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the first week after the end of the game, we will take 197 yards of the two round of the 2013 show Pittsburgh Steelers rabon - Baer (Le Veon Bell) as the first week of the best running backs. In the previous program, we also mentioned that he would be the top 5 runner at the end of the season. In the first three weeks, Baer took the most 461 yards from the league. He has written his name on the top of the rankings of the runner by virtue of his excellent performance. has a high opinion of Baer, LaDainian Tomlinson, "in my view, Baer is the best runner in the league now." LaDainian He can complete all the human beings can accomplish, he can break through the inside, can take advantage of the speed on the outside, can catch the pass. He is a versatile, exercise superior ability, I love him, I aibei'er." We fully agree with this. today, Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) was included in the exemption list, Le Sean - Mccoy (LeSean McCoy) and Jamal Charles (Jamaal Charles) also did not find on the rhythm of the season. Marshawn Lynch (Marshawn Lynch), as always, is like a beast, and the DeMarco Murray has been taken care of. Baer's bigg cheap nfl jerseys free shipping est advantage in comparison with them is the ability to make a super performance, as well as the excellent skill of catching the ball. At present, the Steelers offensive team, in addition to Baer, also has the Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) and Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown). This makes their attack group a real star in 3 technical positions.the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) told reporters yesterday ESPN, union officials he is not responsible for the investigation and "bleeding" had any communication, he also hope that communication can be carried out in the Super Bowl after. said the team status, Brady said: "I want to have every player in the team closed training environment, the super bowl is a good opportunity for us, our players are very hard in training, I hope we can play on Sunday to play to the best." asked whether the investigation affected the team preparing for the time, Brady said: "I certainly don't want, I think our psychological quality is still excellent, we also face a lot of difficulties in the past, coach Bill - Berry Cheik (Bill Belichick) is often said to be ignored outside noise. Now we are concentrated in the Seattle Seahawks, I cherish this opportunity very super bowl, you know in super bowl is also valuable thing in life. We're going to Feinikesi tomorrow. I hope everything goes well. " The Alliance said last Friday that they had already talked to nearly 40 people. The Patriots wide receiver Matthew Slater (Matthew Slater) said Saturday the players Union hopes the players don't talk too much.{"averagePoints":14.2,"playerId":13229,"percentChange":0,"averageDraftPosition":21.4,"percentOwned":99.8,"fullName":"Rob Gronkowski","lastPoints":0,"pointsSEASON":227.4,"seasonOutlook":{"outlook":"Gronkowski is one of the most dominant players in the NFL, but injuries continue to derail his career. The three-time top fantasy tight end has missed at least one game during each of the past five years, a total of 24 during the span. Gronkowski appeared in eight games last season, and led all tight ends in fantasy points during Weeks 6-10. He's finished in the top five in touchdowns, fantasy points and yards per target during the past four seasons in which he's appeared in at least 11 games. Gronkowski turns 28 this year and is expected to be back to full health, so although his durability is a major concern, his dominant production makes him worth consideration during the second round of your draft.","seasonId":2017,"date":"Fri May 19"},"positionRank":2,"totalPoints":227.4}was a musician in his life, and on the field he said he was as fierce as a beast. The Oakland Raiders in the first round sign signed fifth overall the outside linebacker Khalil Mark (Khalil Mack), there is no doubt that for the team is a very wise decision. Mark, the strong outside guard, has brought infinite possibilities to the overall defensive ability of the Raiders. 23 year old Khalil Mark was born in Florida, in high school he has not been outside attention, only two players named by scouts. With only two college admissions letters, he finally chose to go to Buffalo University. , who failed to play in the first year of the season, was the first to start in the second half of the season, playing stunning and becoming the most threatening defender. He had 68 escapement in the 2010 season, 4 quarterback, 10 pass, two to force the opponent to drop the ball. Second years, Mark's momentum is still fierce. Mark led the team all the way to the best MAC. He had 64 grappling, 5 half - captured quarterback, one successful, two pass, 13 to quarterback and 5 to force the opponent to drop the ball. In the past third years, he set up his new record again, the 94 time of catching, ranking the fourth in the United States, and 8 times to catch the quarterback, the 2 pass, the 4 time to the quarterback, and 4 times to force the opponent to drop the ball. His excellent performance made him successful in winning the title of the first team of the Central League. In the fourth and 2013 season, Mark got the title of the best defensive player in the Central University League, and was nominated by The Associated Press as the best two player in the United States. Mark healthy, strong explosive force, ranked fifth in this year's draft, eventually Oakland Raiders selected. From the performance of the pre - season, his play is very normal, with his ferocious as always. The raider's coach praised him more and gave him great hopes. He is very good in physical quality and is not easy to hurt. It is also a score in the NFL competition.

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