowboy team will be very bright this year.The unique details of the inside and outside sides of the shirt show the history and strong genes of the club. The shoulders and sleeves are added to the dark fabric on the basis of the main colors. The two different tones of blue texture enable the players to show wonderful color changes in sports. shirt printed by hot pressing technology team badge, collar back woven with "Paris (Paris)", "Grandeur medial cuff fabric (Zhuang Yan)" and "Passion (passion)" two words, on behalf of the club's core value outlook. Jersey on both sides have a permeable zone, and extends downward along the JERSEY SHORTS on both sides of the air permeable belt match. When the players are in a state of movement, they can provide great air permeability and also flash the interior red design. AeroSwift Vapor kit wasCalvin - Johnson (Calvin Johnson) may have completed his last attack on the NFL. , the Detroit male lion, made a statement on Wednesday that he was thinking about his future. "Like a lot of players who have arrived at this stage in their careers, I'm thinking about my future choice," Johnson said. "I will make a decision on this issue in the near future." Before the announcement, there had been a lot of speculation about Johnson's future. local media quoted an anonymous former teammate as saying Johnson may choose to retire after nine seasons. The anonymous person believes Johnson has gone through enough experience. And there are also well-known local journalists in the column that Johnson will choose to retire early. He noticed that Johnson had left the ball in the seventeenth week of the match against the Chicago bear. The lion also made a statement after Johnson made a statement expressing Johnson's understanding of the future. has a lot of guesses about Johnson's future this season. He has been down this season, with only two matches taking over a hundred yards -- plus his salary cap will be 24 million dollars next season, which will make him doubt in the future of the lion. now, perhaps Johnson, 30, holds the future in his own hands. He was disciplined in the 2012 season with 1964 yards for the NFL season. He has also set up a record number of consecutive hits (8 games), and a record number of more than 200 yards in history (5). Johnson also maintains a series of male lions' record of catching the ball, including the most frequent ball catching times (80 times), the most professional record number (11619 yards) and the most frequent 70 or more record times (8 times). an anonymous former lion player told the media that an unwinning male lion would deprive the game of playing. Perhaps only the lion would have lost one of the best contacts in history.

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