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The official website of NFL, the Patriots receiver Hogan can play the next game, football nest new England patriots, an unknown but reliable relay, can return to the United States Championships. According to , Chris - Hogan (Chris Hogan), who was injured by the thigh, could play in the game. He only took part in the training on Wednesday. Hogan was injured in the game against Houston Dezhou, but he could play if he needed to play. When the Patriots took the lead, hogan ended up on the sidelines. Hogan in Buffalo Bill played as a team of three or four extra over known. In the last two seasons of Bill, he finished at least 36 times a season to get at least 426 yards. He made his best career in patriots. He finished 38 ball 680 yards and 4 touchdowns. Hogan's state is good news for the Patriot attack team. In the end he lost nearly Gelon Sikorski (Rob Gronkowski) after they had to find other passing target. In the regular season, the Patriots had 5 players taking over 30 times. Hogan is an important player in the Patriot attack team who hopes to get into the super bowl. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Victor Cruz to return to training to play football | New York giant's outside hand Victor Cruz (Victor cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Cruz) recently started running training. the 29 year old on Thursday for the first time to return to training, prior to September due to repeated leg rest again return. Cruz has been unable to play in the team since he was injured in sixth games last season, and the goal was to take part in the unveiling of the season. But the injuries were repeated again and again because of the training. now the giant 4 wins 4 negative, the season is half the season, Cruz's battle or not is very important to the team. Cruz himself said: "I will return at 100%, I just want to play to win the team, I don't want to stay in the training ground." related news: Jason Pierre Paul's return to the giant trainingThe official website of NFL, a giant boss: Eli Manning will not be responsible for training new people, football quarterback wo New York giants selected Davies Webb in this year's draft (Davis Webb) as a future quarterback for training, and they have the starting quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) and veteran Smith (Geno Smith - Gino bench) and Josh Johnson (Josh Johnson). , when Webb needs guidance, while Smith is still learning the offensive system of the team, the giant coach Ben Mcadoo (Ben McAdoo) doesn't want Manning to do the teaching work besides preparing for the new season. Last season was one of Manning's least efficient seasons. Mcadoo said on Tuesday that he wanted Manning to focus on improving his performance. Eli need to do his own work, he needs to focus on ready to play and maintain a high level of performance in the new season, like as in the past as being a good teammate, Mcadoo said. I believe that young people will have some questions to ask him, but his work is not to make everyone ready for the new season, his work is not to train a new quarterback. This is not the job he wants to do. His job is to prepare for the game and play the ball. Manning was hard to grow and attack last season, which led to excessive dependence on the Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham). The giant has now signed a big wide receiver Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) and pick tight end Evan Ingram in the first round of the draft (Evan Engram) to help Manning. Manning has been the giant in the quarterback since the eleventh week of the 2004 season. After choosing Webb and signing Smith, the position of the giant's quarterback has never been so crowded. has a champion defensive team and a lot of excellent catchers. Manning can't continue his performance in 2016 until 2017, which will destroy the possibility that the giants surpass Dallas cowboys. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The 2015-16NFL unveiling is coming up! The Patriots VS Pittsburgh Steelers The NFL unveiling is about to hit The NFL unveiling is about to hit Star Tennis Online News Friday (September 11th), the most popular sport in the United States NFL (American professional rugby league) will be officially launched in the new season. The opener by the Chinese fan favorite Super Bowl Champions the new England patriots home court against powerhouse Pittsburgh steelers. The opening is the two traditional tyrannical showdown. Both teams have an impressive record, aigo is the highest team regular season winning percentage in the past ten years (122 wins and 38 losses, winning 76.3%), the Steelers (101 wins and 59 losses not resigned to playing second fiddle, winning 63.1%), ranked third. In addition, the Patriots as the Super Bowl champion, has a history of four won the super bowl, the rival Steelers is once more six times won the super bowl. Two team pedestria will also because of the Super Bowl MVP quarterback Tom Brady tournament lifted back, then increase highlights. The superstar is especially good at playing the opener, 11 wins and 2 winning percentage as high as 84.6%, is the highest winning Super Bowl champion quarterback. team collaboration and strategy and tactics most attractive Why is so popular as the most popular sport in North America? Why is NFL so popular? What is the magic of the sport? From the quintessence of the movement: first, NFL is the best team work in all sports competitions. A team has 53 athletes, divided into attack groups, defensive teams, and special service. The number of coaches is up to 15, including the offense coach, the defensive coach, the special coach, the head coach and the quarterback coach and other coaches. In order to allow the team to operate flexibly in all parts of the game, close teamwork is indispensable. next, each team has a thick tactical manual. Up to 20 thousand tactical designs, coaches and players need to make flexible arrangements according to the schedule and schedule. After having known about Rugby's basic rules and tactics, fans will find that in addition to the stimulating collision, the best strategy and tactics is the greatest attraction of NFL. China's fastest growing sport NFL is one of the fastest growing sports in China in recent years. According to the survey data of CSM showed that the number of China fans over the past five years of football interested in the growth of more than 10 times, rose sharply from 1 million 600 thousand to 17 million 700 thousand, which has about 1 million 500 thousand hardcore football fans. To give back to Chinese fans, NFL will also send a series of rugby banquet, which is reported to be 30 riotous activities and more than 57.

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