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Olives: the other side of the coin: "Superman" Newton and "old cadre" Manning Kim - Newton in a touchdown after the ball to the array area of small fans Star online news, Carolina Black Panther and Denver wild horse will compete for the fiftieth Super Bowl champion at Levi's stadium in Beijing in February 8th. In February 8th, there will be 18 Chinese media live in the world. Direct dialogue this game is also known as the core of the Carolina Panthers quarterback, the 26 year old Superman dialogue between Newton and the Denver Broncos nearly 40 year veteran Payton - Manning. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the star - studded performance in the game, the two people have the other side that is not well known. Superman Newton: to publicize the personality in the field, and to show the warmth of the game outside the field Before the season, the Carolina Panthers were not optimistic about the tail section for a 13 straight final season in team history, the creation, the anti secrecy windtight, offensive means rich, of which four quarterback Newton Kamm tribute. Kim - Newton (Cameron Newton) was born in 1989, is a "quasi 90". And Payton's experience is similar to that of two peopl cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e are young and famous, Newton is the first in the history of American football in the same year won the national championship, and was elected the Heisman champion College player. Diverse means of attack, and rushed the ball extraordinary skills matrix, after entering the league, Newton still be like a lion, 96 to 1 meters and 120 kilograms of flip up front is as the acme of perfection. Fly into the end zone offense and touchdowns after the torn clothing celebration and won the "Superman" reputation for Newton. When was shining on the court, Newton had a warm side. At Sherlock's home, Newton liked to send the ball to the small fans on the bench after he finished his own game. Once a fan wrote to Sherlock, one of the reasons that he liked Newton was that he always gave the ball to the children. And Newton is advised not to do such a silly thing in the super bowl, hoping that he can save a few of them and send them to Carolina's local children's charity. besides warmth, Newton also has a Christian religious side. In 2010, with the pony headed quarterback Lakshmi compete with Heisman, won the Newton humbly said: "it's all thanks to God, I thank God every day, I just helped him to complete his tools, our daily life in the world." Last year he went to the scene of the Sherlock shooting, listening to the surviving teenagers about the misfortune. veteran Manning: Zonda young fame, with gorgeous staged Manning itself is legendary, as early in 1998 as the top draft of the draft to enter NFL, 18 years to create a number of NFL pass records, he was a lot of balls 〉The official website of NFL | patriot players trying to ignore the "bleeding" | Rugby the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) met on Thursday evening and the media, but his teammates have accepted the reporters interview, face about playing in the patriot game ball to be fierce questioning deflation. most people say they haven't noticed what happened. Matthew Slater, a secret service player, said he didn't notice anything outside the dressing room. Although he obviously heard enough rumors, he said it was unfortunate. This week people did not celebrate the Patriots' march into the super bowl. Matthew Slater said Kell Kyle Arrington tried to ignore the noise, and security Arrington Devin (McCourty) said he and the rest of the defensive team didn't care about whether the ball was deflated or not, unless it would affect their passing the opponent's offensive pass or making the ball. run Weile Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount) for the attack group and played against Indianapolis pony play get a lot of chance to punch the ball. He said he felt the ball is normal, in addition Biliqieke he and coach Bill (Bill Belichick) caliber consistent, he said in a release absolutely ignorant of things. I don't know what it feels like when the ball is right, but it feels like a normal ball, Blount told ESPN. I know nothing about it. The ball we use in training is worse than the ball in our game. I know nothing about what happened. Blount also said the team will not let this thing against the Seahawks before making the team distracted, although every day to meet next week and media occasions there will certainly be a lot of problems about air door.Even even football equipment net news England national team and Nike announced 2014 new season home and away jerseys, historical and cultural shirt design focused on England, and carrying the new technology innovation. ??????????????????????????????????????? Martin ·, Nike's global creative director, said Loti. "We hope to use a shirt to pay tribute to the flashing points in England's football history." chest three lions badge embroidered by metal material, the light shining will produce sparkling visual effects. The triangle label on the inside of the neckline is a silvery satin ribbon of St Georges cross. England player Wayne · Rooney said: "in several England shirt, each one makes me feel proud. I can't wait to put on a New Jersey on the battlefield of Brazil this summer. " during the course of the game players to effectively adjust the temperature so as to improve the performance of the field, is the focus of the work of Nike design team. With the combination of Nike Dri-FIT technology, burning mesh and laser cutting air circulation technology, Nike designers can achieve the most desired dry effect of - Schott (Kawann Short) does not need to continue his career through a tender contract. held off-season training at the same time the Panther, defensive tackle them and Schott the four year career signed five year, $80 million contract. The news says Schott will get $40 million in the first two years. So early and Schott signed a contract that the Panther desperately hoping he participated in the offseason project.

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